The First Great Server War

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Template:Battle templateThe Great Server War started on the 22nd of December 2018 over the town of Kosice. Great Moravia demanded that Košice should be in Moravian control, as it's a part of Slovakia, which is a huge part of The Great Moravian Empire. Poland didn't meet these demands, and so early that day, war was declared.

Polish Front

Battle of Košice (22.12.2018)

Not too long after Poland refused the demands, a small Moravian force went to Košice to peacekeep and try to convince them otherwise. Eventually, a fight broke out, and 2 lines stood against each other. The Moravians lost 2 soldiers while trying to get in line north of Kosice, while the Polish forces made a line to defend Košice inside it's claims. Few charges were made, but no significant damage was done to either side. Eventually Moravians forces withdrew, making the Polish defence of Košice successful. The Moravians lost 2 people, while Poland only lost 1. There were 7 Moravians, and 4 Poles.

Moravian forces while march to Koszyce.

Assault on Prague (22.12.2018)

Only a few hours after the Moravian withdrawal from Košice, a massive Polish army moved to Prague. There were only 2 Moravians to defend Prague against more than 10 Poles. A distress call was made and when

Battle of Prague

32Gold and the rest of his army arrived, the battle took off. There were some clashes outside of the town, where the Polish King was killed. Not too long after that, PVP was enabled in Prague, making the Polish vulnerable with nowhere to retreat. After a few minutes of battle, and a few Polish dead, Poland's army retreated to Warsaw. By then, more German, British and Austria-Hungarian forces came to support the Moravian cause. Not a single member of the coalition perished, while there were 4 confirmed Polish losses.

Siege of Warsaw (22.12.2018)

The siege of Warsaw

After the Polish defeat in Prague, the coalition army marched east, to Warsaw. Near Warsaw they were met with small resistance that retreated back inside the walls. After a few minor clashes, the fight broke out on Warsaw's eastern wall. There were many casualties, lava and ender pearls were used, and the coalition forces captured the wall. Many spectators from other nations like Solomon Islands, Britain, France and came to view the battle, however in the chaos they were attacked by both sides, notably Poland and Germany. The battle was technically a draw, as the coalition forces eventually withdrew from the walls, at a very high cost of Polish lives. This was the beginning of the end for Poland.

Raids on Wroclaw

After the Siege of Warsaw, coalition forces, mainly Moravians, Britons and Belgians, started doing small raids on Wroclaw in hopes of some conflict. The raids happened daily, and did little actual damage with no casualties on either side, but had severe effects on Polish morale.

Attack on Szczecin (24.12.2018)

Attack on Szczecin

Following the Siege of Warsaw, few days after, coalition forces from Germany, Britain, Spain, Belgium and the middle east took part in an attack on Szczecin. Not too long into the fight, Moravians joined too. The Polish fortified a position in the southern part of the town, in front of the walls, and defended it. A few waves of attacks came, but no significant damage was done. MLGTerra, unhappy with Moravia wanting to take part in the fight, started attacking allied Moravians, eventually forcing them to withdraw. Near Szczecin took place two significant battles, the first battle lasted for a very long time because Polish forces did not leave their claims. After that, the Coalition withdrew. The Poles attacked some members of the Coalition army which resulted in the army turning around to face the Poles once more.

Screen made by a Warsaw resident.

Raid on Warsaw (25.12.2018)

Small Nazi Germany Warsaw raid, one of last battles of Great Server War. No causalities.

French Front

Siege of Paris (30.12.2018)

Siege of Paris

Coalition forces, who were mostly made up of Nazi soldiers with other soldiers from different countries, attacked Paris. France received support from Spain and Portugal and there were more of French than Coalition soldiers, despite this gap in troops the French side lost this siege, 37 French deaths to only 3 Nazi casualties.

Iberian Front

Invasion of Spain and Portugal (29.12.2018)

A few battles in Iberia happened during the Nazi invasion of Spain. Most important battle of this invasion was the Battle of New Madrid. In the battle Nazis lost only one soldier, while Spain lost 5.

Middle East Front

Invasion of Judah (27.12.2018)

A small force comprised of Nazi soldiers invaded Israel, and Judah's capital. Despite the numerical advantage on the side of Judah, Nazi Germany won.

Conclusion (02.01.2019)

On the 2nd January 2019, Typowy, the Mayor of Kosice, after some more clashes between him and the Moravian forces, agreed to give up the town. He was invited to the nation, but he proposed he just passes the town to someone else entirely. So, a new mayor was elected, and Moravia paid Typowy 22 Gold so he could make a new town with his voting gold. Later that day, peace was signed.


The war changed how Europe would be ran. It also left the space open for the second great server war.