Nordaustlandet (Town)

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File:Nordaustlandet 2012
Nordaustlandet in real life
Nordaustlandet is on the right side of the island

Nordaustlandet was a small town located in eastern Svalbard.


Not much is known on the formation of Nordaustlandet because of it's isolation from the capital. But it was planned to join the nation for a few weeks before the founding took place.


Nordaustlandet remained a 1-man-town, with only enough claims to protect the mayor's house. Despite many prompts to expand, by the King. The small town remained this way. This small town had a size of 6 chunks.

This town has been disbanded as of January 26, 2020.

Other info

Nordaustlandet was the capital of Svalbard for 3 hours on the 11th of November 2019, because of a command mistake by the King. This makes Nordaustlandet a past capital of the nation, and the mayor, Maineri, a past ruler.