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Snowyy or in fact Snowyy4K, Snowyy_b, Snowzz_b, NigerienCheater... currently AngelSnowyy is a long term player on EarthMC that joined right on the beginning of Terra Nova, 1st November 2018 at around 12:30 Polish summer time. He is known for being a skilled combatant with exactly 3542 kills registered in statistics and being in notable EMC groups such as Accordo or Regional Powers. Some call him a legend, some a traitor, and some a coward (probably was a victim of my daily dynmap snipes LULZ)

I don't really remember the old days of EarthMC but I was one of the founding fathers of first Warsaw created by bartek50b. It was a magnificent town as I really contributed into it in form of for example being the main constructor of still existing Warsaw Khalifa, a giant skyscraper right in the heart of Poland built with quartz. Few days later I would switch towns to Szczecin - bored of inactivity of my fellow town members in Warsaw. I messaged the current mayor of Szczecin, my friend - panciast if I could join his town. Since after just a little bit of time spent among Poles I achieved their I'd honestly say respect, and so I became one of the councillors of Szczecin and was made one of the members of the lower town council. Weeks passed and a lot of things happened in Poland by that time, including the separation of Szczecin and Białystok that led to the first civil war of Poland, which was won by the rebels known as Polish State. After some time passed since the end of the civil war I somehow became the mayor of Szczecin, I don't really remember how it happened but sure I guess. But then the Polish king - Major would announce his boredom of EarthMC and within the message announced the first "democratic" elections. There was no registering though, Major has chosen his finest men at the time, me and my rival dymoslaw - the mayor of Wrocław. The elections were won by me FAIRLY, there was no bribbing, corruption or anything as you may have heard in other articles especially the one about Poland. Poland by that time was a really well prospering nation, however with the rage? of dymoslaw, he decided to destabilize the nation by spamming on the discord server and other shit, leading to in fact bribbing other town mayors in order to join him and rebel against me. That really annoyed me, especially that the only weapon rebels had was money, no combat skills. And so with my nation in ruins I made a referendum to become an union with the Danish nation, I was friend with the leader of. However the referendum failed so I decided to take the matter into my hands and simply sell Poland to Danish rulers and become one of their lands. With this I became one of the chancellors of Denmark. The rest of story about Poland and Denmark is simply fighting Poland as they were illegally occupying the lands of now Danish region of Poland. Almost 2 months later my friend and also fellow chancellor of Denmark - FenZenyatta said he's going to Japan in order to recreate it. I thought it'd be fun so I joined him bc why not? And so I joined his town - Ashikaga next to Tokyo. It was all nice n shit until Synargle, who was the king of Japan after fen decided to quit and hand the title to me. Me and the Japanese council I have been part of since I entered Japan agreed to hold elections for the new leader, which were won by Yllalen, which then became a literal defintion of a pussy and so I moved to my friend, ex-Danish king - alek_b which was a mayor of nearby town - Shikara. I think before I moved, Yllalen has introduced Japan to shogunate system again, but called CLANS. Some time after that the government of Japan proclaimed me as the enemy of the state and has banished me from entering any Japanese town, and so the town of Shikara after refusing to get rid of me was kicked and so the clan of Yakuza (Yakuza Shogunate) was created by alek_b. Then it was a story of 2nd/3rd Japanese civil war where Yakuza Clan became Imperial Japan and began a full-scale invasion on Japanese isles, crushing every single enemy of them. IJ was a really great nation as we've spread into the largest nation of Japanese isles and de facto became the dominant force, however failing to unite the isles because there was no more town that would be loyal to us and there was no war plugin, the 2nd Great World War where I was on the side of anti-Norwegians, joining Regional Powers on behalf of IJ as we've successfully passed the ticket. I really would write a lot about both of them but I simply don't remember shit that was almost 3 years ago. After me and alek_b failed to unify Japan we decided to move to our friend - Skater's nation - Niger by creating the town of Alpha that quickly became the largest town in Niger as we gathered our friends such as Booster, Casper, kiadmowi etc. to create it with us etc etc. And so time has started to pass very quickly, there wasn't anything major going on I was just simply killing randoms all over the server and getting god sets, gold and other valuables from it. THEN POOF I GOT PERM BANNED!!!!!!!!!!! FOR 5 WARNS so I made an appeal ticket that failed but then my friend and also mod - kiadmowi showed me my warns and told me to explain each of them and one of them was done NOT FAIR!!! and so I got unbanned :3. Then the group of Accordo has extended inviting me into their arms owo and all that time was just chilling like nothing really special was happening. and then POOF!! WHAT A SURPRISE!! I GOT BANNED AGAIN!! FOR 5 WARNINGS (AGAIN)!!! It was a really stupid reasons because it was just saying hard N word in party chat and calling people pussies on the global chat which were in the end appealed thanks to my friend FutureLemon. So I was free again and then later I and alek would move back to Denmark - Copenhagen and rolled the shit back together here. It was all g bc we did what we wanted and then, mid 2020 I would grow a really big bored towards EMC especially that I found a new, better server etc. Then mid-late 2020 was just me occassionally getting on but not as often as I would and then in January? 2021 me and my close friend Casper would quit the server, forever???? and we left Accordo. January 2021 marks the last login before the "profile purge" which would wipe my data off the server. Now, in May 2022 I am coming back to play on the new Aurora map. CYA NERDS ON THE NEW MAP also thank you if you've read until this moment it's all my history hand written at 22 o'clock (almost 23 lol) on 2nd of May 2022. Also add my Discord ifu want lol snowyy#7903.