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The Salish Confederation, formerly known as its now Canton, British Columbia, was a former meganation and former sovereign state located primarily in the Pacific Northwest of North America. The Salish Confederation was a Parliamentary, Direct Democracy government form, similar to Switzerland in where each Canton was allowed it's own laws, government, constitution and other liberties. It was founded as a result of discontent with the Government of the Republic of Cascadia, of which it split from. It was a member nation of the Pacific Pact in which it defends all nations within it. It also took part in the North American Pact and numerous other alliances such as the Canadian Empire and Republic during its tenure. On Valentines Day 2022, the Salish Confederation dissolved and established the Evergreen Republic with the Republic of Cascadia. When the salish confederation dissolved, it consisted of four cantons: British Columbia, Canadian Rockies, Nez Perce, and Keewatin.

Government Fundamentals

The Chancellor

Main article: Chancellor of the Salish Confederation

The Chancellor was the elected head of the Salish Confederation by the Parliament once a month. They work alongside Members of Parliament (MPs) within Parliament as a fellow peer and also deal with foreign policy. The Vice Chancellor assists the Chancellor and works with other Ministers, while also taking over in times of inactivity, or any other situation that was allowed by the Constitution or law. The last Chancellor was FroyourFilms, who took office on February 1, 2022.


Main article: Secretariat of the Salish Confederation

The Federal Secretariat consists of various task specific Ministers that are appointed by the Chancellor to help run the country. The Parliament regulates them and has the ability to remove them in order for smooth operations within the Confederation.


The population, or the Parliament (alternatively known as the Squpástul) was the unicameral voting body and legislature of the Confederation. It votes to initiate proposals which allow it to: create and remove laws, impeach Secretariat members, and other duties prescribed by law. Proposed items have four different categories: Standard Law, Territory Expansion/Expulsion, Confederation Law, and Constitutional Law, as well as other miscellaneous resolutions, as Parliament has the ability to manage the rules of its proceedings. All laws are cataloged within the Journal of the Parliament of the Salish Confederation


Each Canton (Formerly Province) of the Salish Confederation are equal on the federal level, with no nation or town over the other in terms of local laws or local elected officials. There was no federal capital, and the responsibility of a capital was shared by all Cantons. Cantons are free to and encouraged to establish their own constitutions, freedoms, restrictions, trade, influence, capital city and laws, so long as they do not conflict with Confederation-approved Salish law, and all Cantons shall be ensured a democratic form of governance if no extra government method was set. Each Canton will be granted a Canton Minister, in which the Canton's Governor will either approve or disapprove of the Chancellor's selection for their Canton. This Canton Minister will be represented in the Secretariat and manage affairs of the Canton within the Confederation. These Canton Ministers can serve in any Confederation Minister position as well.

Court of Law

The Court of Law of the Salish Confederation consists of one judges, and one head judge called the Justice General. These judges are appointed by the Chancellor of the Salish Confederation every three months with approval of the Parliament, and the High Judge serves a renewable one month term. These citizens must at least reside within the Confederation for two months prior to being appointed. Judges of the Court can not be a part of the Secretariat, but can be MPs or be Cantonal Officials. The court's duties are to interpret law and the Constitution of the Salish Federation and apply them to cases. The Court may if Cantonal law allows, accept appeals from Cantonal Courts. If no provincial court system exists, it can resolve cases regarding Cantonal Standard and Constitutional law.

Judges of the Court of Law can be impeached and removed from office by the Parliament for the Constitutional definitions of Abuse of Power and Incompetence with a 60% majority. If an impeachment is successful, the Chancellor would then appoint with Parliament approval a new judge that will serve until the end of the impeached judge’s term.

The Court may decide to dismiss frivolous or trivial cases with a legal reason given with a unanimous vote, though the Parliament can override this with a 2/3rds vote.

How the Salish Confederation Government Works


Name and Origin

The nation of Salish was founded on the 9th of February, 2020, by Vorobyevite with the following towns of Wenatchee, Seattle, Schaumberg, Bend, and Winthrop. Multiple other towns have joined after that date, becoming the nation that it was. The nation renamed to British Columbia on the 1st of October 2020, and after further legislation, was renamed to Salish on the 5th of August 2021, and then Salish Confederation on the 2nd of October, 2021. (The nation however, still within the server is British_Columbia)

Separation and Cascadian Backlash

On February 8, 2020, the founder of Cascadia, RangerMK01 who is no longer residing in Cascadia, stepped into Cascadian politics and announced that the next in line for President if the current president resigned would be Vice President LawOfRence of Port Angeles, to which most the government agreed to. This scenario was brought about when Estonian_Mapping (EstiQT) suggested that she step down to help directly develop the then Province of Ontario. This caused a backlash in the Cascadian Discord, to which former senators JTPilfered, Vorobyevite, and 32Oreo argued that it was not outlined in the Constitution on what was to occur, and requested a special election to be held rather than an appointment of the Vice President, by a foreign entity no less. Their respective towns gathered to form a peaceful separatist group known as the Salish Federation, which viewed Cascadia as to have fallen to a Feudal Monarchy under Ranger. When communications between Federation members was leaked, this was met with immediate backlash from the Cascadian Government, who announced these people as traitors to the state. A trial was announced to occur on February 14th, 2020, Valentine's Day of that year. After being kicked from the Cascadian Discord on February 11th, 2020, all members have refused trial. The trial was eventually cancelled, as the defendants could not physically show up. The first chancellor of the Salish Federation and prominent leader in the movement was Vorobyevite.

Skirmishes with Washington

Members of Washington and the greater Rio Grande Federation increased tensions on February 15th, when one member of Washington threatened the town of Winthrop and the mayor, SayerQT, to return to Cascadia or death. In result, SayerQT was killed after refusing to return to their previous government. Washington militants remained active in the Wenatchee afterwards until two Salish members (SayerQT and JTPilfered) were caught outside claims in Paraguay in collecting melons and leaves, prompting an attack on them, killing them both.

On February 19, 2020, JTPilfered and BonZZil had a standoff at around 5:00 PST in the Salish Parliament Complex in Wenatchee, which almost 1/3 of was unclaimed. During the standoff, reinforcements came from both parties, which from Salish included CaptnClutch of Jefferson, and SayerQT of Winthrop, the latter of which did not fight during the battle. The battle ensued which saw CaptnClutch lose his life by accidentally setting himself on fire via lava bucket. This battle has been named by some the Battle of Parliament, and that name has stuck. War was declared by Salish upon Rio Grande soon after. This was also the first peak of Salish Population with around 26 people in the country at this time.

Sunset Confederacy, JTPilfered's Chancellery, and Increased Inactivity

Soon after Salish declared war on Rio Grande, the Sunset Confederacy was formed which was a military alliance that encompasses large swaths of the American West Coast. The member nations include; Salish, Jefferson, California, North California, Rough and Ready, Glacier Bay, and Haida. For more information on this conflict, see Cascadian Civil War. On March 1, 2020, JTPilfered of Seattle was elected and inaugurated as the second chancellor of the Salish Federation. The first half of his term saw expansion and development, with the war going on as well. During the second half of the term Rio Grande offered a white peace agreement that would mean giving 100g to Rio Grande per nation in the Sunset Confederacy. JTPilfered, and in turn Salish, voted no on the deal. Towards the end of March many players from Salish became significantly inactive, such as most of Wenatchee, most of the Pacific Republic, and all of Seattle except for JTPilfered. This resulted in the nation bonus going down and the nation falling into a bit of a slump, with the nation status going from a Dominion to a Federation

SayerQT's Chancellery and Rapid Growth

On April 1st, 2020, JTPilfered announced that Seattle was leaving Salish due to the fact that the chunk bonus was declining and he wants to be able to expand. In his declaration, he said that he would come back to Salish if it got out of its decline. He also endorsed SayerQT of Winthrop for the position of chancellor, and she unopposed and was declared as the third chancellor of the Salish Federation. She had many plans on reviving Salish and many of them worked out. The first major objective in her chancellery was inducting the Canton of Southern Ocean, led by Ayr_, into the Salish Federation. On April 17, 2020, Seattle became the in-game capital of Salish, migrating from the original capital of Wenatchee, this was a deal made by JTPilfered, NoneAvailable, CaptnClutch7810, Vorobyevite, and SayerQT. Despite transfering Wenatchee to Jefferson, Salish had grown significantly with a new generation of residents coming from towns like Seattle, Okanagon, Cranbrooke, Edmonton and Snowdrift, with it going from a Federation up to a Kingdom. SayerQT had her term expanded by Parliament into May.

The May 2020 Boom

Throughout the beginning of May Salish experienced insane growth, especially on May 10, when the Cascadian town of Eureka joined Salish along with the new towns of Kindersley (now called Cereal) and Kilton Peak (now called Edgewater). In the days after that, Salish gained at least 1 town per day quickly jumping from the /n list Page 7 to Page 4, and becoming a realm on May 14, 2020. It continued to evolving steadily, passing Washington and Jefferson and then Cascadia later that month.

June 2020 to July 2020

In June 2020, xGoat_ was elected Chancellor in a close election with EstiQT. One of the major points of his campaign was going on the offensive with Washington and strengthening the military. Despite this, Goat pulled a 180 and announced that he will be disassembling the military. This sparked outrage among the Parliament , especially Timeline, who was the Minister of Defense who felt like Goat was overstepping his power. This resulted in Southern Ocean and Eureka leaving the nation. The second major thing of his Chancellery came when the Salish Federation voted in favor of joining the Canadian Empire. The end result wasn't exactly what they were hoping for, as Salish is still at war with Washington, but it has eased tensions slightly. Later that week, the towns of Providence and Kindersley left the nation as they were unhappy with the current political climate and joined Klondike and Jefferson, respectively. Later that week, the Canadian Empire kicked Salish out for not ending the war with Washington and many member nations proceeded to attack Salish towns to little success.

In July of 2020, JesTer_BBX was elected as chancellor after facing both SayerQT and _Kaito_Kid in the elections. Both other candidates dropped out before the election was over. JesTer had only been in Salish for 4 weeks before being elected and has thus far achieved peaceful relations with many nations. Plans to help build many more iceroads between the northwestern nations are in the works as well as bringing back the nation fund to allow towns to expand more. During his term, Edmonton has more than double in its members. And the nation has prospered well. He had a term extension into August by the Parliament .

September 2020 to November 2020

During this period, British Columbia was in limbo. The Union wasn't dead, but neither active. Discussions occasionally happened, but with little progress.

Activity, the Supreme Court, and Minor Reforms of December through February 2021

During KiwiFruht's short term, there were efforts to push reforms in the government. A Judicial system was poorly proposed and implemented by SayerQT, and elected three judges to it's seats, Vorobyevite, JesTer_BBX, and Fortis_Ipsum. Which then promptly showed the absurdity of it's absolute power, by putting SayerQT on trial for circumventing the Parliament by changing, deleting, and creating roles within the discord, and audit logs that proved attempted voter fraud by keeping those not valid to vote within the discord. After SayerQT was temporarily removed from British Columbia, along with Nova Scotia, the Supreme Court was disbanded by order of the Court and the law creating it nullified. SayerQT was then let back in to British Columbia, on probation for breaking the laws of the Constitution.

March 2021 to April 2021

During March of 2021, British Columbia came out of inactivity. A push for legislative and constitutional reforms were introduced by Vorobyevite, spurred on by K1_'s agenda for reviving the activity it once saw in the past. On March 11th, 2021, the Province of Canadian Rockies merged with the core Province of British Columbia. Recruitment drives were initiated, and the nation has sprung back from it's slumber. On March 16th, 2021, the sixth revision of the Constitution passed, solidifying the Secretariat and reaffirming the role of the Parliament . On March 24, 2021, the core Province of British Columbia jumped from /n list 7 to /n list 1, and rose to #9 on the list at about 175 citizens, surpassing the old record of 165. British_Columbia, in game, had gained over 130 citizens in just 1 week.

During April of 2021, K1_ received a term extension via the Parliament , and became Chancellor for the remainder of April. On April 1st, the core Province of British Columbia had surpassed 200 citizens, a new record for the nation, with recruitment drives in the towns of Seattle, Winthrop, and Edgewater. At the time, the cities of Seattle and Edgewater had reached an all time record of 100 citizens. The core Province of British Columbia also became the largest in game nation in North America by population, and had surpassed 2000 chunks on April 7th. The nation remained on page /n list 1 for weeks. Later in the month, an attack on the town of Grande_Prairie led by 32Oreo was made by local British Columbians after the town invaded territory by breaking borders. xGoat_, the Premier of Alberta, and K1_, Chancellor of British Columbia, attacked the town by proximity griefing and lavacasting the small village. A few British Columbian locals joined in, which caused more and more attention. The situation was named the Grande Prairie Incident.

May 2021 to July 2021

Acadia joined as a Province on July 5th, 2021, bringing with it new members to the Federation. New Albany and St Lawrence are Acadian towns that are Salish Federation Protectorates, then Acadia left the Salish Federation on September 9th, 2021 to pursue their own path, some members are still active within the Salish discord.

One of the largest events was the separation of the longtime Province of Alberta from the Salish Federation on July 17th, 2021. Borders were redrawn with the former Province, and they still retain cordial relations to this day.

Autumn of 2021

On August 2nd, 2021, the VSAA, a hallmark piece of legislature crafted by Vorobyevite in Google Docs that sought to record all laws within the Salish Federation was repealed with the enacting of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution sponsored by SayerQT. This fundamentally changed how the Constitution was altered. It no longer went under revisions, rather it would add amendments on to it. The system to now record information was the Journal of the Parliament of the Salish Confederation. It was a google sheet that lists and describes all laws ever passed, failed, repealed, overturned, tied, or pending. It automatically updates PM sponsorship of bills, and displays data in the form of charts for easier reading and data collection.

On September 1st, 2021, something happened that had never happened before. A tied Chancellor race, with a tied runoff. This started a Constitutional Crisis as there was no outlining what to do in this situation, in which SayerQT who was the previous Chancellor, held Chancellorship until a solution could be found. This solution created an interesting situation. Due to there being no regulations, it was decided that both FroyourFilms & Paleles would become Co-Chancellors. This effectively ended the Constitutional Crisis, and provided a solution to this kind of situation. Acadia later left the Salish Confederation, leaving the nation fairly inactive, however a later stint of activity in British Columbia would decrease the effect of Acadia's departure, along with the ascension of Samoa.

On On October 1st, FroyourFilms was elected the sole Chancellor, after a close vote and on October 2nd, 2021, the nation was renamed to the Salish Confederation, along with restoring it's founding terminology of Canton to replace the term Province. During the beginning of October, initiatives to restore and repair the Iceroad highways of the Confederation began, with Vice Chancellor Vorobyevite stating: "I hope to have completed these projects by the end of this term, let's make it happen folks." Within one week, Iceroads leading to Winthrop, Cranbrooke, Esavine, and New Pork City had been completed, and Seattle being scheduled for repairs soon after. The longest route being nearly 800 blocks long from Cranbrooke to Winthrop. In the November Election, Vorobyevite was elected Chancellor.


This is outdated. this will be updated sometime. I guess.

Name Canton Mayor Pop Size Founded
Seattle Flag of British Columbia Alternate 1.png British Columbia JTPilfered 3 940 December 23th, 2019
Wenatchee Flag of British Columbia Alternate 1.png British Columbia _Kaito_Kid 1 388 January 12th, 2020
Cranbrooke Flag of British Columbia Alternate 1.png British Columbia Crysoprasus 2 120 April 30th, 2020
Winthrop Flag of British Columbia Alternate 1.png British Columbia SayerQT 3 164 January 21st, 2020
Tofino Flag of British Columbia Alternate 1.png British Columbia AMochi 1 3 June 16th, 2020
New Pork City Flag of British Columbia Alternate 1.png British Columbia TheTavyo1 2 22 July 30th, 2020
asdfghjkl Flag of British Columbia Alternate 1.png British Columbia paleles 6 12 September 7th, 2021
Edgewater CanadianRockiesCurrentFlag.png Canadian Rockies xK1_ 8 367 May 10th, 2020
Mt Jasper CanadianRockiesCurrentFlag.png Canadian Rockies Excaliboop 1 66 September 4th, 2020
South Edgewater CanadianRockiesCurrentFlag.png Canadian Rockies Nagako 2 27 September 2th, 2020
Esavine CanadianRockiesCurrentFlag.png Canadian Rockies PhantomXYZ_ 1 20 June 26th 2021
Winnipeg 1920px-Flag of Manitoba.svg.png Manitoba Soupy 1 1 October 2nd, 2021

Chancellors of the Salish Confederation

Archive of previous and acting Chancellors of the Salish Confederation.

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Notable People

Some relatively important members of the nation historically or currently:

  • SayerQT, Mayor of Winthrop, 3rd and 16th Chancellor elected, founding member.
  • K1, Mayor of Edgewater, 9th, 12th, & 14th Chancellor, former King of the Canadian Rockies
  • Froyourfilms, Dictator-Governor of Keewatin, Chancellor several times, former Vice chancellor, Minister of Internal affairs.
  • Vorobyevite, Founder of Salish (Now British_Columbia), former Mayor of Wenatchee, Original Capital of Salish, 1st Chancellor.
  • Fortis_Ipsum, 13th & 15th Chancellor, 1st Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Mayor of Sherwood Park, Constitutional Editor
  • JesTer_BBX, 2nd Premier of Alberta, Former Lord Protector of Slave Lake, Chancellor several times.
  • JTPilfered, Mayor of Seattle, 2nd and 6th Chancellor elected, founding member.
  • Isacle, Former Wenatchee Councilor, founding member.
  • xOreoToast, King of Haida, founding member.
  • xGoat_, Founder of and 1st Premier of the Alberta Province, Mayor of Edmonton.
  • RAWRyoutube, Mayor of Medicine Hat, 3rd Premier of Alberta, Former Vice Chancellor
  • Blzard, Former Mayor of Fossil first General of the SMDF
  • Mug4, Mayor of Provost, Former MP of Canada, Former Citizen
  • thegamingsquirrel, Premier of the former Pacific Republic Province, former Mayor of Mt. Rainier
  • KiwiFruht, 11th Chancellor elected. Reformer.

Former Notable Towns

  • Schaumberg, original founding town (fell)
  • Olympia (joined Salish then rejoined Cascadia)
  • Mt. Rainier, original founding town (fell May 7th, 2020)
  • Bend (fell April 22nd, 2020)
  • Penticton (fell Mid-April 2020)
  • Atlantinde (fell Mid-July 2020)
  • New_Liverpool (June 15th, 2020)

Former Notable Cantons

  • Haida (left 16 Feb 2020)
  • Pacific Republic (fell 7 May 2020)
  • Southern Ocean (left 1 June 2020)
  • Klondike (left December 31st 2020)
  • Nova Scotia (left January 1st 2021, rejoined)
  • Slave Lake (left January 18th 2021)
  • Canadian Rockies (merged March 13 2021, founded and rejoined again June 24, 2021)
  • Alberta (left July 17th, 2021)
  • Acadia (left September 9th, 2021)


Information related to the Confederation:

  • Despite being the founder and first Chancellor, Vorobyevite has never completed a full term.
  • JesTer_BBX and xK1_ are the only two Chancellors to have held three terms.
  • The war between Washington and Salish was caused over a year old gravel road that Vorobyevite built over.
  • BonZZil really, really loves Salish. (RIP 8/30/2021)
  • Hwangland, despite being in the same area as where Salish was founded is not a founding city, but was the oldest in British Columbia.
  • JTP is once again asking for your financial support.