Austrian-Polish War

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Template:War The Polish-Austrian War was a regional war between the Polish Kingdom and the Austrian Empire. The war has been declared on 30th January 2019 by the Polish Government due to "land take" by the Austrian Government. War has ended approximately 3 weeks later with a treaty being signed in GdaƄsk. Casualties were small but still, there were some, but Austria had more won battles. Anyway, it doesn't mean Polish lose, but it's a tie and an agreement between these governments.


There weren't many skirmishes in the war, as a peace treaty was concluded before any major battle could break out. However, there were raids on some cities.

March of Gdansk

On the first day of war declaration, Austrian troops began marching into Gdansk to take the capital. A group of Polish troops began attacking the Austrians, but were quickly defeated. As the Austrians marched onto Gdansk, they had to put up with some resistance, but the Austrians moved on. Eventually, the march lasted until the end of the war.

Battle of Vienna

A battle had broken out in Vienna during the duration of the war. Nigerien mercenaries assaulted Vienna, and a couple of others joined in the fighting. Chaos ensued until the Nigeriens retreated, and the atmosphere had calmed down.

Other activities of the Polish Army

One situation had a place in Bratislava in the beginning of February 2019, when Polish government were quietly planning a plan to overtake East Bratislava region. One soldier and an important diplomat came to Bratislava in a purpose to create a town of East Bratislava, but due to Towny's limit, it couldn't be possible. In meanwhile one soldier has spotted Magredon, Kaiser of Austria and they decided to attack him. Attack was successful and Kaiser has been killed.

Nuclear Detonation

Two nuclear bombs of decent size were detonated on Polish roads. A small Polish division was sent to intervene with the nuclear detonation, resulting in one casualty. Nevertheless, the two bombs detonated, causing a lot of damage in an area near the walls.