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Or formerly known as "Harappa". After more than 5 months of existence, Viktorspecial decides to move from Pakistan and settle his hometown and create Svitjod. Svitjod was a former scandinavian name of sweden. It was officially created the 2nd march. Harappa is still under the control of Viktorspecial, but it's planned (if possible) to sell it to Neodonia.


Before it's existence

Some building was built there (by now the members of helsingfors). Stockholm was created there, but the relativility city eventually fell as the members would found helsingfors. Later 3 towns was founded in the Stockholm surroundings and mälaren. but Stockholm eventually fell due to inactivity and Swedish empire was abandoned. Nearly all buildings there were removed and The region was a very flat and very open place, it went on like that for more than a month, but that would change.


  • Viktorspecial moves through middle east and europe to settle in Stockholm
  • The Stockholm islands are formed, they are carved like they look IRL
  • An outpost was created there, soon becoming the main city
  • West_Aros falls to inactivity, it's being looted and 2 days later it's being seized by Svitjod. Svitjod becomes by then the only town in the mälaren.
  • The town hall is being built
  • Svitjod stagnates and shrinks a bit in players.
  • The castle of thor starts to build


  • Kaunas is being looted after it fell, it was the most successful looting
  • a bridge starts to being built between helsingfors and svitjod