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Minsk was formed on Sunday 28th of October, during the Donator Early Access period. Minsk is located slightly north-east of its real life location, due to an error while navigating. The city is based around Zaslawskaye Reservoir, in real life Belarus. The City of Minsk is the former capital of Intermarium, comprising of many far Eastern European towns.


After a long journey from the Great Lakes to Guinea in Eastern Africa, 7 hours of mining eventually got 32g for the town. The town was created around 3pm AEST time, Sunday 28th of October, with a small chest area and farm being set up immediately.

Journey to Eastern Europe

Dragon spawned in an area of the map around where present-day Toronto stands, and after getting himself lost many times, he eventually survived the walk to New York City. From an area around New York, he gathered materials and with his goal being Eastern Europe, he set sail, changing his mind halfway through the Atlantic, and instead heading South-East towards Guinea, Africa. Mining commenced immediately with 7g being found within an hour, before being surprised attacked and killed in his mine by Noah. Fix refunded the gold stolen and Dragon soon set sail for Eastern Europe, hoping to find more gold.

Fall of Minsk

After transferring Intermarium nation leadership to nearby town Pripyat, Minsk was given to Sarasin. Dragon moved on to create an Oldfag City in Germany, before eventually creating Northern Australia.


As a new town, Minsk currently has 3 major areas.

- Zaslawskaye Reservoir & Farm

- Belarus Central Mine

- Capital Storage

Notable People

  • ScaryDragon - Former Mayor, Founder
  • Sarasin - Mayor

Planned City Subdivisions

  • Inner-City Minsk (The center of the city with its government, stations and more)
  • Zaslawskaye (A planned shopping district on the shores of Zaslawskaye Reservoi)
  • Lyeninski (Mainly a planned housing/farming estate based around the planned Minsk Gardens)