Trimortum-USA War

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The Trimortum-USA War was a major war which occured in North America, between the Trimortum Alliance and United States of America.

Press covering the latest events


The war started when, USA, according to Trimortum, invaded the alliances territory and scammed some citizens. USA denied, and declined Trimortum's ultimatum to leave Trimortum territory. This began the war.


Following timeline contains all events regarding The Trimortum-USA War.

October 28th - Maine joins US as a territory

November 1st - War declaration

November 3rd - Nunavut sides with US

November 3rd - Battle at Fairfax

November 6th - Battle of Charlevoix

November 7th - Canadian Union sides with Trimortum

November 8th - New Jersey bombing

November 9th - California and Israel side with US

November 9th - New York leaves Illinois.

November 11th - Minneapolis Skirmish

November 12th - Newfoundland sides with Trimortum

November 14th - Maine (City) Skirmish

November 14th - Battle of South Carolina

November 15th - Maine gets kicked from US

November 17th - Nunavut switches sides (now sides with Trimortum)

November 18th - Minnesota rejects the proposal from Illinois to not participate in the war

November 18th - Zuki, leader of Lacusmagnia, resigns from his office.

November 19th - Under the new administration, Lacusmagnia signs a peace deal with Minnesota.

November 19th - New York riot police invades the Quebecois army at southern Saguenay.

November 19th - The nation of Maine is sold to the Quebecers to end the front of Maine, the previous Maine citizens are expelled from the region.

November 20th - United States of America's and Trimortum's government signed a peace treaty, officially ending the conflict.


Battle at Fairfax

The battle started after American forces headed to Illinois. After arriving in Fairfax a large skirmish took place. Deaths were not recorded.

New Neutralities

Cascadia and British Columbia declared neutrality, due to having good relations on both sides. No major response came in regards to this.

Battle of Charlevoix

Lavacast at G-QC-Charlevoix.png

This battle started after American forces created a claimblock town next to Quebec's capital for the purpose of griefing. The battle raged on for almost two hours between Morgini_, _Takii, Zaa_Wardo and Snowyy against multiple USA's supporters like UghBraces, Bigreddd, MoccyWoccy, etc. Around16 different people died. The battle ended in a Trimortum victory.

Canadian Union enters

On early morning of November 8th, the Canadian Union entered the war on Trimortum's side.

Bombing in New Jersey

11/8 Never forget

Ooban_ had faked loyalty to the American side, gaining plots in Newark. Later, with the help of Antlex and 2 others, they bombed a large amount of plots in New Jersey, a major nation in the USA. This was known as 11/8 and had much negative response internationally, with all 4 attackers being warned.

California and Israel Enter

California entered on the side of USA, due to being allies with Jefferson, a large nation in the USA itself. Later, Israel joined USA in the war effort.

West Virginia and New York leave

The nation of West Virginia, officially left the USA on November 9th, due to concerns of making uneccesary enemies. New York also later left the Illinois empire on a similiar basis.

Newfoundland Enters

The nation of Newfoundland, enters the war on the side of Trimortum on November 11th.

Nunavut entry

The powerful PvP nation of Nunavut, joined the USA. Bringing more PvP power and causing another battle at South Carolina.

New Declarations

Ruperts Land, declared war on Cascadia. Making the war a 3 sided one. British Columbia also declared war on Maine, shortly before Maine got kicked from the USA.

Battle of South Carolina

The largest battle in this war to date, this battle had 20 deaths. Accounting for 2/3 of the total estimated deaths. This battles had multiple neutrals as well, however mostly war participants. The Trimortum declared victory, however the USA also declared a win. So it is unknown who exactly won.

Switching Sides

All of a sudden, USA started to lose trust in Nunavut as the alliance already suspected them working as spies. Due to this, Nunavut switched over to Trimortum, somewhat tilting the war in their favour in regards to power.

USA and Quebec Sign Terms

USA managed to get a peace deal with Quebec. However, Quebec will still participate until all of Trimortum signs a peace deal. Around this time, Illinois offered Minnesota a deal. If they left the USA, Illinois would cease all hostility to them. However Minnesotan government voted to reject the proposal.

New York riot police

Late evening of November 19th, the New York riot police got together and went to Saguenay. The army of Quebec didn't care and dismissed the riot.

US Government's peace announcement.

Trimortum-USA Peace Treaty

On November 20th, Trimortum and USA leaders signed a peace treaty setting borders in the Eastern side of the North American continent and bringing peace back to the North America. The following event obliged the nations of both alliances to establish diplomatic relations with their former enemies.


  • Battle of Fairfax (Unknown)
  • Battle of Charlevoix (16 deaths)
  • Battle of Columbia (Unknown)
  • Battle of Minneapolis (Unknown)
  • Battle of Maine (3 deaths)
  • Battle of South Carolina (20 deaths)
  • Battle of Saguenay (11 deaths)