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Acadia, also known as The Pissist Republic of Acadia, is a nation in North America founded by NetherMite13 on May 17th, 2020 A.B.G, (After the BallGod.)

Template:Avalon template made by No Jewtsu Acadia is a republic with the Head of State holding ownership over the nation and the Chancellor being an elected official to represent the people. Acadia is a founding member of the Maritime East Coast Alliance.

Acadia lays claim to land in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, North Carolina, as well as holding 3 colonies; Angola, Keewatin and Western Sahara. Acadia, as of recording this information has 188 citizens and 10 towns. Acadia's capital is Saint_John, one of the most developed cities in the nation. Acadia primarily speaks English along with a dialect of Avalonese, due to their Avalonese forthcoming.

The official religion in Acadia is Pissism, though the nation has freedom of religion and does not persecute members who do not follow the Pissist faith.


Short History (Summary)

The map originally agreed upon by all neighboring parties showing what the borders of Acadia should have been. (May 19th, 2020)

After some time jumping between the rule of America an Avalon, town mayor NetherMite13 of Saint_John declared independence as the nation of Acadia. Acadia was created on May 17th, 2020 as stated above. The small nation began to grow by acquiring towns from their parent nation Avalon and Canada that had fallen on Acadia's side of the border agreement. However, an unfortunate event where the cofounder T3Z1A's computer broke for months on end led to the nation slowly drifting into inactivity.

Later, T3Z1A made a town in the northern lands of Acadia, but Quebec was angered that a dead nation was taking their possible land. The Kedgwick Border Agreement stripped Acadia of around two thirds of its land, giving much to the new nation Nova Scotia. The nation would stay small and inactive until March 2021, when NetherMite13 became active again. The nation began to quickly bounce back, reaching /n list 5 within a few weeks. Minetopia's owner Bunzo also began to become active once more, leading to even faster growth. New towns like New_Albany and Moncton were made, and the nation creeped up the /n list even further.

A simplified description of how the Acadian government functions, in accordance with its Constitution. The head of state is an unelected position currently held by NetherMite13. The Constitution attempts to balance the powers of the Head of State, Citizens, and Mayors.

Acadia reached /n list 2 on June 6th, and Saint_John reached 100 members one week later. Acadia acquired its first colony on June 24th, with Western_Sahara joining the nation as a dominion. Acadia continued to grow, and in the beginning of July, unified with the now dead nation of Nova Scotia, which intern brought them into the Union of British Columbia, (later renamed back to the Salish Federation.) Acadia has continued to grow since this time, with a few hitches along the way, and is on track to become a strong regional power.

If you are interested in a more in depth look at The Pissist Republic of Acadia's history, feel free to read through the passages below detailing the events we couldn't put here and delving more into the events we only touched on!

Before Acadia (Month Day, Year - Month Day, Year)

Founding of Acadia (May 17th, 2020 - Month Day, Year)

On May 17th, 2020, NetherMite announced that Saint John would finally become a nation on 4:30 EST. At 5:30, T3Z1A announced that Acadia had been created.

The Acadiaese Crisis (Month Day, Year - Month Day, Year)

Acadia Today (Month Day, Year - Month Day, Year)

Here is the Pre-May 17 2021 Map

Acadia Borders.png

1 Year Anniversary (May 17, 2021)

On the One Year Anniversary of the founding of Acadia NetherMite13 ratified a Constitution and updated Acadia's borders.

New Map:

Acadia Borders 2.png


there are towns in Acadia, here they are

Towns Type Pop.
Saint_John Capitol 69
Minetopia Metropolis 81
New_Albany Large Town 20
Greensboro Hamlet 3
Bogarin Hamlet 3
Fredericton Hamlet 2
St.Lawrence Hamlet 2
Vanaheim Settlement 2
Fort_Sumter Settlement 1
Halifax Settlement 1
Lyria Settlement 1
New_Carlym Settlement 1
Stephenville Settlement 1

Historical Landmarks & Structures

there is history here

New_Carlym, Acadia
Carlym Tower
Carlym Trading Hall


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fun facts

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