Turmoil Era

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Stabilization Era


January 21st - May 23rd


Turmoil Era

Illusory Era


The following events occurred during the New Beginning:


  • The server gets a massive Towny update, adding TownyElections, plot groups, a new permission for nation members, and more.
  • The server gets hacked through a non properly firewalled dedicated server, causing mess and fear in the community;
  • The server gets updated to 1.15.2 and the player limit is lowered to 125 again;
  • Gold gets increasingly hard to get, over-mining, less gold in gold crates all lead to almost only towns that are at least 6 months old being able to be 100 chunks +
  • ...


January 2020

January 21st

  • The Hacking of EarthMC takes place. Server deities Fix and KarlofDuty were temporarily removed from their heavenly thrones and cast into the abyss. Staff believes it was two people that managed to get into the server's admin control and teleported everyone in the server to London and started bombing the place. These two people also started to delete people from the EarthMC discord chat. As a result, the server was under maintenance for over 4 days in order to fix all backdoors and rollback London.

January 23rd

  • EMC Anti-Weeb Initiative is formed during downtime.

January 25th

January 26th

  • The server was reopened to the public
  • Pacific declares independence from Cascadia
  • The nation of Laurentides is created.
  • The Shimazu Qing War comes to an end, as Qing absorbs the town of Arttown
  • Niger leaves The Alliance Of Regional Powers to pursue power & independence

January 27th

Qing declares war on Western Australia after an attack on a pedestrian gathering flowers.

January 28th

January 29th

  • Alliance Of Regional Powers comes to an end.
  • Padpai, a notable figure of the EarthMC community announces his departure.
  • California joins the American Order

January 30th

February 2020

February 1st

  • New York holds a historic vote to leave The United States
  • Spanish Sahara joins The United African Union
  • 32Doct_fr and Silve permanently banned under suspicion of duping
  • AFK timeout is extended from 15 to 45 minutes

February 2nd

  • The Exarch of Nubia is exposed being bribed by a GRE Senator for to secure their position as Praetor.

February 4

  • Fuze announces he will return to EMC in March for a 2nd Season.

February 5th

February 6th

  • The nation of Kansas is founded
  • Omoshiroi_Sana, a well-known player in Asia, is banned

February 7th

February 8th

February 9th

February 10th

February 12th

  • The Siamese-Vietnamese War comes to an end
  • The United States officially dissolves, two months after it's initial collapse
  • The town of Donezk was founded

February 13th

  • F5, infamous spawn trapper and rampant violator of server rules is permanently banned

February 14

  • Svalbard writes their Constitution, becomes democracy, elections March 1st

February 15th

  • Rupert's Land falls after half of the Royal Council leave the nation, leaving them without a functional government
  • People spawn at Vanuatu to raid Fiji with a person called caityy_spencee spawn killing people and tricking people to go to Fiji for free beacons.

February 18th

February 19th

  • Idle time is down from 45 minutes to 25 minutes.

February 21st

  • After almost 2 years of Tribubb leading New Zealand, Tribubb decides to retire being leader of New Zealand, makes himself emperor and gives Mochoimochi Prime Minister. Today, the capital of New Zealand was changed from the 5th oldest town in the server, Wanganui to Auckland.

February 22nd

  • The nation of KAPSK was created

Server updates to 1.15.2 following a "shaky" transition. This marks the 'New Beginning', where European settlers discover the first bee in existence, perhaps from the New World. This may mark a new era, but this is still up to debate. February 25th

February 27th

  • Gallegos Pact is created.

February 28th

  • The new eras of Crowded era, Stabilization era and Turmoil era are created, taking the flooding era events and splitting them up into small groups.
  • creation of the military economic organization UFN United Federation of Nations by dukasv with Pandir
  • Server size now 175
  • Due to a glitch, for 45 seconds, all players could access all doors and chests on the server, as well as attack every other player. The server was immediately closed.

February 29th

  • Sibir guarantees the autonomy of the Bukovina Republic it can declare its independence whenever Bukovina Republic is ruled by the pandir
  • The nation of Fiji gets recreated with the capital town being the same name, Muani. Nation leader Slackass recreates a spawn trap and starts spawn killing people.
  • Some people proclaim holy war against Beeism.
  • The President of Cascadia, Estonian_Mapping, left for mysterious reasons, leaving the discords he controlled to various citizens of Cascadia.

March 2020

March 1st

  • Prime minister of Svalbard, Sefr0n gets elected. First prime minister in Svalbard history

March 2nd

March 7th

April 2020

April 5th

April 20th

  • A Pissist crusade occurs on the ruins of Kush to conmemorate 4/20/20, the "Funny Weed Day".