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Note: This article is about the Somali nation that lasted until about December 2019, and not the most recent one(s).


Republic of Somalia

Somalia, officially known as the Republic of Somalia was a country located on the horn of Africa. It was bordered by Sudan and Ethiopia.


Somalia's first inhabitants are not known but are known to have migrated across Red Desert from the Nile River. Many small villages sprouted up along the coast but would always fail to develop and eventually collapse. Eventually a powerful town by the name of Maqadishu would grow using the lifestyle of pirating attracting many PVPers to the city to get their fair share. Upon major development of the city it gained nation status and began including culturally similar towns.

Introduction of Sundowner

Somalia's capital, Maqadishu would be the first country to be introduced to Disorder of Sundowner, as introduced by the founding nation of Oyo Empire.

Joining of the AU

Somalia would be invited into the African Union while it was still considered a city. Where debate would be sparked due to Somalia's history of piracy.


Somalia was 80% desert, consisting of the Red Desert, and 20% Savannah biome to the south-west. It is located along the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, and Indian Ocean. It has no lakes or rivers.

Politics and Government

Somalia is a Monitored Republic, meaning there sits the Warlord who is to remain neutral and be responsible for displacing any chancellors that are voted out by the majority. The Chancellor is elected by the people on an individual voting level.

Remake by imabritishcow

The nation of Ontario was moved to Somalia after Michigan took over the region. imabritishcow destroyed some buildings and then moved the nation again to Alaska. There was no political system as there was never more than 1 person.

List of Somali Elected Chancellors 

Name (IG) Elected Date Left Office Political Party
  1.  Mitzzz3
April 12th, 2019 Unknown (quit EMC) Liberty Party
2. imabritishcow November 22, 2019 December 7, 2019 (moved nation to Alaska) None

 Foreign Relations

Somalia had strong foreign relations with Desolation, Oyo Empire, Numidia, and Ethiopia. During the remake, Somalia was with Nubia, after joining it. .


Somalia (current) has no link or legacy from the former one excepted ruins under Mogadishu.