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Flag of Peru.png
Coat of Arms
CoA Peru.png
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Peru
National Anthem
Name in Towny Peru
Motto Firme y feliz por la unión

(English.jpg Firm and happy for the union)

Population 13 ( March 8 2020)
Chunks 231
/n list page
Capital City Cuzco
Largest City 1. Cuzco

2. Ica
3. Lima

Oldest City Ica
Established Jan 16 2020 (Peru_VR) May 3 (Peru)
Government Information
Leader 78AbogadoPeruano
Prime Minister
Political System Crown.png Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalist
Official Language
  • Flagspain.png Spanish
  • Englishflag.jpg English
Official Religion
Army Size
Part of La Plata, Spanish Empire
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

Peru, officially the Kingdom of Peru (Spanish: Reino del Perú), is a country in western South America, which is constituted as a monarchy led by King 78AbogadoPeruano, with the capital being Cuzco. Peru borders with Chile to the south, as well as Brazil and Inca.


Turmoil Era

(2020 May 3 - Jul 4)

In May 3, 2020, the meganation of La Plata bought the nation of Peru Viceroyalty for 700G at midnight (the gold was given by some members of La Plata, like Cristul12, RonaldFuu and 78AbogadoPeruano, etc). Later the star was given to 78AbogadoPeruano and the capital became Ica (Town now governed by Chofo70). The nation of Peru became a member of the SCU in June 21. The old nation of Peru made by Precise was disbanded (this was because Precise lost interest in EarthMC). This caused Peru Viceroyalty to claim the name and join the meganation of La Plata the same day.

  • Peru Viceroyalty purchase
  • Ica became Peru capital
  • SCU Member
  • Claimed the name of Peru
  • La Plata Member

Illusory Era

(Jul 4 - Aug 30)

Territorial dispute with Inca

The nation of Inca started to become more active and started funding towns in the south, so the king of Peru, 78AbogadoPeruano and his friend NicoGNV founded Cuzco at the night of July 4 (This is because the mayor got bored, and the territorial disputes with Inca). The new mayor of Ica became Chofo70 and the capital was changed to Cuzco. Llater on the same day 78AbogadoPeruano and Lammarca founded Arequipa (Sadly this town wouldn't last long, the reasons are still unknown, but this was probably because of the conflict with Kilomberox).

Second Falklands-Malvinas War

The Second Malvinas-Falklands War was a conflict between the town Malvinas (owned by Argentina) and the town BritishFalklands (owned by Joel02). Both were located on the Falkland Islands, in the South Atlantic. Peru participated in the war, in the 8 of July, 78AbogadoPeruano discovered that the permissions of the BritishFalklands town was misconfigured. 78AbogadoPeruano, Kilomberox, DiesSaturni and other players started looting the town.

  • Inca territorial dispute
  • Foundation of Cuzco
  • Foundation of Arequipa
  • Capital change and mayor of Ica
  • Second Falklands-Malvinas War

Decay Era

(Aug 31 - Present)

The nation of Inca slowly stopped finding new towns in the south (reason unknown). The town of Arequipa fell with a beacon looted and saved by Joigrama (Mayor of Buenos Aires and King of and Lithuanan multidimensonal turkish british falkland peru vr Argentina empire federation). On the final days of september the SCU fell after Jolion, the mayor of Asuncion, started discussions with Kilomberox about some ideas, causing Jolion to completely quit EMC (there was a revival attempt by Olivio90 by hosting the SCU games, but it failed.). In the first days of October the king of Peru started to build a mapart plataform in Ica. King 78AbogadoPeruano started the planification of Cuzco which took 1 month. The king of Peru started building Cuzco, in March 2021 he opened a shop at the capital spawn. Peru started growing, with a definitive foundation of Lima and massive Cuzco chunk expansion.

The territorial dispute with Inca finishes

The nation of Inca agreed to the territorial dispute with Peru after both kings discussed (Just the middle of Peru is in dispute because its no-mans land), another reason for this territorial dispute is because the nation of Inca became less active (Maybe because they started focusing on Mexico Republic, an Inca colony), losing towns ending with 3 towns currently.

Peru joins Spain as a viceroyalty

La Plata (Including Peru) joins Spain as a viceroyalty in March 14 causing the Spanish Empire to expand to South America

Inca falls and the steal of the star

The nation of Inca located in northern Peru that had a lot of territorial disputes and conflicts with Peru finally fell after a long inactivity epoch. Chofo70 and 78AbogadoPeruano noticed the Inca nation had the town invite open and put a town in there to steal the star. The inca nation left Ica and Quito as the only 2 Inca towns remaining Pre- (Bolivia-Peru, Ecuador, Amazonas union) ending the territorial conflict and giving territorial (North Peruvian Lands) and national supremacy to Peru.

Colombia territorial invasion and dispute

UnCry bought Colombia in the early days of March, the same day in which Inca fell, April 14. UnCry founded a town in the Iquitos Departament named Narcos at an old town ruins with a similar name. The king of Peru noticed this and informed Spain about the incident. Everything was solved the same day with the town getting disbanded and a border clarification being made the next day.

  • Nation of inca stop in the foundation of towns in the south
  • Arequipa falls
  • SCU dies
  • Ica Mapart starts to working
  • Cuzco planification starts
  • Territorial dispute with Inca ends
  • The capital gets a Shop and an humble spawn
  • Lima Foundation
  • Cuzco expansion


Peru departaments

Peru actually has 16 departaments and 1 constitutional province (Callao):

  • Lima
  • Cuzco
  • Ica
  • Ancash
  • Arequipa
  • Moquegua
  • Tacna
  • Puno
  • Madre de Dios
  • Ucayali
  • Huanuco
  • Pasco
  • Ayacucho
  • Apurimac
  • Huancavelica
  • Junin
  • Callao

Peru ecorregions

Peru actually has 7 ecorregions (In a future if we expand to the north we will get more):

  • Cold Sea: From the Chile center to Inca. The temperature is 13º in winter and 15º in summer. It is an area where there is a great variety of vegetables and animals, thanks to the cold water Stream, which is called the Peruvian or Humboldt Stream.
  • Pacific Desert: From 5º south latitude (Piura) until 27º south latitude (North of Chile) in the coast. Its average width is 20 km. It is one of the driest desert areas in the world.
  • Highland Steppes: Located between 1,000 and 3,800 meters above sea level, this area extends from Inca south to the north of Chile.
  • Puna Grasslands: It is the highest area of ​​the Andes Mountains. It is located between 3,800 meters above sea level and 5,200 meters above sea level. The climatic contrast is total, during the day it usually reaches 30 C, due to its location and radiation, while at night the temperature drops to 6 C. Above the 5200 are the glaciers.
  • High Jungle: It extends along the eastern flank of the Andes Mountains, from the border with Ecuador to the border with Bolivia, between 500 and 3,500 meters.
  • Low Jungle: With an area of ​​60 million hectares, it is the largest region in Peru, also known as the Amazonian tropical forest. It is located below 800 m., To the east of the Andes Mountains. 42% of the tropical forests are located in this place and 5 of the plants and animals.
  • Palm Tree Savannas: It is characterized by excess water, by presenting four plant formations: the gallery forest, the pajonal of the pampas, the groves of the hills and the adjacent forests; and because there are species that do not exist elsewhere.
Peru ecorregiones emc.png


The Peruvian economy is not the best, but it's a young one and has been growing ever since. The most common and popular economical activities are trading, especially mapart shops, mapart making, and agriculture.


Recently started, the best sold products are mapart.


Common economical activities are still effective. Peru used to be one of the most common places to find gold, but nations eventually stopped mining there. The solution for this was just mining at other places of the earth

Minor conflicts

  • Towns in Peru territory made by colonies or new players (Puno and New_Cuzco, etc).
  • New_Cuzco, foundation early days of october 2020, ended falling because they planted trees (The mayor said he choosed the place because the landscaping, before there was a fallen town and the sector was without trees).
  • Puno ,a colony of Severny, Foundation in mid september 2020, after a treatment, the nation wasnt enough close of Peru IRL borders, but it falled.
  • Maschallah, a town between Iquitos and Piura founded in April 16 2021, the town was funded by a group of german players. The only active member known was the mayor. NachitoKing, 78AbogadoPeruano, EspectroAutista and UnCry went to the town for kill the mayor forcing and pressing him to have a deal. After some troubles and threaths, the mayor accepted the deal the same day, the disband in 17 April of the town for 64G paid by NachitoKing
  • Antalya foundation by Peru-Bolivia in Arequipa Department, foundation in mid january of 2021, (New nation of Bolivia before the rule 4.1) After some PVP beetwen 78AbogadoPeruano, DasXtin (Chilean nation member) vs the Peru-Bolivia nation members, ended in the disband of the town and a territorial treatment the same day of the town foundation.