White Ruthenia

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Unofficial White Ruthenia flag kotik 2ua.jpg


White Ruthenia(Bel.: Бела Русынія; Ukr.: Біла Русинія) is a nation that doesn't have a certain location, it's cities are located in different areas throughout Eastern Europe and they are separated by other nations.



On 11th of July, 2022 nation of White Ruthenia was established by GODSBESTWARRIOR with the capital of Turov in between of Minsk(Belarus) and Varash(Ukraine).

On 16th July, 2022 after Ukraine got sold to Russian Empire White Ruthenia agreed to host a nation for cities that didn't want to loose their Motherland. After what some Ukrainian cities like Polotsk, Ivano-Frankivsk and Dnipro joined the nation, making it exclave-like country.

White Ruthenia Flag
Unofficial White Ruthenia flag.jpg (Unofficial White Ruthenia Flag proposed by kotik_2ua)
Coat of Arms
White Ruthenia Coat of Arms.png (Unofficial White Ruthenia Coat of Arms proposed by Piedyslava_Trans)
White Ruthenia Map 18.07.22.png (As of 07.18.22)
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of White Ruthenia
National Anthem Vajacki marš
Name in Towny White_Ruthenia
Motto Слава Україні! Жыве Беларусь! - Героям слава! Жыве вечна!
Population 37
Chunks 113
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Capital City Turov
Largest City Dnipro
Oldest City Dnipro
Established 7th of July, 2022
Government Information
Prime Minister
Political System Capitalism
Economic System Capitalism
Official Language Belarusian, Ukrainian, English
Official Religion Free Religion
Army Size No Army
Dominions Indepedent
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders None
Past Capitals None