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FroyourFilms Volkov is an Evergrenite-Acadian Politician and Statesman who is currently serving as the Governor of Keewatin since 23 November 2021, and the Evergreen Minister for Recruitment since 2 March 2022, along with other smaller positions. He has served in numerous positions in both the Acadian and Evergrenite governments, beginning with Salishian politics until the unification of the Salish Confederation and the Republic of Cascadia. He won the September 2021 Federal Election and became the 18th Chancellor of the Salish Confederation, a position he held numerous times as the 20th, 22nd, and final chancellor of the Salish Confederation before they merged with the Republic of Cascadia to form the Evergreen Republic, in which he served as the 1st Chancellor of the Evergreen Republic until 2 March 2022.

FroyourFilms in his Patriotic skin
Personal Information
Spawndate May 16, 2021
Place of spawn Nepal
Citizenship Provisional Flag of the Evergreen Republic.pngEvergreen Republic
Acadia Flag Expanded.png Acadia
Gender Male.png Male
Alias(es) Froyour, Fro
Residence New Trebizond
Town Rank
Political party National Democratic Union

Maritime prosperity party.png Maritime Prosperity Party

Other affiliations
Religion(s) Dildosdildologo.png Pissism
Discord FroyourFilms#3957


First Hour

He joined on May 16 of 2021. He briefly joined California to teleport to North America. He tried to join Avalon since he made a video on the real world Avalon, but nobody was online. So he was recruited by AdrianHES to Albany, New York. He met Cowly in Albany who was recruited the same day.

Albany Era

In Albany he was given a plot with a prebuilt house by AdrianHES. AdrianHES also gave him a diamond axe. He started work on tearing it down to make a 'skyscraper,' which in reality would have been around 5 stories tall. His plot was next to Cowly's plot. This building was never finished. Soon he was contacted by NetherMite13 who wanted him to join Saint John. He was reluctant to join due to already being loyal to Albany. NetherMite13 wanted to recruit FroyourFilms since he was in a VC with Morgini, SaltedSuris and MattyG2012; and wanted to troll New York since they were at war with Quebec. So after some convincing FroyourFilms decided to leave. NetherMite13 came to Albany to help him mine out his WIP 'skyscraper.' Not wanting to make AdrianHES mad he left stuff in the chest (including the diamond axe) and left 3 signs explaining the situation.

Saint John Era

FroyourFilms was given a plot on the outskirts of Saint John. He rebuilt the tower he was working on in Albany, though it still hasn't been finished. The dimensions were altered since the Acadian road system isn't 16 blocks wide, but 6 wide and in between 2 plots. While in Saint John for the first days he just did some terraforming using iron shovels. It was slow and in the end he only cleared 8 or so chunks but NetherMite13 was grateful nonetheless. During this early period he still made frequent trips to Albany to see Cowly (Now Sokkur) and his Casino.

May 17, 2021; aka the next day is when AdrianHES notices FroyourFilms left Albany. He was mad since FroyourFilms' demolished the pre-built home and was missing the terracotta used to build it. Feeling bad FroyourFilms walked to Albany with gold and concrete to repay him. They met in Albany St. and he explained he didn't have the terracotta, that he didn't bring it to Acadia and perhaps left it in the Community Chest. FroyourFilms gave him the concrete and offered gold as repayment. They were standing around a chest, when Adrian opened it and got a book and quill. AdrianHES told FroyourFilms to sign a 'document.' (being the book and quill) He gets the book, and while looking AdrianHES toggles PVP on the plot and attacked FroyourFilms. Not instantly killing him, FroyourFilms was confused but then killed by AdrianHES. Though he was returned the gold in his inventory.

Shortly after he built another house next to his Acadian plot in the wilderness. When Nethermite13 claimed it he gave it to BlockBuddyGavin, the Premier Acadian Businessman.

On May 22, 2021 the server was locked. With FroyourFilms being in Queue as it slowly dwindled he was teleported to EMC, and greeted by Fix within his home. They needed a player to test the server with as they fixed it. This made FroyourFilms one of the few players to play EarthMC alone.

New Albany Era

FroyourFilms founded New Albany on May 31st, 2021. New Albany joined the STAR Alliance on September 18, 2021. SaltedSuris and AdrianHES both being members gave FroyourFilms the confidence to join the Alliance.

Salish Era

Acadia, FroyourFilms' nation of residence, joined the Salish Confederation on July 8th 2021. With this change FroyourFilms soon entered the world of West Coast Politics. Though this didn't happen immediately. Only a few days later Alberta left the Salish Confederation (then the Union of British Columbia), due to this certain Cabinet positions needed to be filled. Due to pure chance FroyourFilms was appointed as Treasurer. This quick and random promotion made him want to do something with his newfound position so that it would be more earned. This sudden rise in the Salish ranks made him take the prospect of Salish politics seriously. Had this not have happened, he wouldn't have been involved.

Soon FroyourFilms ran for Salish Chancellor and tied with Paleles, causing them to be Co-Chancellors the month of September. He reran on October 2021 becoming a full Chancellor with Vorobyevite being his Vice-Chancellor.

He is an influental politician in the Salish Confederation, having served as Chancellor and in numerous cabinet posts over the course of his career.

Keewatin Era

On November 23rd, 2021, Froyour founded the nation of Keewatin. The nation was to be a colony of Acadia.