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32Benja, also known as BigBossBenja, is a player on Terra Nova server. Currently, he resides in Toulouse, France as Mayor of the town.


32Benja joined the server alongside his real-life friends with the hope of settling somewhere in his real-life country, however, this didn't happen.

Lyon - Burgundy

32Benja asked to be invited to Lyon the moment he joined the server as he saw there were a lot of people talking about it in chat. He slowly moved up the town ranks until he became councillor of the town. He played an important role in the creation of the autonomous French nation of Burgundy and worked his way up to become the chancellor of Burgundy. Eventually, he got bored of Burgundy and left to make a nation of his own.


Obsessed with the idea of a new nation, 32Benja saved up 1024 gold and made Kazakhstan. He was immediately joined by Skater and Ultil0l, though they both bailed out on him fast. As leader of Kazakhstan, he joined the House of Uesugi. He later sold Kazakhstan for 400 gold to Krby.


Becoming close friends with __Incarnation during his stay at the House of Uesugi, __Incarnation decided to hand over the nation to Benja. During his time as leader of Alaska, he became close friends with the Cascadians, which is why he has the honorary citizen role.

France - Germany

After giving away Alaska, 32Benja returned to France. Coincidentally, Trajan had also recently become the Emperor of it. During this time, he went around the nation recruiting for towns, and he eventually bought back Lyon for 800 gold from Zqppy. He made a bunch of towns during this time period, but most of them turned out to be failures, resulting in him just moving to Paris. In Paris, he became great friends with Trajan and his right-hand man in leading the nation for a long time. Eventually, he acquired the nation of Germany alongside Stettin and Berlin with 32Gold_. Due to the German Empire being a French adversary, 32Benja moved to Germany in order to debilitate the area. In Germany, he managed to control most of Austria and a few parts of Germany. After growing tired of Germany, he saw the discontent Heinikin34 had with the German Empire and so he gave the nation to him.


After the French revolution, he moved to Thrace with Trajan, where they grew the town from ~100 chunks to ~500 chunks. He was also Praetor 3 times, Magister Fiscum, and Vicar (Foreign Affairs).


Feeling the need to come back to France, he returned. At the time, the country was very unstable, and his arrival was matched with Thanamos'. At this time, he became Grand Protector (Prime Minister), but overnight, Cactus removed him from his position and replaced him with Thanamos, who was rebelling at the time. This infuriated him and the current government, which led him to secede from the nation and make Carolingia. In Carolingia, he joined the GRE, and managed to conquer more then half of France, however, after speaking with Trajan, he decided France was never going to fix itself if it remained like this, and so he moved Carolingia elsewhere and rejoined France, alongside all his towns.

Return to France

Shortly after returning, Thanamos quit the nation, and the nation quickly stabilized. Currently, he serves as Vice-President during the Trajan Presidency.

Famous quotes

"Do the Swag"

"Bored as fuck in class right now.... @Karl"