Decay Era

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Illusory Era


August 31st - February 5th


Decay Era

Gilded Era


The following events occurred during the Decay Era:


  • Britain holds the Prime Minister elections
  • Japan begins to split again
  • Germany begins rampant revival
  • The Franco-German War begins
  • Server begins to decline in quality
  • Global chat is often dominated by Turkish speaking players
  • Fix confirms that the war plugin will not be added.
  • Server is updated to 1.15
  • Japanese youtuber(oniya) invades


August 2020

August 31st

  • Japan is reunifying under the nation of Japan with KawadaJP becoming Emperor. Kagoshima the largest town in Japan has left.
  • UnreadiSpaghetti has created the nation of Ryuzoji

September 2020

September 1st

  • The Eiffel Tower is renamed to Victory Tower and there is a ceremonial plaza built underneath it.
  • A large ceremony is held under Victory Tower to celebrate the newly elected Prime Minister of Britain, Unbated, and to celebrate a new era of EarthMC.
  • Zambie leaves the Second Nubian Empire.
  • The nation Kichera is created.
  • UnreadiSpaghetti creates the nation of Ryuzoji.
  • Lenin_Union created a new nation called CCCP.
  • SeedyCharacter becomes President of Cascadia.
  • The nation Eastern Russia falls.
  • Mongol Empire was created by dtosic.
  • Tagula is created by Mlecz

September 2nd

  • Canadian Rockies joins Salish as a province.
  • BamBamEggman becomes the Kanzler of Germany.
  • The nation Shawnee was disbanded.

September 3nd

  • The Xingu's Courthouse judged the ex-president of Brazil for corruption
  • The ex-president of Brazil, Maganother, was condemned to Death Sentence

September 4th

  • SceptilePlayz88 becomes President of Minnesota.
  • DarkReactor creates the nation NewSouth Wales.
  • Gawker is banned for 2.7.
  • The nation Qing disbands.

September 5th

  • Zambie joins California as a province.
  • UghBraces created a new nation called England.
  • GRE finishes monthly elections.
  • Battle of Amarok happens, with 7 deaths recorded.

September 6th

  • Zanzibar becomes a province of California.

September 7th

  • Borneo and Majapahit merge into Nusantara.

September 8th

September 9th

  • The town of Sjokart is founded, joins Svalbard shortly after
  • Interpol was founded by gorkymoo1119 and Bobberson_
  • SwolOne creates the nation of Alaskan Union.
  • Ontario joins Nova Scotia as a colony.
  • Alsace-Lorraine joins Germany as a kingdom.
  • The town of Prima is founded by EliteFromYT, joins SPQR instantly after creation.

September 10th

  • France plants a claim block town in Netherlands
  • Germany gives France an ultimatum to unclaim the town in Netherlands.
  • Hokkaido disbands, reuniting with Japan.
  • Caliphate joins California as a province.
  • HSHZ quits the server.
  • Severny joins the British Commonwealth.

September 11th

September 12th

  • Shellblu is elected as Prime Minister of the Union of Oceanic States.
  • The nation of Gold Coast disbands.

September 13th

September 14th

  • Mindanao joins Austria as a colony.
  • The nation of Algeria disbands.
  • The nation Alsace-Lorraine disbands.
  • The Indochinese diarchy ends with TheEarlOfSkeen being discrowned and exiled to Japan.

September 15th

  • The nation Moroccan Kingdom disbands.

September 16th

  • Finland and Greater_Finland unite to form the Finnish Empire.
  • The nation of South Texas disbands and merges into the nation of Louisiana.
  • Sudan declares war on Nubia.
  • Kaapkust, Svalbard and Nova Scotia declare war on Sudan, siding with Nubia.
  • Kichera declares war on Nubia, siding with Sudan.

September 17th

September 18th

  • Alan_Lime is elected as the 9th Prime Minister of Terra Mariana.
  • Omkar_Iqaluit is banned.
  • Kichera declares war on Japan.
  • Rupert's Land declares war against Japan.

September 19th

  • Prime Minister Unbated and Kanzler BamBamTheEggman sign a historic peace treaty after both the British Cabinet and German Reichstag pass votes, ending months of cold warfare between the two nations.
  • 32Fruit was unbanned by Shirazmatas.
  • French speakers took control of the global chat for 30 minutes.
  • War is declared between Russia and Tzarist_Russia/GRE.
  • Canadian Republic disbands.
  • The nation Sweetwater is made.
  • The nation of East Alaska disbands.
  • The nation of Angola was disbanded.

September 20th

  • About 20 withers were executed in 10 seconds which caused many people to spam gg
  • Sibir declare war against the Kamchatka kingdom
  • Peace talks between Russia and the GRE begin with Unbated mediating. Within 2 hours the war ends.
  • Finland and Svalbard create the Nordic Federation, a union for Nordic nations to work as one while maintaining autonomy.
  • The nation Ontario was disbanded.

September 21st

  • Canadian Rockies ends its war with Nunavut.
  • Indiana and United States join Illinois as a vassal state.
  • 3meraldK creates the nation of East Galicia.

September 22nd

  • Pakistan officially declares war on Persia for claim blocking Ormara, their capital city.

September 23rd

  • The nation Malaysia disbands.
  • 4.1FindStaff joins the Hudson Bay Empire.

September 24th

  • Baffin joins the Hudson Bay Empire.
  • The nation of Iowa is made.

September 25th

  • Iowa becomes a state of Minnesota.
  • Yugoslavia joins Austria as a vassal.

September 26th

  • The nation Yellowstone disbands.
  • The nation Groenland disbands.

September 27th

September 28th

  • Padpai, once a notable figure of EMC officially returned to the server.
  • Quebec declares war on Ontario.
  • Casphrr creates a new nation called Yuan.

September 29th

  • Salish joins the British Commonwealth

September 30th

  • Britain returns the town of Hamburg to Germany in exchange of 2000 gold.
  • Orange County leaves The Republic of Texas.
  • The nation Missouri joins the Illinois Empire.
  • Republican Texas disbanded to join Louisiana.
  • The nation of the Hamptons joins the Illinois Empire.

October 2020

October 1st

  • Voting for the Nubian elections begins.
  • Srieza is elected as Prime Minister of Indochina.
  • Bleeblob is elected the first President of the United States of America.
  • The elections for Nubian Minister position ends, with the results announced.
  • Salish is renamed to British Columbia.
  • Player cap reduced to 90.
  • Hangzhou (The capital of Xia) was robbed and lost more than 10+ spawners and spawn eggs, a lot of enchant tables, enderchests, beacons and all of the building materials. The king made a mistake of permissions.

October 2nd

October 3rd

  • Auckland, capital of New Zealand becomes 1 year old.
  • The Towny server experiences extreme lag and restarts several times.
  • Server capacity decreased from 120 players to 90 players.
  • Singapore comes to an agreement with Indochina.
  • ZodiakFlesh is the new leader of Orlando.

October 4th

  • The server experiences extreme lag and shuts down once again.
  • Uruguay and South Carolina join the United States as territories
  • The nations of Nebraska and Iowa join the Illinois empire.

October 5th

  • Solomon Empire joins the British Commonwealth.
  • The nation of Totoroland disbands.
  • Orlando is given to Cuba and Miami

October 6th

October 7th

  • Russia joins the Entente
  • NoMustard creates a new nation called West Virgina

October 8th

  • Denmark gets officially revived with alek_b, 4noah18 and Snowyy returning. 32Lego brings most of Jylland back to Denmark once again.
  • 2,000th wikipage is created by the user 57gorky, about the nation Ethiopia (May 2020).
  • Mikuu is made the Princess of Japan and Lord__Troll is made the Crown Prince and heir.
  • Sibir and Magadan unite into 1 Nation called Sibagadan.
  • Nunavut retracts their alliance with New York and declares war on Cascadia
  • Ishikari enters an alliance with Jefferson

October 9th

  • The nation Ceara was disbanded
  • Louisiana is now in an alliance with Ishikari

October 10th

  • Beaverman1 takes over as leader of Minnesota.
  • Yugoslavia declares independence from Austria.

October 11th

  • Illinois joins the British Commonwealth.
  • Kodiak joins Cascadia.
  • The war between Austria and Finland ended
  • The Nation of Maine disbanded

October 12th

  • Bobberson_ abdicates Svalbard's throne.
  • Solomon Empire is removed from the British Commonwealth
  • Leafbox_, an unpopular player, unofficially quits EarthMC after 1 year and 1 day of activity.

October 14th

October 15th

  • The war ends with Pakistan un-enemying Britain and Jayden7566 and Amphire being permanently banned

October 16th

  • FuzeCity & Queensland fall, and are almost instantly raided of all the 'good' loot by Unbated and Warriorrr.
  • Severny officially declares war on Neu Celestia after MojangCrafter999 threatened Severnmen with bans.
  • Bei Qi joins the British Commonwealth.
  • Baffin rejoins Imperial Quebec publicly
  • Severney declares war on Neu Celestia

October 18th

  • Alan_Lime is crowned King of Terra Mariana.
  • Optic_Delusion created the nation of Erie, being the capital town "Erie"

October 19th

  • Pyramiden rebels from Svalbard and creates Vestspitsbergen after being denounced for having a homophobic mayor.
  • Booster_b steps down as king of Niger.
  • Cordoba joins Cuba as a province.
  • Riots happen at New_York.

October 20th

  • The nation New Granada join the Cuban Empire as a Province.
  • District Of Columbia, West Virginia & Thirteen Colonies join the United States.
  • Hungrey_ is elected the leader of Brazil

October 21st

  • Serbian_Empire is disbanded.
  • The Canadian Union is reformed under a new system.
  • Caspian Sea gets kicked out of California.

October 22nd

  • Louisiana joins the British Commonwealth, skyrocketing the Empire to the largest on EMC at over 1,200 residents.
  • British Columbia declares war on the nation of Caspian_Sea for continuously harassing and griefing towns.
  • Finland declares war on Sweden.
  • Russia join the Swedish side, starting The Northern War.
  • 13E666L13 sells Egypt to Fwishhy.
  • J1K resigns from King position of Finland, with Noveritsch being the new King of Finland.
  • British Columbia declares war on Caspian Sea.

October 23rd

  • Gothenburg is taken from Sweden, joining Denmark.
  • Finland and Sweden come to peace, with the treaty establishing borders and giving Visby to Finland. In the end Sweden loses two towns.
  • Mindanao becomes a Japanese colony.

October 24th

  • Socotra joins the British Commonwealth.
  • Odditylol creates the nation of Vietnam, with the capital being Hanoi.
  • Cxhxn creates the nation Maine with its capital being Augusta.

October 25th

  • The nation Malaysia is founded.
  • The nation Ukraine is disbanded.
  • Battle in Russia, related to The Northern War.
  • Ukraine is annexed by Austria.
  • Russia and Finland make peace.
  • Riftal becomes the new king of Finland.
  • Quebec has a small fight at /n spawn Maine.
  • Juuzoz_ becomes the new leader of Finland.

October 26th

  • Imperial_Russia disbands and gets annexed into Austria.
  • Russia and Tzarist Russia merge into the Russian Empire.
  • The first known attempt to sleep the night in EarthMC was attempted, dubbed as "Schlaflose Nacht", but failed due to a player bypassing the AFK timer.

October 27th

  • The nation Rio is founded.
  • Brazil, Xingu, Rio, Piaui and Pará merge in one supernation: the Brazilian Republic.
  • Indochina declares Malaysia a rebel nation, beginning the First Indochina War.
  • Nusantara announces support for Indochina against Malaysia.
  • The nation of UNR disbandes and is annexed into Austria.
  • Pueblo has joined Louisiana as an independent state.
  • Erie, Maine, and Hawaii join the United States.
  • liao_niwa creates the nation of Rio with the capital being Copacabana.
  • Hamebllux creates the nation of Jan_Mayen with the capital being Atlantic_City.

October 28th

October 29th

  • Indochina declares Vietnam a rebel nation due to a border violation, bringing them into the First Indochina War.
  • Indochina declares war on the Northern Five in support of the Commonwealth.
  • The United States Of America create a treaty with the Republic of Cascadia.

October 30th

  • The town of Asia sets a new EMC record for largest town, becoming the first town to reach over 1000 chunks.

November 2020

November 1st

  • Trimortum Alliance declares war on the USA.
  • xK1_ is elected 9th Chancellor of British Columbia.
  • FBI_Bro is elected as Prime Minister of Britain for a second time.
  • Coolcongaming is elected as ReichKanzler of Germany.
  • The Nation of Columbia was founded with the capital being Achillia.
  • Nubian elections take place.
  • Bleeblob is re-elected to be the President of the United States of America.
  • Marxthefox is elected as the second Cuban Prime Minister
  • Broundonbcraft silently quits EarthMC

November 3rd

  • The Nubia wikipage overtakes Avalon as the largest wikipage.
  • The Nation of Karafuto was founded with the capital being Bijin.

November 6th

November 9th

  • Poland celebrates 2nd anniversary of its original creation in 2018 (current country was made on 2019.01), including a sightseeing of a few local towns and killing a wither publicly.
  • Slave Lake joins British Columbia

November 11th

  • SerHugeNuts announces he is quitting, Sidon becomes the new Kaiser of Germany.

November 12th

  • The Shameful Battle took place near the capital of Brazil.

November 16th

November 20th

November 21st

  • Gabeee has been unbanned after 7 months.

November 23rd

  • Lord_Troll becomes the new emperor of Japan as KawadaJP quits EMC.
  • A new epoch and 2 new eras are finalized by Unbated, CorruptedGreed, Bobberson, 57gorky, and LoganCreeper50.
  • The North American Pact (NA Pact) is founded which includes the alliances of the USA, Trimortum, Pacific Pact, and the Gulf Coast Alliance.
  • The Northern Entente is formed between Severny and Severia.

November 24th

  • faukiz_d is crowned the new King of Svalbard.

November 25th

November 26th

  • King of Denmark, alek_b encourage Danes to hunt and kill German players. Small fight starts in Copenhagen.

November 27th

  • Nazi Germany is created by AdolfHitlar_, a battle immediately starts with 10~ deaths.
  • Svalbard joins the Second Nubian Empire.
  • South America (nation) was created.
  • RamboWitDaLambo (flockawacka) has been unbanned.

November 28th

  • New Spain breaks free from Spain and joins Louisiana as a protectorate under the name of Imperial Mexico.

November 29th

November 30th

December 2020

December 1st

December 2st

December 5th

December 9th

December 13th

  • British rebels in Glasgow are subverted by the work of Norman mayor Greggg and his girlfriend, the town is returned to Britain after many, many months of inactivity and disfunctional rebellion. The former leader of it is outlawed as a symbol of reunification.
  • Sibir rejoins the People's Republic of Siberia and leaves Japan as Dukasv quits the server.

December 17th

December 18th

December 22nd

December 23rd

  • The town Japan was disbanded and 25+ players showed up instantly to raid the ruins

December 26th

December 27th

  • V_Rodo is elected the leader of Brazil

December 30th

December 31st

January 2021

January 1st

January 3rd

January 5th

January 6th

January 7th

January 8th

January 9th

January 10th

  • Golden Bed event happens, all 50 members online sleep, passing the night for the first time in server history.
  • All premium players online during this event get a "Golden Bed".
  • The 4th EMC International PvP Cup ends with Confens being declared the winner for a 2nd time in a row.

January 11th

January 13th

January 16th

January 18th

January 21st

  • Ishikari joins Japan as a northern n spawn and gets renamed to Japan North.

January 23rd

January 25th

January 27st

  • Hungrey_ is elected the leader of Brazil.

January 30rd

January 31rd

February 2021

February 1st

  • bigred is elected and inaugurated as the the 3rd President of The United States of America.
  • USA reaches its 5th month birthday.
  • Fortis_Ipsum is elected 13th Chancellor of British Columbia

February 2th

  • Superior is elected as the 5th Cuban Prime Minister.

February 4th