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The Blockbuster Insider is a Free to read Discord based news paper founded and headed by Sharkfynn1012. The news organization currently serves nearly every nation on earth.

The Blockbuster Insider was originally founded with the intent of being a business and industry newspaper, however now covers all manner of articles relating to EarthMC game-play, to those that play it.

In early 2018 the Blockbuster magazine was launched alongside TBI's regular broadcast. The magazine has since proven popular with readers, pioneering the town review category and including things such as "today in history" and "guess the location".

TBI was also one of the early adopters of the live news format - short summarized posts about current events happening in-game. While Terra Nova News pioneered the concept TBI would adopt a slightly altered version of it.

The Blockbuster Insider now features it's own website ( which was refreshed in June of 2022 to host all future articles.

June 2022 Service Update:

In early June of 2022, coinciding with the rise in popularity of Terra Aurora The Blockbuster Insider moved to update its website and content posting method, switching from uploading full news broadcasts to individual articles visible through the TBI website.

These changes marked the return of CorgiPaws (Sharkfynn1012) who had been absent from the runnings of the company for the better part of two years.

September 2020 Revival:

While 2020 as a year would prove to be a promising start for TBI, come May 2020 the Discord had started to go quiet again, with TBI dipping to below 600 members before a scheduled revival took place on the 5th of September 2020.

TBI has experienced periods of inactivity before, however this stand as being one of the longest periods during which TBI was without a broadcast.

Employee Positions:

Senior Editor: The Senior Editor of TBI is second in command. Elections are held monthly for this position. The Senior Editor has the authority to make decisions on behalf of and represent the Master Editor in their absence. The Senior Editor has this and all the same permissions as the Editors.

Editor: Editors are ranked above regular Journalists as they have the authority to edit articles and make broadcasts as well as announcements. Editors are elected in a monthly election process. Editors also have their own communication channel on the TBI Discord. Editors can also kick/ban people and act as the "police" of the TBI Discord. Editors have this and all the same permissions as Journalists.

Journalist: Journalists are the backbone of the TBI staff team. They research and write articles that are then edited by Editors. Journalists can also make posts in TBI-Live and run for Editor positions such as Senior Editor and Editor.

Trial-Journalist: Trial Journalists are newly appointed Journalists. They receive this role after applying on the staff application form and being voted on by all of the Journalists/Editors already working for TBI. They can move up the ranks after making 10 live posts or writing one article. Once they have done either one of those things they become fully fledged Journalists.Trial Journalists cannot run for Editorial positions, however they can still vote.

Cartographer: Cartographers make up the TBI mapping team, creating maps and working on the world map. While Journalists can fulfill the role of a Cartographer this is an individual position.

Data Analyst: Data Analysts source and post Data relevant to EMC on TBI. This is also an individual position that can be fulfilled by any Journalist.

TBI Events:

The Blockbuster Insider has been home to a few events over the last few years:

The Blockbuster Awards: Pitched as being the Blockbuster equivalent of the Nobel Prize, except a lot less noble the first, and to date only Blockbuster Awards to take place occurred in late 2018, during the final days of EarthMC Classic. The awards ceremony would be held at the Blockbuster Amphitheater located in the Classic town of Lone_Blockbuster. The event would be a resounding success, with several categories including builds, literature and music. Winners of their categories received custom books and trophies.

Blockbuster Trivia Night: A trivia night hosted by TBI on the TBI Discord. Its an event that has occurred twice now, The first trivia night was in January 2020 and a grand prize of 100g. This event was moderately successful, with there being several members present in a chaotic Discord.

The second trivia night would be an even greater success. A grand total prize pool of 550 gold was up for grabs, with there being well over 20 recorded people present at the event. This trivia night was different to the first one, not only did it have questions pertaining to EMC but the real world too.

April Fools & TBI:

TBI has a special relationship with the 1st of April. Here's a list of themes TBI has adopted on each date:

Year: Theme: Description:
2018 InfoWars Roles and server logo as well as staff pfps and nicknames were changed to mimic that of Alex Jones' infamous show, InfoWars. New emojis were also added.
2019 Anchorman Roles and server logo as well as staff pfps and nicknames were changed to mimic that of Channel 4 from the 2004 film Anchorman.
2020 The Daily Wire The server adopted a Daily Wire theme, changing pfps, nicknames, the server logo and roles to reflect The Ben Shapiro Show and the Daily Wire. Several new Ben Shapiro themed emojis were also added.
2021 N/A Cancelled due to COVID-19
2022 N/A Cancelled due to COVID-19

TBI Discord & Classic Wiki:

The link to the TBI Discord:

The Blockbuster Insider Classic Wiki.