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660px-Flag of Israel.svg.png
Coat of Arms
לוגו ישראל.png
National Information
Full Name The Israel Realm
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem File:Hatikva.ogg
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 380
Chunks Land .png 9125
Capital City Sinai
Largest City
Oldest City Jerusalem
Government Information
Political System Crown.png Monarchy/Technocracy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism
Army Size 12
Part of International Defence Coalition (IDC)
Historical Information

Israel is one of the most influential nations in EMC. It occupies a strategic position on the boundaries of Asia, Africa, and Europe, as well as sitting on the Suez Canal and the Red Sea. It's at the top of n list and a monarchy, currently ruled by Melech Glamourian I.


Israel was founded in November 2019.

On June 30th Israel left the Greater Roman Empire (GRE) and created it own alliance named The International Defence Coalition or The IDC. Currently, Israel's leaving is not recognized by the Greater Roman Empire (GRE) and they still consider Israel as a part of them.


Israeli society is divided into three distinct stratums, cultivated on ideological and socio-economic grounds. Traditionally a new player will start as a member of the proletariat, though this may not always be the case if such a player exhibits unusual skill in a certain area.


Melech(king): The absolute ruler of Israel. They may only be replaced either by abdicating or by being succeeded by their chosen heir after a period of complete inactivity totalling one month.

Heir: The heir to the throne, selected by the Melech upon their ascendancy as a protege and as a second in command. They will usually be a serving member of the cabinet as well.

Treasurer: Tasked with managing Israel's finances and distributing resources amongst districts and departments. Sits in the Treasury in Sinai.

Ambassador: Granted the authority to represent Israel on all matters of state, including sitting on any councils or organizations that have granted a seat to the Melech. Sits in the Foreign Office in Sinai.

Architect: In charge of all construction projects in Israel, including those that are technical in nature. Sits in the State Offices on Solomon Street.

Mayor: The mayor of a town. They will usually hold the knesset government position.


Ramatcal: Commander of the IDF. They will be chosen by the Melech upon their ascension to the throne.

General: Usually an above average pvper that is active and has shown and loyalty towards Israel.

IDF soldier: An Israel citizen that is good in pvp and has chosen to serve Israel as a soldier.

Outer Party

The Outer Party is primarily made up of government workers, who will work beneath the Inner Party and will be primarily associated with one specific government branch such as the accountants, that help the treasurer in his projects, the diplomats that are under the Ambassador, the generals that are under the Ramatcal, the builders that are under the Architect, and the supervisors that are under the Face Singer (internal affairs minister).


The Peninsula

A collection of towns forming the capital city of Israel, located to the East of the Suez Canal, adjacent to the Red Sea.


The capital district of the Peninsula, containing the Parliament building and city circle, as well as luxurious Inner Party accommodation. Sinai is built mainly in a Georgian-classical style, though modern and brutalist elements are present.


A port town built upon the Red Sea inlet, constructed in a traditional Danish style with Israeli and Moroccan elements. It also houses the Temple.


A region to the North-East, built mainly in the modern and futuristic styles.


The oldest and most historic settlement in Israel. Jerusalem has been preserved as it was upon being finished, and acts as a symbol of national heritage, it was formed in 2018 and was once the capital of Judah.

Past Towns(outdated)


Located in the South-Eastern area of the Peninsula, and built in a mixture of classical Israeli and modern styles. Eilat suffered considerable damage during the Battle of Hadera.

Notable Members


Past Governments


The first Prime Minister of Israel, and founding father of the nation.



The former King of Judah, who merged his Kingdom with Israel and became the second Heir.


Glamourian I

A member of Marko_ 's government who became the third Prime Minister of Israel upon Marko_'s inactivity. In September 2020 he founded the current party system and declared himself the first Melech of Israel, as well as forming the Starguard.


Glamourian I