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Flag of Oland.svg.png
Coat of Arms
Bez nazwy.png
National information
Motto Work with us for better future!
Founded August 25th 2022
Disbanded None
Name Oland
Population 7
Religion Catholic
Language Silesian
Chunks 70
Government Information
Leader MajeraneQ
Political System Monarchy
Economic System Capitalist
Nation none

Oland is a town located on island named Öland in the Baltic Sea.


The town was founded on 11th August 2022 by MajeraneQ.

On August 25th 2022, town joined the nation of Silesia.

The goal of the city of Öland was to stop the expansion of Germany on the scandinavian peninsula.

On April 30th 2023, town left Silesia, due to internal complications in Silesia.


National Stadium in Oland

Stadium in Oland

Works started on December and finished on January 28.


Church in Oland