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Israel is a large nation in Terra Aurora of Earth MC, based in the regions of modern day Israel, but also inhabitating areas such as northern Saudi Arabia, Sinai, Egypt, and Iran. Israel is the 12th largest nation in EMC as of September 6th, 2022, and has its capital Jerusalem, as of September 6th, 2022 being the 4th largest town in all of EMC, with 109 members. It is by far the most prosperous nation in the entire Middle East excluding Turkey.



On May 1st, 2022, with many desiring to fill the void of losing the vast Terra Nova nation of Israel, 2 players, fritzstick and jabesb2 were both attempting to create the town of Jerusalem. jabesb2 managed to acquire enough gold fast enough to create Jerusalem first, with fritzstick leaving his ambitions in Israel. Jabes and _Zuper, the only 2 members at the time with beta access, developed Jerusalem, made farms and saved up a lot of gold. When the server fully launched on May 13th, Jerusalem began rapidly expanding, also encountering many claimblock towns, such as Tel_Aviv and Nablus.

Foundation of Israel

After the launch, with heavy contributions coming from players like sirtees, TenSpaces, TheMiniBossMan, redtwo742 and others, the town of Jerusalem was able to heavily expand, and on May 19th, enough gold was saved up to form the nation of Israel. With the nation continuing to expand in this time, it found itself at odds with nations trying to claimblock Israel, namely Babylon and Egypt, who formed multiple towns to claimblock Israel. However on May 30th, 2022 the moderation team deleted 2 of the claimblocking towns and downsized another.


Towns in Israel:

Israel is a nations that based on the middle east and most of its towns are on the middle east area.

Town Name Town Founder Town Founded at Town Residents
Jerusalem (Capital) Jabes2 May 01 2022 78
Hasa TheMiniBossMan July 24 2022 1
Al_hansa s_preegus July 21 2022 9
SkyScraper_City DYSLEXICBRO July 27 2022 4
Gizeh Niryos July 02 2022 1
Iluminati DawidDawka August 10 2022 1
Alexandria oioiu July 12 2022 1
Meredith StonesAndRocks August 04 2022 3
BushLandia MoistBoy101 May 23 2022 6
New_Orthinia MrX_1208 July 13 2022 102
Wadi_Musa UltimaPro20 August 31 2022 2
Canal_Zone RatthewTheKing June 16 2022 5
what_time_is_it 98pm July 22 2022 1
Al-Quds sirtees May 14 2022 4
New_Riga BoomBoomPow453 July 20 2022 2
Misfaq MilesLikesChees July 18 2022 8
Amman KnownAsFeez November 19th 2022 1
Baq City BrickBar45 December 18, 2022 3
Palestine Gertis7 N/A 1
  • The Town of Al-Quds

the Town of Al-Quds was founded by Omereise at May 14 2022.

The towns was founded south of Jerusalem The Capital of Israel Nation.

The relations between two towns were not the best because Israel wanted to expand south and have most of the Levant under her control, but the founder of Al_Quds Omereise did not like their idea so he joined Turkey in order to gain more claming bonus to control more space southern Jerusalem.

The relations the towns got a bit stronger after around the middle of july sirtees one of the founders of the Israeli Nation and Jerusalem Town started to Negotiate with Omereise about buying Al_Quds from him for a large amount of gold, in order to make the area under Israeli control.

The negotitation was long and took about a month to get to the conclusion and eventually Omereise decided that he is willing to sell Al-Quds to Israel for a large amount of gold and an embassy on their territory, sirtees agreed to the terms of Omereise and at the date of August 16 2022 he purchased Al_Quds.


Subway system:

around July 20 the head builder of Jerusalem MrScaryPvP started working on a new project called the subway system that will connect the town of Jerusalem and Misfaq by ice boats.

the construction took several days and the first subway tunnel was ready few days later.

after the big success of the subway system and many more town who joined Israel the program expanded much more.

Connected towns:

  • Jerusalem
  • Misfaq
  • Al_hasna
  • Bani_R3D
  • New_Baghdad

Future towns:

  • SkyScraper_City
  • Canal_Zone
  • Hasa
  • Alexandria
  • Wadi_Musa
  • New_Orthinia
  • Sepahan
  • BushLandia
  • Baq City
  • Lux


During the time the nation recruited more towns to join and getting more areas claimed on the middle east, some of the Israeli Nation towns had their own goals to became a nations themselves.

in order to help them israeli accepted them to the nation and let them have the nation bonus and got supported by israel from gold that got donated to materials to subway etc...


Bani_R3D is a town founded by FT_1, the town founded at May 17 2022 right to Jordan territory.

the town joined Israel and had a very special connection with the town, they built a subway station that connected both towns, and let each other to practice on their territories.

when the town finally had enough gold to create their nation, they left the nation of Israel and created KSA which currently have 3 towns in it.


Palmyra was founded by FriKebab in August 17 2022 on the territory of Syria.

the town joined Israel and didnt have the best connection that could have but was mostly for diplomatic purposes only, during the time Palmyra was in Israel nation they constructed a subway station that connedted the towns,

At the same day FriKebab created his nation Called Syria and left the nation of Israel, currently the nation have 6 towns.

After this, the nation would continue to expand, seizing much of modern day Israel, Palestine, and the inhabitable parts of Jordan. With Jerusalem expanding and gaining money, other towns in the region would begin allying and even joining Israel, namely Bani_R3D in North Arabia and New_Orthinia in Northern Iran. By late July 2022, Israel had expanded into the regions of Sinai, Upper Egypt, Iraq, Arabia and even Dagestan.

In Late August and Early September the Israeli towns in Arabia and Iraq split off peacefully to form their own nations.


The government of the state of Israel is essentially a diarchy between jabesb2 and sirtees, with the nation being run by the 2, along with others like _Zuper and TheMiniBossMan. On top of that, the rulers select their own council of trusted veterans, players and friends to help manage the nation. They make up the Parliament of Israel, which is non elected, but rather is a meritocracy of men selected by the leaders to help govern Israel.

Diplomatic Relations


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The Sahara Empire

Additionally, Israel is a founding member of The Treaty of Rey and seeks to support peace within the Middle East and the surrounding regions.