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Keewatin is a nation in North America led by FroyourFilms. It was founded on November 23rd, 2021, with its capital in New Trebizond. The nation is currently a colony of Acadia, the nation from which Froyour came from.

Keewatin's leadership has heavy ties to the House of Volkov, due to Froyour's membership within the family.Template:Avalon template made by No Jewtsu



On November 23rd, 2021, FroyourFilms founded the town of New Trebizond northwest from Acadia, along the Coast of the Hudson Bay in Northern Manitoba. Various members from the Grand Maritime Federation of Pissists attended the event, going from /n spawn Quebec. The event went like most Pissism crusades, with many Pee Pees placed. Even Riley_McDonut, a player who barely ever played, was able to get online to see the event. Around 35 minutes after the event started, the nation of Keewatin was founded.


Keewatin, due to being an Acadian Colony is a member of the Grand Maritime Federation of Pissists (colloquially known as the Pissist Union.)

On November 24th 2021, Keewatin joined the Salish Confederation after a 24 hour vote by the Salish Squpástul. This ended the grey legal zone that FroyourFilms had in the Salish Government as he was no longer technically a foreigner.


Winnipeg, the Capital of Manitoba fell a few weeks before the creation of Keewatin. SayerQT remade it and held it for the leader of Manitoba. When FroyourFilms created Keewatin, Winnipeg soon joined Keewatin on November 24th, 2021. SayerQT was made Acting Chancellor of the Pissist Dictator of Keewatin on November 25th, 2021 as FroyourFilms needed time to create the Constitution along with legal institutions


Current towns

Flag Name Foundation Population Chunks Mayor Notes
New Trebizond Flag.png New Trebizond New_Trebizond 41 108 FroyourFilms Capital and Largest town.
Reindeer Lake Flag.png Reindeer Lake Reindeer Lake 17 45 RandomEraser Second largest town in Keewatin
Industrial Flag.png Industrial Industrial 1 16 Sulgodar Founded by an Acadian
Winnipeg Flag.png Winnipeg Winnipeg 1 11 oddities___07 Recreation of an earlier Winnipeg
Henderson Flag.png Henderson Henderson 3 10 Captinlamb Town West of the Capital, features a Castle wall and tower.
Soviet Canada Soviet Canada 5 10 JMG619 Town south of the former Ziyadcity that joined
Chapey Chapey 2 6 chienetchat Random town West of Industrial that joined

Former towns

Flag Town Name ingame Nation Last known population count when collapsed/left Last known chunk count when collapsed/left Last known mayor when collapsed/left Collapse/leaving date


Winnipeg Flag Old.png Winnipeg (Old) Winnipeg 1 1 2 UwU_Evie Jan 7th 2022 Recreation of an earlier Winnipeg.
Ziyadcity Ziyadcity 1 1 5 ZiyadZziyad10 Random town that joined Keewatin