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The Netherlands is a nation in Europe, created by the retired Queen AmeleAthens. The Netherlands is a Kingdom in Germany, meaning that it pledges its allegiance to Germany and recognises the authority of the Kaiser, but retains its autonomy as an independent nation. The current Head of State is the Dutch monarch Quandorum.


Founding (18/11/2018-18/11/2019)

The Netherlands was founded from its capital, Amsterdam, after the return of AmeleAthens from Japan. She decided to return to Europe after losing a tough election to Synargle and having problems with former Japanese emperor, FenZenyatta. The nation was not created in 2019, yet created in 2018 by a player named Bunny119. It was originally named Germany, and the capital used to be Bremen. When Bunny119 decided to stop playing EarthMC, he decided to give his nation to his friend, Amele, who renamed it to Netherlands and it has stayed that way since July. On it's 1 year anniversary, Amele gave the Netherlands to King Kubikiribocho.

Peak, Fall, and current situation (18/11/2019-now)

Kubi was a good king, bringing the Netherlands to its peak in late 2019. It had 8 towns, 38 residents and was on /n list 9. He made the mayor of Eindhoven, Quandorum, the Netherlands' second biggest town population-wise and chunk-wise, the Netherlands' only colonist.

As Optimus_Trajan resigned from his position as Emperor of France, the Netherlands democratically voted to terminate its membership of France's empire.

Kubi, then, agreed to join Germany's multi-national empire, and it has remained that way for a long time.

Kubi began getting more & more inactive, though, and Quandorum, the colonist, took over as the political controller of the Netherlands on Discord.

Begin June 2020, Kubi abdicated, and crown prince Kabutowari succeeded to the throne. Kabutowari was rather inactive, and after protests in the German, Dutch & Burgundian discord servers, Kabutowari abdicated in favour of Quandorum, long-time political controller of Netherlands. They succeeded to the throne on the 7th of June, which was coincidentally Quandorum's birthday.


The Netherlands is a Kingdom governed by the current reigning monarch Quandorum. Before this, the retired king Kubikiribocho was asked by Germany to join their multi-national empire, and he accepted. The Netherlands pledges itself to the German nation, which protects the Netherlands with its military, and is politically in control in big issues.

The previous kings Kubikiribocho and Kabutowari are still princes in the nation, and are seen as advisors to the monarch. The crown prince is Gongchandang_Hao, Grand Duke of Luxembourg. He is the nation's only chancellor.

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