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"It's Fix's job to judge communists; its my job to send them to him"


runnerboy72000 joined on June 9, 2017. He is the mayor of Abkhazia (the WOKEST TOWN on the server). For the first two months Abkhazia remained a peaceful town in the mountains, but in late July when Russia began to repopulate Abkhazia faced a predicament. A united Russia meant a large nation just to the north that could potentially bully Abkhazia and its citizens. Thus runnerboy72000 created the Russian Empire to prevent Russia from uniting under the USSR. Eventually Lucled nearly destroyed Russia, so runnerboy went to make the EU with Oliveer. Eventually the EU split up into a few different nations and runnerboy went back to focus on the restoration of Abkhazia's industry. He joined Russia for the claim bonus so he could finish his expansion, once that was done he re established abkhazia as a free state.Template:Infobox character

Abkhazian nationalist

runnerboy72000 is known to blow people who disrespect Abkhazia up.

Destroyer of Communism

As the person who used his divine WOKENESS to crush the ussr, runnerboy has been granted the title of Destroyer of Communism.

Tsar of Russia

As the leader of the WOKE abkhazia, runnerboy was the Tsar of Russia and has granted it the title of WOKEST nation on the server.

Ultra Fascist

As a monarcho centrist, runnerboy sides with the political ideology of ultra fascism.

W0KEST player on the server

As the destroyer of communism, the tsar of Russia, an ultra fascist, an Abkhazian nationalist, and the founder of WOKISM, runnerboy is officially the WOKEST PLAYER ON THE SERVER.

Rudest person on the sworver

When some guy from arabia accepted runnerboy's tp he showed up with all his gear on him, so runnerboy killed him for the memes. Then his friend showed up and tpad to runnerboy with even more stuff on him, then proceeded to rage when runnerboy killed him.


Template:Infobox nationOne day runnerboy was like "oh hey i like communism now" and became the leader of the CCCP and then was like REEEEEEEE I like communism!