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North Sea Republic
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name North Sea Republic
Towny Name
/n list
Formed 4 May 2022 (Iceland Founded)

5 May 2022 (Ireland Founded)

18 May 2022 (Unification)

National Anthem
Motto "Long live the republic" (stylized in all caps) (unofficial)
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG ~451 (May 26th, 2024)
Chunks 11,849
Capital City Ossory
Largest City Ireland
Oldest City Reykjavik
Language(s) No Official Language
Religion(s) No Official Religion
Government Information
Political System Representative Republic
Hoyenah Dayzle/Echo
Chiefs Hambellux, Carrot_cake2002, Oce_78
Economic System Giving Economy
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

The North Sea Republic (commonly abbreviated as NSR) is a nation located in Greenland, Iceland, the British Isles, North America, France, Scandinavia, Central/Eastern Europe. It was founded as the continuation of the nation of Canada from Classic and Wabanaki from Terra Nova.

The North Sea Republic is the oldest running republic on EarthMC, holding continuous monthly elections starting in September of 2017 and having no breaks in government since.


May 2022

LoganCreeper50 would win election as Hoyenah for May, with the three chiefs being crimsonknight, LordWulf7937 and SireRobert. LordWulf7937 would decline the position of chief and it would be passed down to phillips8.

Though the nation wouldn't officially be on EarthMC Terra Aurora at the time, many people would log on and play. On May 1st the town of Reykjavik would be founded by RlZ58 and would be the first town established in Europe.

The early access period would see many towns such as: Reykjavik, The_Tip, Akureyri (now Iceland), Helsinki, Vik, among others found. On May 4th the nation of Iceland would be founded in Vik, and would transferred to Akureyri before being passed to Reykjavik where it would remain until it would move to Selfoss.

Outside of Minecraft the government would work on cutting all the fat of the constitution and making it a lot simpler. The simplified constitution would be ratified on May 12th. Despite this, many players would still be against government involvement on the server. The previous summer the government started to become too complex and make the server less fun. Hoyenah LoganCreeper50 decided that since discussion would begin with nations in Britain about unification that there needed to be a government to control these talks.

Iceland on May 3rd, 2022

On May 16th, 2022, the republic would officially vote to return to EarthMC. With 89.5% of people being in favor.

Talks would begin with the nations of Britain and Ireland about a possibly unification between the three nations. While the British would go back and fourth on wanting unification or not, it would end with a no. Ireland however would unify with Iceland on May 18th, 2022.

Though the vote to merge with Britain failed, some British towns would decide to leave Britain and join Ireland, such as, Stranraer and Isle of Man.

At the end of the month a mini-emergency would occur within Iceland. The player originally owning Reykjavik and the nation of Iceland didn't like the direction the nation was going in, so they decided to leave the town and nation. They gave the nation to a trusted player and decided to disband Reykjavik. Luckily Reykjavik still had 2 players in it, one of which was MylesRatliff, who was able to reclaim Reykjavik and save the oldest town in Europe from falling.

June 2022

June would see the 2nd ever elected Hoyenah, RlZ58, win Hoyenah again. The three chiefs would be MylesRatliff, jagster104, and Proser.

The month would see further expansion and more towns popping up and being recruited in Ireland.

Battle of Sligo - June 28th, 2022

On June 5th the government would institute a gold drive. A place for people to donate gold to help towns be able to expand and combat possible aggression by planting towns. As of June 29, 2022, the drive has been able to collect over 5900 gold most of which was given to towns in Ireland to be able to finish claiming the area.

June would be plagued with outside nations attacking members of the North Sea Republic. On June 28th, 2022 the Battle of Sligo would occur, with players apart of the nation Kaiserreich attacking Ireland. In the end Ireland would come out victorious, and the attacks would cease in the following months.

On June 21st a vote to decide what the mega-nation would be called was held. The vote came down to two options, the North Sea Republic and The Northern Isles. The North Sea Republic ended up wining, and that became the official name of the union.

Nations that would join the NSR in June 2022 were: Greenland (Jun. 4, 2022), and Alba (Jun. 20, 2022)

July 2022

jagster104 would win election as Hoyenah and 5 chiefs would be elected for the first time since August 2021. The chiefs would be: Argues, zeb__, RedPanda1000001, and Stoatal_Misplay.

On July 5th Argues would step down as chief and depart from the nation, player Tnce_, being the chief with the 7th most votes, would take his place.

The month of July would also see the start of discussions on the movement of the Ireland's capital. Ireland's capital was in a 1 chunk town inside of Dublin. Starting at the end of May concerns arised with the capital's location, mainly being that if a Hoyenah would ever want to they could get a large area of Dublin's claims removed by reporting them for claim blocking. At the end of June the government got their hands on a small 3x3 town called Better_Dublin, and that would be the place theorized as a possible new capital location.

Nations that would join the NSR in July 2022 were: Emirates (Jul. 12, 2022)

August 2022

August would see jagster104 win his second Hoyenah term and the number of chiefs would go back down to 3, the chiefs would be: LordWulf7947, Thing1920, and RedPanda1000001.

This month would see the relationship with the Emirates become rocky. On August 2nd, the leader of Emirates would post a message saying that Emirates would be cutting ties with Niagra. The Republic's government never voted on such a matter so the province was acting against the government by cutting ties. The government would put pressure on the Emirates saying that they don't have the power to do that. On August 13th the Emirates would vote to leave the North Sea Republic.

On August 5th, 2022 the nation would host Republic Day. Hosted by Hoyenah jagster104 the nation would have over 30 people online at once. The party would travel around Ireland, Iceland and Greenland. Taking a llama with them.

September 2022

CorruptedGreed unclaiming parts of New_York - September 17th, 2022

September would be jagster104's third and final term as Hoyenah, the chiefs would be: LordWulf642, zeb__ and P3chy.

On September 4th the capital would officially be moved from Dublin_Castle to Better_Dublin, the name would be changed through a vote on September 28th, with Ossory winning.

Inverness would rejoin the nation on September 11th after the past mayor traded the town.

September 17th would see a large area of New_York be removed for hollow claim and alt accounts gathering gold. So the previous town of Cencius (now Iceni) was able to claim almost all of East Anglia, as well as the new town of Dover.

The Emirates would be bought by Lervain on September 22nd and would welcomed back into the republic.

October 2022

Lucas2011 would win Hoyenah, this being his first Hoyenah term since August 2021. The chiefs would be: Carrot_Cake2002, CordyBug and Thing1920

Ireland would climb back up to #2 on /n list going back over 300 people.

On October 2nd, 2022 the nation of Bering_Sea would officially join the North Sea Republic.

After much debate, Lervain's new nation of Albania would be inducted into the union on October 27th.

At the end of Lucas2011's term he would choose that there would be 5 chiefs the following month, instead of the typical 3.

Nations that would join the NSR in October 2022 were: Bering Sea (Oct. 2, 2022)

November 2022

LadyCodyBug would win Hoyenah but would decline the position, making her the 2nd person in the history of the republic to decline the Hoyenah position. When LadyCodyBug declined the votes would be recounted, with the 2nd place votes of people who voted LadyCodyBug first becoming 1st place votes. This lead to LordWulf7937 winning Hoyenah. The chiefs would be, jagster104, Carrot_Cake2002, LadyCodyBug, EchoOcelot and Angel1462.

Tunnels dug under Glasgow to claim the town efficiently without being spotted. - November 7th, 2022

During the early parts of the month the fall of Glasgow, including the nation of Scotland, became imminent. The nation of Scotland was an open nation so Ireland began recruiting. The town of Peebles was able to amass over 60 people and took the nation of Scotland, the nation was then moved to the 1 chunk town of New_Mombassa and the nation of United_Kingdom temporarily moved to Dover.

Though with the nation of Scotland being taken care of the rest was still not over because the town of Glasgow was still set to fall, and there was some competition. Operation Unicorn was a project to claim up all of Glasgow, with 10 active members of the operation. The goal was to get everyone they could to be apart of Skye and online when Glasgow fell so that they could claim it as quick as possible. To achieve this easier they created a tunnel system under Glasgow with each person assigned a tunnel. When November 9th, 2022 came the time when the town was supposed to fall, 6:00 AM EST, came and went, it took until 8:35 AM EST for the town to fall due to lag. The town was able to be claimed in its entirety in less than 2 minutes, with no one else able to get a chunk of the town.

Nations that would join the NSR in November 2022 were: Scotland (Nov. 6, 2022)

December 2022

Acquisition of London - December 30th, 2022

LordWulft7937 would win re-election as Hoyenah. The chiefs would be Proser, jagster104, and Carrot_Cake2002.

On December 10th, 2022 two towns would appear on Iceland the towns of skogar and Borg. These towns were made by people previously apart of the nation Britain. The two towns would join the nation Arctic.

On December 28th, 2022 Ireland would hit #1 on '/n list' for the first time.

Over the past months the town of London would go from mayor to mayor due to the original mayor being purged due to inactivity. On December 30th, 2022 the town of London would get into the hands of a North Sea Republic citizen and officially join Ireland.

The nation of Bering_Sea would be sold on December 30th, 2022 and its owner would move to Iceland to be closer to the main center of the republic, the nation of Bering_Sea would no longer be apart of the republic following this.

Nations that would join the NSR in December 2022 were: Luxor (Dec. 31, 2022)

January 2023

Proser would win Hoyenah and with LordWulf7937 choosing 5 chiefs, the chiefs would be, EchoOcelot, LoganCreeper50, MonarchTai, RedPanda_61, and RandovMan. The January 2023 election would have the most votes of the republic's history at the time, with 69 votes. The previous holder of the title of election with the most votes was the April 2019 election, with 62 votes.

On January 14th, 2023 the province of Luxor would leave the republic.

The town of Asgard, previously apart of Ireland, would create the nation of Scandinavia and on January 18th would be incorporated into the Republic.

Nations that would join the NSR in January 2023 were: Scandinavia (Jan. 18, 2023), Maine (Jan. 22, 2023), Poitou-Charentes (Jan. 26th, 2023), and Cornwall (Jan. 30, 2023)

February 2023

SireRobert would win the February elections, with the 5 chiefs being, MonarchTai, Carrot_Cake2002, Danaille, Lucas2011, and RedPanda_61.

On February 3rd, 2023 the nations of Francia and Alberta would begin being integrated into the republic with two unanimous government votes.

On February 18th the nation of Francia would say they are selling their nation. In an attempt to gather funds to purchase Francia SireRobert would send an announcement to the nation asking for donations to the nation. 1895 gold would be raised between February 17th and February 18th. But instead of selling the nation Francia decided to rebrand into Gaule and leave the North Sea Republic.

Nations that would join the NSR in February 2023 were: Alberta (Feb. 15, 2023), Monaco (Feb. 19, 2023), and Caledonia (Feb. 20, 2023)

March 2023

Jagster104 won Hoyenah in the March election with 62% of the first place votes in another historic election beating the record set in January with 79 votes, 10 more votes than the previous record.

On March 8th the nation of North Sea Republic and Norway's government would vote in favor of integration.

The Nations of Norway, Denmark, Nordic, Nordland and Lapland would all become fully integrated on March 14th.

Hoyenah Jagster's response to Svithiod

On the 18th of March the North Sea Republic's government would host a St. Patrick's Day event. There was a float building contest and other luck based games. The event saw a great turnout and positive reviews form the attendees.

The NSR would join the Organization of Free Nations on March 19th. An organization composing of Cascadia, the Midwest Union, and Belarus. The NSR would join as a way to protect their citizens and open an avenue of democracy and information gathering.

The nation of Svithiod would begin integration into the republic, but the nation's leadership would still attempt to have their own foreign relations outside of the NSR's government. This led to war being declared on them and Svithiod joining alliances. The North Sea Republic's government made it clear that nations apart of the republic can't have foreign relations outside of the central government. Svithiod would decide to leave on March 25th, 2023 and begin posting to TBI saying that the North Sea Republic "left us alone 'on some issues'...". In response Hoyenah Jagster posted a message saying, "Svithiod never was fully in the NSR... leave before they were integrated. They claim we promised them things... and yet not once did they ask for help or resources."

On the same day as the Svithiod events happened, Alberta would leave the North Sea Republic in favor of joining Canada, though the Svithiod event and Alberta leaving were not connected.

Indochina would declare war on the North Sea Republic on March 26th, 2023. But 2 hours later would retract the declaration. During the events of March 25th and 26th, the North Sea Republic's government would make most channels on their discords hidden from outsides, including their voice chats, which originally were public to view for outsiders but not to join.

Nations that would join the NSR in March 2023 were: Polaris (Mar. 5, 2023), Norway (Mar. 14, 2023), Denmark (Mar. 14, 2023), Nordic (Mar. 14, 2023), Nordland (Mar. 14, 2023), Lapland (Mar. 14, 2023), UK (Mar. 31, 2023), England (Mar. 31, 2023), and Pennsylvania (Mar. 31, 2023)

April 2023

Carrot_Cake2002 would be elected as Hoyenah and the chiefs would be Danaille, Lucas2011, 0rremorre, the_estonian_guy, RedPanda_61

Osaka4601, a mayor from the NSR and previous owner of the town Aquitaine, would establish the nation of Basque in Spain. On April 9th, 2023 the government voted to let the nation of Basque to begin an integration period.

The NSR on April 7th, 2023

On April 10th, 2023 Chief Lucas2011 would resign, being the first government official to resign since July. When a chief resigns it goes to the next election candidate with the most votes. In this case the next in line was Stoatal_Misplay, but due to them not being in the NSR their turn was skipped and instead would go to Hambell from Trondheim, Norway.

On April 11th the government would vote against letting the nation of Barents, who's towns were previously apart of the NSR, begin integration. This would be the first time the government explicitly voted against an integration period.

On April 15th the government would host an easter event, with 100 eggs scattered around the towns of, Inverness, Skye, Chalchou, Ossory, Peebles, Cork, Dublin, London, and UK. The person to find the most eggs at the end of the 2 hours would win. Chief RedPanda would win the easter egg hunt.

A new system for distributing gold would be officially introduced on April 16th. For a majority of the months prior gold would be willingly donated by citizens and the government would donate it to towns in need. Instead the April government votes to put in place a loan system where citizens would be given 0% interest loans and pay them back.

ShooterAngel would make the nation of Quebec on April 22nd, the government would vote to allow them to being integration trials on the same day.

Nations that would join the NSR in April 2023 were: Basque (Apr. 23, 2023), and Quebec (Apr. 25, 2023)

May 2023

In the May 2023 election SireRobert would win the election in an incredibly close election again Crypate. The chiefs would be Proser, Hambellux, EchoOcelot, unown006 and Crandolf.

On May 2nd, 2023 Dayzle would officially step down from being the election holder after nearly 6 years of elections. He would nominate LoganCreeper50 as his successor. The constitution at the time required unanimous government approval and 90% of the public's support to change the election holder. The government would vote in favor and 95% of the public supported the change.

Hoyenah SireRobert addressing Norway's succession

On May 10th, 2023 the government proposed the first constitutional amendment in almost a year. With unanimous government approval it would be sent to a public vote and on May 12th, 2023, the 1 year anniversary of the constitutions last amendment the vote would fail with only 58.7% approval instead of the needed 75%.

On May 26th, 2023, the nation of Norway would decide to leave the NSR. Its dependency, Denmark, would decide to remain a part of the NSR and declare its independence from Norway. SireRobert would make a statement the following day about Norway leaving.

June 2023

In the June 2023 elections Carrot_Cake2002 would win election and the chiefs would be jagster104, Orremorre, and RedPanda_61.

On June 5th, 2023 the NSR would leave the Organization of Free Nations after being apart of it since March. No official statement would be released.

The NSR province of Lapland would break into a civil war on June 15th, 2023 due to an contentious election. The civil war would continue to happen throughout the month of June and July.

Korea and Reunion would become fully integrated on June 19th, 2023. This gives their citizens the right to vote and run for office.

Nations that would join the NSR in June 2023 were: Reunion (Jun. 19, 2023), and Korea (Jun. 19, 2023)

July 2023

Lucas2011 would win Hoyenah, with the chiefs being wishful_, Oce_78, Hambellux, the_estonian_guy, and ItzAzalea.

During early July, player ShooterAngel would become the mayor of the town of Aukby, an NSR town in southern France. On July 2nd they would create the nation of Occitania.

On July 16th, 2023 chief the_estonian_guy would resign, the chief position would then fall to unown006.

The Lapland civil war would finish on July 21st, 2023 with Lapland losing and leaving the NSR.

On July 24th, 2023 chief ItzAzalea would also resign, the chief position would then fall to Schwarz_Official.

Nations that would join the NSR in July 2023 were: Occitania (Jul. 9th, 2023)

August 2023

The Treaty of Bermuda, signed between the NSR and Brazil

August 2023 would be one of the most competitive elections of the server, with player wishful_ becoming Hoyenah by only 1 vote. The chiefs in August would be ShooterAngel, Hambellux, and RedPanda_61.

TheAwesomeAtom of Aukby and EmilyBlunt of NYC would be appointed as Secretary of Interior and Carrot_Cake2002 would be appointed as Secretary of the People for the month of August.

The Treaty of Montpellier would be ratified by the governments of NSR and France on August 7th, 2023. It established a defensive and economic alliance between the two nations.

On August 10th, Chief ShooterAngel would resign as chief and leave the NSR, joining Rus. On August 20th ShooterAngel would turn out to be Nogle, a previously banned player, and would get permanently banned from the server.

Also on August 15th, 2023 the Treaty of Limoges and the Carcassonne Agreement would be ratified. These treaties would stabilize relations between the NSR and Poitou-Charentes and make an alliance between The NSR, Spain, and France. The Treaty of Bermuda would also be officially signed which would create a defensive alliance between the NSR and Brazil.

Nations that would join the NSR in August 2023 were: Minnesota (Aug. 15, 2023), and Zambia (Aug. 15, 2023)

September 2023

In the 73rd election of the republic, wishful_ would win reelection as Hoyenah. Their chiefs would be TheAwesomeAtom, Proser, and Carrot_Cake2002 respectively.

An economic reform plan would be unveiled and ratified on September 12th, 2023. It would see the reopening of marketplace, the creation of a few new shop related channel in the discord, and possibly a lottery being held.

On September 26th the Department of Needs would be abolished. The Department of Needs was a system in which government members can appoint civilians to focus on specific tasks they are interested in. It was meant to organize the collection of goods, building of nationwide infrastructure, and among other things. The Department of Needs was created on November 27th, 2022 and would see wavering use through the 10 months of its existence. By September 2023 the D.O.N. would be seldom used.

The end of September would see waning activity but activity would spike again in the following month.

Nations that would join the NSR in September 2023 were: Lotharingia (Sep. 5th, 2023)

October 2023

jagster104 would win the election for Hoyenah making this his 5th term as Hoyenah. Tying him with LordWulf7647, for the Hoyenah with the 3rd most terms. The Chiefs elected that month would be SireRobert, Carrot_Cake2002, Downright_Dom, ItzAzalea, and unown006.

On the 4th of the month the nation of Quebec, owned by GMeur would begin integration into the republic.

Overclaim being announced would lead to attempt by the government to minimize its possible effects. A recruitment gold drive incented would be passed into law on October 6th. A mayor would get 50g per resident recruited if they met the criteria of; fully integrating resident into the discord, check in with the resident often, and trying to get the to vote in game. The government would also begin a plan to pay 50g a month to show owners in the NSR if they advertise, stock, have daily sales, and are in the National Shopping District in UK.

The nations of Wisconsin and NL would also begin integration on October 6th and 10th respectively.

Edinburgh being unclaimed and MacBeth and Lothian being made. October 29th, 2023

With overclaim planned to be introduced on January 1st, 2024, and a 100% refund for unclaimed chunks lasting until then plans to rearrange some of the NSR's larger towns was put into effect. An 136 chunk town would be carved out of Inverness, the town would be called Alba, and a 254 chunk town would be created from western Dublin.

On October 25th the nation of NL which began integration into the republic 15 days prior would move from NL to Iceland inhabiting the ruins of the old town of Helsinki. 3 days after moving they would then move again, this time to Greenland. The player would get some criticism from NSR citizens about moving his nation around, and later that day the Arctic Empire would denounce NL for moving into the lands of Kalaallit Nunaat.

Chief Downright_Dom would resign from his position on October 29th, 2023. He would give his town, Edinburgh, to his friend Aced_Water. Aced_Water would then unclaim the entire town. I response two towns would be established in Edinburgh's place, MacBeth and Lothian. The gold that was received from unclaiming Edinburgh would be taken to the nation of United_Kingdom and stolen.

Krajala and New_Caledonia would become integrated into the republic on October 31st, 2023.

November 2023

jagster104 would win re-election as Hoyenah and Blitey, SireRobert, and Carrot_Cake2002 would be elected as chiefs respectively.

On November 3rd, 2023 the gold stolen from the unclaiming of Edinburgh would be returned to the North Sea Republic.

The town of London and it's mayor __Rae__ would leave Ireland on November 4th, 2023 and join Occitania.

On November 27th, 2023 integration periods were officially abolished. Integrations periods were an arbitrary amount of time given to a nation that wanted to join the NSR, it was to act as a state between not being associated with NSR and also being completely apart of it. Nations in an integration period had full perms to the discord but they were unable to run for office and vote in elections. integration periods were made so that there would be a time period where either the NSR or the integrating nation could step out with no strings attached if one, or both, of the parties did not like where it was headed. The main problem with the integration periods was the fact that there were no set criteria for what nations get integration periods and for how long. In most instances most nations would become fully integrated by the time an election come around so they would be able to vote.

The month of November would see unprecedented use of the voice chat for the latter half of 2023. Despite the semi-inactivity of some government members the voice chats would see 15-20 people in them every day. The renaissance of activity in the discord would see the election for December break/meet the records for candidacy and election turnout. The December 2023 election would have the most votes since May 2023.

Nations that would join the NSR in November 2023 were: Illinois (Nov. 24th, 2023), Quebec (Nov. 26th, 2023), Crawford (Nov. 26th, 2023), Malta (Nov. 27th, 2023), James_Bay (Nov. 28th, 2023), Faroe_Islands (Nov. 28th, 2023), and Ecuador (Nov. 28th, 2023)

December 2023

Picture from Proser's Inauguration

Proser would win inconsecutive re-election as Hoyenah and the Chiefs would be wishful_, Carrot_Cake2002, and Blitey.

Proser's inauguration would occur on December 3rd in Cork Castle, Proser's home town. The inauguration would see over 20 people in attendance. Proser would give a speech and afterward, as is tradition, would tour the republic with the Hoyenah Llama.

The government would vote to withdraw from the Treaty of Bermuda, Treaty of Montpellier, and Treaty of Limoges on December 4th. All with unanimous government approval.

Since February 2023 there have been discussions on changing the name of the North Sea Republic. The idea would waver in popularity throughout the months but the biggest reason that some people support a name change is due to the NSR's range exceeding that of the North Sea and some people believing that the name is restrictive. During the month of November 2023 the government said they would discuss the logistics of a name change but nothing would come of it. During the December campaigns candidate Proser said he would legitimately look into name changing suggestions. On December 4th, 2023 Hoyenah Proser along with the rest of the government would vote to open up suggestions in a name change. Overall reception of the name change was negative and the channel was closed a few days later.

The government would unanimously vote to amend the constitution on December 22nd, 2023. Amending the constitution requires 3 branch approval so a public vote was necessary. This was the first time the constitution has been attempted at being edited since May 2023, that vote failed. There were 3 amendments proposed all which were voted on separately. The first proposed amendment was to remove the line, "No loopholes, technicalities or workarounds allowed for this document." The reason that the government cited for wanting to remove this is, "This line just makes the constitution more restrictive and forces a more literal view of it. The current constitution is renowned for being ‘background’ and this line just diminishes that." says Hoyenah Proser. The second proposed amendment was to lower the threshold from the public needed to change the election holder position. The constitution required 90% public approval to change the election holder the gov proposed to lower it to 70%. The third and final proposed amendment was to Article 2 Sections 1.2, 1.4 and 1.8. It changed various lines that amounted to the gov being able to remove citizenship from problematic individuals and to make lines more concise where they were misinterpreted. Hoyenah Proser said about the third amendment, "Basically enforcing the idea of ‘discord is a privilege not a right’, which has always been the case. The current constitution is self-contradicting and should be changed to remove confusion."

The ballot to change the constitution would receive 35 votes. Out of the three proposals only the second won would reach the 75% threshold to pass. The first proposal would only receive 51.4% and the third proposal would receive 74.3% missing the threshold by only 1 vote. With the constitution being officially amended to change the threshold of appointing a new election holder this would mark the first time since May 12th, 2022 that the constitution was edited, the longest between two amendments in the republic's history.

Nations that would join the NSR in December 2023 were: Tennessee (Dec. 2nd, 2023), Eritrea (Dec. 3rd, 2023), GB (Dec. 3rd, 2023), Britannia (Dec. 17th, 2023), British_Empire (Dec. 26th, 2023), and United_Kingdom (Dec. 28th, 2023).

January 2024

Proser would win re-election as Hoyenah in an election with 63 votes. The chiefs would be wishful_, Owry, Star_Flare, ObsidianCurtis, and LordWulf7947.

On the first of January overclaim would be introduced to the server. The old British community would return to the isles in the towns of Cardiff and Norfolk. The NSR government was able to make a border agreement with the town of Norfolk, but Cardiff failed to comply. The towns of London, Norfolk, Anglia, France, Manchester, Derby, Britain, and Cardiff would all participate in overclaiming the town of New_York. The town of New_York had been owned by an NPC since December of 2022 when player AtlasOpus (Argues) sold it to Fix.

On January 17th, 2024 Chief wishful_ would resign from office and unown006 would take his spot as chief.

The government would create a public vote to amend the constitution in order to uphold the idea that discord is a privilege not a right, both of the votes would pass reaching the >75% majority.

On January 28th, 2024 Chief Star_Flare would resign as chief and EmilyBlunt would take their position as chief. Shortly after stepping down Star_Flare would be banned from EarthMC due to duping gold. Their nation, Tennessee, would be suspended from the North Sea Republic.

On January 28th, 2024 the nation of Britannia would be kicked from the NSR. Britannia was the nation housing Cardiff and Norfolk who were the last remnants of the original British nation.

Nations that would join the NSR in January 2024 were: Iowa (Jan. 2nd, 2023).

February 2024

Spencer54 would win election as Hoyenah for the month of February, their chiefs would be Joigrama, Carrot_Cake2002, and unown006.

Going into the month of February there was renewed hope for an active North Sea Republic, with Spencer54 being a recently renewed player in the North Sea Republic after being absent from the community for many years.

Hoyenah Spencer would pursue a closer relation with the nation of Venice. Passing the " Wabeterno Pact " with Venice of February 17th, 2024. The terms of the agreement was mutual defense, recognition of borders, refrain from overclaiming, and aiding each other in future endeavors. The agreement would pass unanimously in the NSR government.

The majority of the month was dealt working through a scandal that was made public in late January. The scandal caused the expulsion of many community members for the better of the republic.

March 2024

Hambellux would win Hoyenah for March 2024, defeating incumbent Spencer54. The chiefs would be Joigrama, Owry, and 32XenoKing

Despite February being over the scandal still plagues the beginning of the month. Inactivity from government members could be attributed to fatigue caused by this.

On March 12th, 2024 a non aggression pact was signed between the North Sea Republic and the USA led by Ghostyuu. It would pass unanimously in the government of the NSR.

An initiative titled Project IKEA was put into effect on March 25th. The goal of this plan was to create a government sponsored and operated shopping center as a way to bring in funds for the republic. The shop would be in Ossory as well as part of eastern Limerick.

Nations that would join the NSR in March 2024 were: Tennessee (Mar. 3rd, 2024), Norcallia (Mar. 12th, 2024)

April 2024

Joigrama would be the Hoyenah for the month of April. The chiefs would be Carrot_Cake2002, Owry, and DJMinorMC

On April 15th, 2024 the Treaty of Augusta would be signed between the North Sea Republic and the Vermont Republic. The terms of the treaty would be nonagression, expulsion of towns that break nonagression, cooperation with town placements, recognition of borders and working towards peace and cooperation.

May 2024

EchoOcelot would win election for Hoyenah for the month of May. The chiefs would be Carrot_Cake2002, Oce_78, and HambelluxNations that would join the NSR in May 2024 were: Saint-Domingue (May. 17th, 2024).

Notable Towns

Notable towns from across the republic.


The North Sea Republic is home to the 'North Sea Republic Transcontinental Ice Railway' an Ice rail that connects towns as far south as Spain, through Ireland and Britian, Iceland, Greenland and to Norway. The project started in July at the town of Chalchou by player LadyCodyBug. The project soon would grow to encompass the majority of the North Sea Republic's towns thanks to dedicated excavators like, LustMelody the mayor of Derry, and help from everyday players. The Ice rail makes fast travel possible to distant towns across the republic.

The North Sea Republic Transcontinental Ice Railway would fall under disrepair after coordinator LadyCodyBug would stop playing on the server. Attempts to revive the national icerail would be made by player QTVNickBro in June 2022 called InterTown, but it would fail to gain traction among citizens outside of Greenland.


The Government of the North Sea Republic is a 3 chamber system. The government includes the Hoyenah which is elected by the public and leads the physical nation. The Chiefs which typically has 3 or 5 members. The Hoyenah and the Majority of the Chiefs have equal power, and if neither branches agree the public acts as a tie breaker in a public vote.

The republic was founded in September 2017 on EarthMC Classic under the nation of Canada and has had zero breaks since.


The Hoyenah is the name used by the elected leader of the nation. It comes from the Haudenosaunee word Hoyaneh which means "caretaker of the peace" and a title given to Haudenosaunee chiefs. The word was adopted for the republic in 2017, when leader Dayzle used the title. When the first leader was elected, the title was passed down.

This list only contains the Hoyenahs during Terra Aurora (full list)

Hoyenah Name Term
44 LoganCreeper50 May 2nd - June 2nd, 2022
45 RlZ58 June 2nd - July 2nd, 2022
46 jagster104 July 2nd - August 2nd, 2022
August 2nd - September 2nd, 2022
September 2nd - October 2nd, 2022
47 Lucas2011 October 2nd - November 2nd, 2022
48 LordWulf7937 November 2nd - December 2nd, 2022
December 2nd, 2022 - January 2nd, 2023
49 Proser January 2nd - February 2nd, 2023
50 SireRobert February 2nd - March 2nd, 2023
51 jagster104 March 2nd - April 2nd, 2023
52 Carrot_Cake2002 April 2nd - May 2nd, 2023
53 SireRobert May 2nd - June 2nd, 2023
54 Carrot_Cake2002 June 2nd - July 2nd, 2023
55 Lucas2011 July 2nd - August 2nd, 2023
56 wishful_ August 2nd - September 2nd, 2023
September 2nd - October 2nd, 2023
57 jagster104 October 2nd - November 2nd, 2023
November 2nd - December 2nd, 2023
58 Proser December 2nd, 2023 - January 2nd, 2024
January 2nd - February 2nd, 2024
59 Spencer54 February 2nd - March 2nd, 2024
60 Hambellux March 2nd - April 2nd, 2024
61 Joigrama April 2nd - May 2nd, 2024
62 EchoOcelot May 2nd - June 2nd, 2024
63 Owry June 2nd, 2024 - Present


The Chiefs are the second branch of government. They can exist in a group of 3 or 5 individuals. Similarly to the Hoyenah they are elected by the people in monthly elections. When a majority of the chiefs disagree with the Hoyenah the issue is presented to the public who then votes on it.

Appointed Positions

Within the republic's government there are 2 appointed positions. The Secretary of Interior and War Chief (commonly referred to as Military Leader). The War Chief is someone who manages offensive and defensive matter, though the Hoyenah remains the Commander-in-chief. The War Chief was originally elected at the start of republic but sometime in early 2018 it became appointed. There typically has only been one War Chief at a time.

The Secretary of Interior is a much more expansive position with a lot more possible duties. In the republic's constitution the job of the secretary isn't set in stone, with the needs of the government taking priority, but typically the Secretary of Interior focusing on internal Infrastructure, like building roads, ice rails, and stocking the community warehouse. Other times the Secretary of Interior was used as a way to get people interested in the gov a low responsibility job so they can view the inner workings of the government. There has been anywhere between 1 to 3 Secretary of Interiors at any given time.


Graph of election turnout overtime.

The elections of the North Sea Republic begin at the end of the month. The process begins with campaign chat being open a week before the last day of the month, in the channel people announce their running for Chief, Hoyenah, or both, and include a short campaign message. The actual elections open on the last day of the month and are open for 24 hours. The North Sea Republic uses ranked choice voting, this is where you rank the candidates from first to last on how much you would like them in the government.

Emergency elections occur when a Hoyenah resigns or is impeached while in office, and can also occur when there isn't enough Chiefs when one is impeach or steps down. When a chief leaves office it goes down to the person who was next in line during the election, though when a Hoyenah resigns there is automatically an election. Typically with an emergency election there is a campaign chat open for 1-3 days, with a 24 hour election following. Normally an emergency election only occurs if there is over a week left in the month after they stepped down. Throughout the history of the republic there have only been 4 emergency elections.

The average voter turnout as of the 75th election on November 2nd, 2023 is 30 votes per election. For 2023 the average is 54 votes. The Most votes in an election was 79 votes in the March 2023 election.