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The nation of Pueblo was established on October 28, 2020 by MrE_22. It is in the southwest region of North America. It's capitol is El Dorado and that is located in irl New Mexico. The nation was originally a joint state of Texas and Louisiana but has since gained independence and covers a large swath of land from the great plains to Texas to southern Mexico. It is a constitutional monarchy with the crown Emperor being MrE_22 ever since it's inception. It is a member of the Gulf Coast Alliance and the North American Pact.


Early History

Reasoning for it's creation

Prior to Pueblo's creation, it's capitol and leader was in the Republic of Texas. In this nation, there was terrible management by the player North_Paso. Even when he wasn't in a position of power he would still act like he owned the nation and periodically went behind the elected president's backs. Due to this and more, it was decided that the nation of Pueblo should be made in El Dorado (formerly known as Cloudcroft) by MrE_22 who resigned as President of Texas shortly after making his decision . However, in order to appease Texas and avoid conflict for the time it was decided that it would be a state of Texas. Due to the heated tensions of Texas and Louisiana at the time, Pueblo also joined Louisiana as a province as an attempt to bring peace.

Its creation and the weeks afterward

After 5 days of grinding to get the 1024 gold to make the nation, on October 28, 2020 while in a VC the nation was created. The first few days were uneventful however more and more resentment was growing toward North Paso. The capitol city was undergoing a remodeling phase and the second town to join the nation was the town of Amarillo lead by Jagmcool. Shortly afterward the town of Fort Fredonia joined the nation as well.

The Texan Coup

The Plan for the Coup

stuff (NOT DONE YET)

What happened during and the week afterwards



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