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Sonlow is the capital of the nation Republic of Sonlow.


The town of Sonlow was created 12/9/17 by BIGk1 aka BIGkGaming. A few months after formation an update to the server reinstated property taxes resulting in people being kicked because they didn't know they had to pay them. BIGk1 unaware of this became saddened when he learned of his foolish mistake of leaving taxes on leading to the loss of his valued citizens left for a month or two only to return occasionally. The town is currently owned by "Kaiya Grace."


  1. Respect your fellow citizens.
  2. No griefing!
  3. Any citizens inactive for a month will be kicked, unless provided a reason not to be kicked.
  4. Build something that looks good or you may be told to re-design it.
  5. Every first plot is free. Additional plots are 16g.


Current Residents:

  • Kaiya Grace

About To Be Kicked Residents:

  • No residents about to be kicked!

Past Residents:

Town Board