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Evergreen Republic
Flag of the Evergreen Republic.jpg
Flag of the Evergreen Republic
Coat of Arms
Great Seal of the Evergreen Republic.png
Great Seal of the Evergreen Republic
16 Feb 2022 Evergreen Republic territory.png
Territory of the Evergreen Republic, 02/16/2022
National Information
Full Name
Formed 14 February 2022
National Anthem
Motto "Glory to the Republic" (unofficial)
Population 269
Chunks 9,433
Towns 70
Capital City Astoria,
Largest City New Trezibond (population),
Seattle (area)
Oldest City Astoria
Language(s) Englishflag.jpg English (unofficial)
Religion(s) Secular.png None at federal level
Discord Discord of the Evergreen Republic
Government Information
Political System Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic
President xBest_Name_Everx
Chancellor SayerQT
Vice-Chancellor Xyyz0
Chief Justice Bubba_Tea
Executive Cabinet
Legislature Assembly of the Republic
Constitution Constitution of the Evergreen Republic
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism
Army Size
Part of
Part of
Historical Information
• Cascadia 11 December 2018
• Salish 9 January 2020
• Unification 14 February 2022

The Evergreen Republic (E.R.), commonly known as Evergreen or less often as The Republic, is a country and sovereign state primarily located in North America, centered in the Pacific Northwest. It currently consists of 20 federated provinces and some other minor possessions. The Evergreen borders several large nations in North America, spanning several regions with many exclaves and enclaves, as well as the three Asian provinces of Bhutan, October Island, and the Maldives. With a population of nearly 269 people as of 28 March 2022, spread across 70 towns, it is one of the most influential nations in North America. The federal capital is shared between Astoria, Seattle, and Olympia, all located within the Pacific Northwest.

The Evergreen Republic is a federal semi-presidential constitutional republic with three separate branches of government, and a President as an elected head of state, with the Chancellor as a parliamentary head of government. The current President is SayerQT since 1 May 2022 and the current Chancellor is OriginalDogster since 2 March 2022. The Republic is a very influential and a continental power, and is a founding member of the Organization of American States.


The name "Evergreen Republic" derives from the Evergreen tree, a common ideological and cultural symbol for the Pacific Northwest. During the creation of the republic, numerous names were up for consideration; such as the Pacific States of America, the Pacific Republic, Republic of Nutka, the Second Cascadian Republic, and many more. The name "Evergreen" was eventually said by SayerQT, and it was decided upon consensus by the Constitutional Convention; with the suffixes "Republic" and "Federation" being decided on later.



On December 11th, 2018, the players RangerMK01, Banthos, Kathulos, and ThinkGeek established the Republic of Cascadia, in order to create a peaceful, democratic nation in the Pacific Northwest. With the capital being located in the town of Astoria, Oregon, Cascadia quickly expanded throughout the region, eventually controlling the entirety of the Canadian and American Pacific coastline. In June 2019, Cascadia briefly admitted the province of New York, gaining a large tract of land on the Eastern Seaboard. After the New York Riots, however, many provinces  decided to declare independence, leading to Cascadia fracturing and weakening. Although many of these breakaway provinces eventually returned to Cascadia, this event shocked the population and led to the Senate deliberating before accepting new provinces in the future. In early 2020, under the Presidency of Estonian_Mapping (now EstiQT), Cascadia appeared to be restabilizing and entering into a new period of prosperity. However, due to multiple scandals and internal instability, Washington ended up seceding from the Republic, joining the Rio Grande. Due to alleged democratic backsliding and corruption within the government, the Salish Confederation was established in Wenatchee on February 9, 2020, with the goal of bringing about direct democracy in the Pacific Northwest. This ended up sparking the Cascadian Civil War which, despite the name, did not involve Cascadia directly. The Salish Confederation and Republic of Cascadia were initially hostile to each other, entering into a cold war for control of the core territory. However, due mainly to Furballen’s efforts, the two nations gradually began to reconcile. On February 20th, 2021, the Pacific Pact was established after the dissolution of the North American Pact, and on 14 February 2022, after a series of meetings between the leaders of Salish and Cascadia, both nations were dissolved, as they united to form the Evergreen Republic.


The Evergreen Republic is a federal republic consisting of 20 federated provinces. The 15 contiguous provinces are within the Pacific Northwest of North America, mostly within the real-life areas of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Alaska and the Yukon. Keewatin is an exclave in the Hudson Bay region of Manitoba, and Greenland is centered on the northeastern point of the island bearing the same name. Three provinces are located geographically in Asia; which are October Island (off the coast Siberia), Bhutan (in the Himalayas), and the Maldives (off the coast of Sri Lanka), all of which are disconnected from each other.

Province Governor Pop. Area Capital Admission
Bhutan Flag.jpg
1 112 Tigers' Nest 14 February 2022
Flag of British Columbia Alternate 1.png
British Columbia
Bubba_Tea<ref>Bubba_Tea is not the leader of British Columbia in-game as the Province of British Columbia operates a Republic, unlike most other provinces which act as Absolute or Constitutional Monarchies (except for Cascadia).</ref>
18 1,695 Seattle 9 February 2022<ref>The Salish Parliament ratified the Evergreen Constitution on 9 February 2022, 5 days prior to the Cascadian Senate doing the same and formally establishing the Republlic.</ref>
Canadian Rockies
5 567 Esavine 9 February 2022
BigBroPro0425<ref>BigBroPro0425 is not the in-game leader of Cascadia, however he is acting in fief for RangerMK01.</ref>
28 1,693 Astoria 14 February 2022
16 583 Kanye 14 February 2022
Flag of Portland.png
Columbia River
29 153 Portland 14 February 2022
2000px-Flag of Greenland.svg.png
17 507 Nord 14 February 2022
Kansas flag.png
5 319 Kansas City 30 February 2022
1st Keewatin Flag.png
73 308 New Trebizond 9 February 2022
7 457 Eston 14 February 2022
Nez perce.png
Nez Pérce
1 28 Raspberry 9 February 2022
Russian Empire flag.png
October Island
1 78 Silicon Valley 14 February 2022
Russian Alaska Flag.png
Russian Alaska
(Regent Governor)
34 137 Nikolayevsk 1 March 2022
5 540 Norman Wells 1 March 2022
Slave flag.jpg
Slave Lake
7 393 Town 14 February 2022
Monarchist cascadia.png
1 429 Tenakee 14 February 2022
Victoria Island
89 5 Turkey 14 February 2022
773 7 Walla Walla 21 February 2022
397 6 Cheyenne 14 February 2022

Former Provinces

  • Queen Charlotte (14 February - 25 March 2022)
  • Colorado (14 February - 15 April 2022)

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