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Tsu Clan
Other Names
  • The Japanese Face Clan
Leader No jewtsu.png No_Jewtsu
Founded March 7th, 2019
Members 10
Historical Information
Past Leaders N/A

The Tsu Clan () is a clan identified by the discovered alternate accounts of No_Jewtsu. It is a clan in which only very good friends of No_Jewtsu can join or one of his alternate accounts. The clan was founded on March 7th, 2019.

This clan is divided into two sub-groups:

  • True - revealed or banned alternate accounts of No_Jewtsu
  • - very good friends of No_Jewtsu that offered to join the clan
  • - Members of the house

Prefix for True and members: "Tsu"


Beta Era

October 26:

  • No_Jewtsu spawns for the first time in EarthMC

Beginning Era

November 19:

  • No_Jewtsu creates Jewtsuism
  • The Tsu Clan affiliates itself with Jewtsuism

Decline Era

February 04:

  • No_Jewtsu gets banned from EarthMC

Crepuscular Era

March 06:

  • No_Jewtsu makes his first alternate account to bypass the ban.

March 07:

  • The alternate account of No_Jewtsu is banned. The Clan of Tsu is founded.

Flooding Era

October 25:

  • GucciHawk becomes the second member of True

October 27:

  • Nick becomes the third member of True

December 15:

  • TheSeedyCharacter, a good friend of No_Jewtsu and leader of California, becomes the first member of .

December 20:

  • Dabs_All_OvarYT becomes the second member of

December 21:

  • TsuMan becomes the fourth member of True

December 26:

  • TsuSauce gets banned, hopefully becoming the last members of True

January 27:

  • The Clan affiliates itself as nobility, making another subgroup named 米. Nick becomes the first member.



  • Nick
  • TsuSauce
  • TsuMan

Non-Members but Affiliated