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France, officially the Kingdom of France (French: Royaume de France) is a well known nation located in Western Europe, led by King Charles I (CorbeauNoiraud). It was founded during the early access on October 28, 2018 by MLGTerra and is the second oldest surviving nation on the server, behind Britain. France borders Spain to the south and in Africa, aswell as the German Confederation and Greater Roman Empire to east. The name France refers to both the Kingdom of France, her Vassals, and Overseas Territories/Colonies.


French claims on March 12th 2022

Metropolitan France

Metropolitan France is considered to be France's core territory, its borders do not correspond with IRL France's borders and consist out of the Kingdom of France, her Vassals and the Franco-Carthage personal union:

  • The Kingdom of France
  • The Kingdom of Francia
  • The State of Free_France
  • The Crown Republic of Carthage.

The Kingdom of France

The Kingdom of France, known simply as France in-game, is the largest nation in France by landmass it has claims to, landmass it has actually claimed and by population. The Kingdom of France has claims to all of mainland France.

The Kingdom of Francia

The Kingdom of Francia only consists of Champagne. A old souvenir of the French Civil War which now serve as a tp point for the Reims palace and Cathedral Notre Dame de Reims.

The State of Free_France

The State of Free_France is a nation which was created following the formation of the Angevin Empire. It is leaded by 32Soup

The Crown Republic of Carthage.

Following the Charles II (Thanamos) - Cassiuz wedding, the nation of Carthage integrate the kingdom of France with a specific treaty which guarantee liberties and autonomy in Carthage land.

Territory Terms

  • Vassals : Vassals are Nations that are part of Metropolitan France, excludes France itself. France and their vassals shares common foreign, internal, financial and military policy.
  • Vice-Royalties : Overseas nations that are appart of the kingdom of France. France and the Vice-Royalty shares common diplomacy and common military policy.
  • Personal-union : An union between France an another state following a wedding. The treaty of the wedding defines the connexion between the two nations.

Government and royal family

The French Government has gone through many changes throughout its long history, as of the 12th March of 2022 it is an absolute monarchy.

Government Officials

Roi/King : Charles 1er (CorbeauNoiraud)

Ministre Principal/ Principal Minister : Frédéric de Lorraine by interim. (Vladie57)

Secrétaire d'Etat/ Secretary of State (Diplomacy) : Vacant.

Maréchal de France/ Marshall of France : Chevalier M4GM4 du Béarn.

Surintendant aux bâtiments/ Superintendants of buildings : Archevêque Henri de Champagne. (Henricky)

Chancellor/ Chancelier (Jurist) : Frédéric de Lorraine (Vladie57)

Contrôleur général des finances / General comptroller of Finances : Prince Jean III le Roux d'Auvergne. (jeanlepasroux)

The Royal family

The King/Queen ruler / le Roi/ la reine dirigeant.e

-The King or Queen ruler is the ruler of the nation. He has full powers over his subjects, commands the armies, makes and breaks judgements. He appoints ministers. He may choose a Prime minister or have him chosen by the Council of Lords.

-The King/Queen ruler choose his/her heir.

The Princes/ Princess.

-Inherits the title if his/her parent is the reigning king/queen, or bears the title if he/she is the husband of the reigning queen.

- Has a relative power granted by the King.

-Have 5 voices in Lords’ Council.

-The official heir of the throne holds the title of Dauphin.

The King's council.


:Englishflag.jpg English France's history can be broken down into five distinct periods. The initial creation by Terra, then the short time James held the nation while election took place, Caeso's first reign, Someone_Better's France, then Caeso's second reign until Caeso stepped down and Optimus_Trajan took the throne. A whole civil war went on with the people of Britain and France. The government of Francia took over with leaders like Megliman and now CorbeauNoiraud/Thanamos. Still working on the details of the civil war.

:French.png French:L'histoire de France peut être décomposée en cinq périodes distinctes. La création initiale par Terra, puis le court laps de temps où James a tenu la nation pendant les élections, le premier règne de Caeso, la France de Someone_Better, puis le deuxième règne de Caeso jusqu'à ce que Caeso démissionne et Optimus_Trajan prenne le trône. Toute une guerre civile a éclaté avec les peuples de Grande-Bretagne et de France. Le gouvernement de Francia a pris le relais avec des dirigeants comme Megliman et maintenant Corbeau Noiraud/Thanamos. Toujours en train de travailler sur les détails de la guerre civile.

The era of the first kings (10/28/2018 - 01/06/2020)

Emperor MLGTerra (10/28/18 - 11/22/2018)

Terra was originally the founder of France. He made the nation during the early access period of TN. Before TN was released Terra began recruiting classic players to join and make towns for France. During the first few days of TN release, Terra helped form and finance many towns such as Lyon, Geneva, Caen, Toures. Terra ruled as a monarch but began to face unrest and calls for democracy. A high council of influential players was put into place to relieve the tension. Additionally, the towns of Bern, Geneva, and Zurich began to prepare to form Switzerland.

Emperor Caeso First Term (11/22/2018 - 12/22/18)

When Terra left he passed the nation down to James and amidst unrest, James put together an election. Caeso and GeneralRhombus helped James put together the election. Caeso, GeneralRhombus, Asher, .fter an initial round of voting Caeso and Rhombus were selected as the finalist and Caeso would beat out Rhombus to become the new king. Additionally,d ring this time Vwon and Mustache began fighting with 32Gold. Caeso's main goal was to keep France together. Towns from all over France were talking about leaving as it seemed the nation may fall apart.

Under his term, the French Subway was built (later abandoned and demolished due to a better alternative). He also had the first French marketplace constructed by Someone_better in Paris for various players in France to sell their merchandise. Chest shops were in constant change at the time so it wasn't as effective as it could've been.

King SB (12/22/18 - 03/22/19)

Caeso eventually went to America to create a French colony, leaving SB in charge while he was away.

Under his term the ice roads were constructed, this is evident due to the discussion of ice roads dating back to his time in office in the French discord.

Emperor Caeso Second Term (03/22/19 - 05/10/19)

Only 3 months later, Caeso returned from the unsuccessful American colony to France, where leadership was handed back to him by SB.

Emperor Trajan (05/10/19 - 01/06/2020)

Caeso became busy with personal stuff and so passed on the crown to the then-treasurer Optimus_Trajan, resulting in Trajan becoming the second Emperor of France. During the beginning of Trajan's reign, EarthMC was undergoing great demographic changes as part of the start of the Flooding era. During this period, France experienced a boom as incredible architectural structures such as the Palace of Versailles and Capitolium were constructed. France also experienced incredible economic growth through the renovation of Paris and subsequent creation of the French marketplace, as well as the implementation of a tax to help fund the growing state.

In the realm of politics, France began to secure the metropolitan area of France and grew its borders out to the river Rhine, northwest Italy, Switzerland and parts of Belgium and the Netherlands. Beginning with the collapse of the Roman Empire due in part to the French-Spanish ultimatum, France was able to gain a strategic foothold in Italy and eventually recover the city of Lyon, which had previously been occupied under the name Lugdunum. Similarly, following the dissolution of Perpignan, France was able to regain control over much of its Mediterranean border which had been lost for nearly a year,. France saw the formation of the Netherlands, the Principality of Monaco and Southpole. Ice roads were slowly moved underground, and the formation of various, now prominent, towns such as Nice, Bitche, and Beaufort along with further development and reconstruction of other towns such as Saint-Brieuc, Toulouse, Nantes, Montlucon and Monaco occurred. Changes also came to tOn the he regional structure, creating independent regions governed by a noble to aid in governing and maintaining France's growing territory.

The first French revolution and the first golden era of France (01/06/2020 -14/05/2020)

The First French revolution (06/01/2020-13/01/2020)

King Barvaux's rule (13/01/2020-26/03/2020)

King Cragno's rule (26/03/2020-01/05/2020)

The beginning of king Cactusinapumpkin (01/05/2020-14/05/2020)

The First and Second civil war: the birth and rise of the French Republic. (14/05/2020-10/09/2020)

The fall of the Republic and the beginning of the Great Civil War (10/09/2020-14/03/2021)

The Great Civil War (14/03/2021-18/02/2022)

Europa Pact War (07/09/2021- Ongoing)

On September 7th, 2021, the Europa Pact declared war on France, starting the Europa-France War. The declaration of war was impulsed by border violations from France on foreing claims. Template:Quote (Matthi3000 ) The same day, MegaliMan, the King of France, sent a response on the France Discord declaring that the war didn't mean anything. Template:Quote (Matthi3000 ) Megaliman also anounced the temporal end of the French Civil War, ending with the alliance of France and Francia to fight the Europa Pact. However, on September 17th, Francia declared that they never were allies and that they would side with the Europa Pact on the war.

The Monarchy restauration (18/02/2022- Ongoing)


Map of all French Iceroad Connections.

Outdated, Ice roads are banned in France now because it's ugly as f.

France is one of the most developed nations on EarthMC, and its transportation network certainly reflects this fact. It has a relatively large and dense ice road network, boasting multiple interlinked highways which can transport players quickly and easily from town to town, and if need be, as far as South Africa and Eastern Europe. Within its extensive network are over 20 towns, 22 operational stations, and 18 unique ice road lines. The success of France's ice roads is apparent as it enables unparalleled ease of transport, helps to facilitate important exchanges of commerce and allows rapid deployment of French troops throughout France and beyond. Its usefulness has inspired many similar ice road networks across the server and constantly attracts many new players to the nation.

Now The Ice Roads became underground, to connect cities even faster. But the aerial network is still owned by the private road company BBK Road


Kingdom of France doesn't have a permanent army. During war time, the king calls the banner or "ost" where every noble man and knights (elite fighters who dedicated their life in the art of fighting and war) must asnwer the call and follows the king. Private armies are allowed and nobles mans can calls their own armies of knights and mercenaries.




Most of the old builds have been destroyed during the Great Civil War. The new goverment seeks to rebuild France in a better shape.

Here a list of majors builds in France :

  • Reims palace of the kings (Champagne)
  • Cathedral Notre-Dame de Reims (Champagne)
  • Fort Bravoure (Auvergne)
  • Lyon's city (Dauphiné)
  • Church Notre-Dame de Paris (Paris)
  • Harfleur town (Normandie)


Town name Nation Rank

(Duchy, county, baronny, free city)

Mayor Population Picture of the Town
Paris France Duchy Thanamos
Champagne Francia Duchy CorbeauNoiraud
Auvergne France Duchy Jeanlepasroux
Dauphiné France Duchy Trytry07
Maine France Duchy Marshtells
Occitanie France Duchy Wide_Chungoos
Corsica France Duchy __Bon
Béarn France County M4GM4
Carcassonne France Free City Straw_inturtles
Berry France unknown Jeanlepasroux (de jure)

Henricky (de facto)

Aquitani France unknown SlyPrince's alt (SOLO_NINJA)
Nantes France Free City ImperialFishy
Angers France Free City Yannoton
Brest France Free City blackmaxoffic
Saint_Brieuc France Free City K_Nikolasson
Dunkerque France Free City Sorta_Cool_Guy
Artois France County JI_O_HI
Luxembourg Francia Duchy Sleepysloo
Dijon Free_France Free city/Capital 32Soup
Lorraine France Barrony Vladie57
Rhénanie France Barrony Chronoxe
Algers Carthage Free City MatthaeusIer
Tyre Carthage Duchy/Capital djxmela
Normandie Normandie Rebel Town clement02600
Provence Provence Rebel Town ItsTheBeast