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Kansas, officially the Province of Kansas, is a province of the Evergreen Republic located in Central North America. The capital is Kansas City. It is most commonly known for it's often despised former Governor Cheeks, but is now under Evergreen administration.


Kansas was founded back on May 11 2021.

The nation was bought by _Cheeks__ on October 23, 2021 for 500 gold. Before buying Kansas Cheeks was the Chancellor of Greenland and was there from their starting date of March 16 2021 up until the purchase of Kansas.

It is known that the location of Kansas (Kansas City) was a former town or the former capital of the CSA. You can still see some of the ruins if you head south of the spawn.

Cheeks got banned then it went inactive and then the Cascadian successor state of the Evergreen Republic bought it and OrdoGang became the new Governor.


Kansas is one of twenty federated provinces of the Evergreen Republic since 30 March 2022, after it was bought by the current governor.


The buildings in Kansas are as follows:

  • Kansas City Nation Spawn Mall