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The following are this Wiki's rules. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in your account being blocked from the Wiki for an indefinite amount of time.

EarthMC Wiki Rules

  1. Removing content from pages
    • Do not unexplainably remove content from pages. You may make edits to content, however do so within reason and explain your edits in the summary notes.
  2. Pseudo-posting
    • Pseudo-posting is the act of falsifying events or information on the Wiki. Engaging in this lowers the quality of the Wiki and discredits existing information.
  3. Edit-warring
    • Edit-warring is when users engage in back-and-forth counter-edits, undoing each others additions to a page. If run into an issue with another party regarding information on a page, join the Wiki discord and explain to staff.
  4. Revisionism
    • No rewriting pages to suite a narrative. If you find that a page is not representative of a certain viewpoint, feel free to coordinates with the page creator/main page contributor to implement perspectives within the writing.
  5. Abuse
    • No targeted harassment of individuals or groups. Anything written against others should be from server action and not include personal attacks.
  6. Disambiguation
    • Do not make pages without properly disambiguating them. The syntax for disambiguating is the following:
      • PageName_(Aurora) for Terra Aurora
      • PageName_(Nova) for Terra Nova
      • PageName_(Classic) for Classic
    • You should also add the relevant category for your page (Aurora/Nova/Classic).

For any recommendations or concerns about these rules, please contact CorruptedGreed#5413 on discord.