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Template:Town Infobox Baku is a part of Caucasia. Baku's economy is running on a Capitalist system. Baku is one of the richest and strongest towns in the nation. No taxes but donations are welcome.


Baku is home to The Caucasus Road Company (aka T.C.R.C). Also Baku is the starting point of the road. Baku also has many amazing builds like the T.I.E built by tkmben and also another Star Wars inspired build is been built by ned9740 and tkmben. But the biggest house is the Royal house of Rash

Geography and Power

Baku is located at the end of the Caucasus Mountains and bordering the Caspian Sea with a swampy and sandy landscape. Baku is a power with natural sites and it's position plays a huge role in it's economy. Baku is key player in controlling the Caspian Sea since it's the 3rd biggest town bordering and it's 2nd to Moria the Capital of Caucasia


Baku has no building style. You can build with the style you want but we (Baku) do recommend you build cleanly and good or if you can't try to see some tutorials. Also try to build the same style as the person next to you.