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The Penis Inspectors are a group that sells inspections on the male genitalia. The Penis Inspectors are most known for participating in the Poop Dealers vs Penis Inspectors Gang War (PDvsPIGW). The gang's main rival on the drug business are the Poop Dealers, the opposing side on PDvsPIGW.

File:Flag of the Vatican City.svg
The flag of the Penis Inspectors, the very same flag as the one from Vatican City, their founding place.


Before the Gang War

Founding and arrival to Avalon

The Penis Inspectors were founded on The Vatican City with some moral rules which were removed almost immediately. The Penis Inspectors were kicked out thanks to the civil war happening at the time on Italy. The Italians accused the Penis Inspectors of supporting the oppposing party on the civil war. After being kicked out, they seeked a new place to kickstart inspections again. Britain was interested, but the nation was too busy on other matters at the time.

The Penis Inspectors arrived at Avalon, a nation that the Penis Inspectors at first found gross, but the nation's citizen took advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and bought a handful of penis inspections. The Penis Inspectors, short on gold, decided to take the gold and they inspected the male Avalonians' genitals. Thanks to these inspections, the inspectors learned that Avalon's official religion is Pissism. As the religion worshipped the thing that they inspected, the Penis Inspectors found a gold mine ready to be exploited. The inspectors asked the Poop if they could start up their business on Avalon. The Poop, megablocklyng at the time, agreed with glee to the proposal. They were given a shop plot on Dildo and they began building tunnels. The Penis Inspectors had enough gold to start expanding.

Chicago Division and meeting with the Poop Dealers.

The Penis Inspectors, after careful choosing, decided to establish the Penis Inspectors of Chicago division with Dabs_All_OvarYT chosen as the regional manager. However, after establishing the Penis Inspectors of Chicago, a minimum-wage employee of the Poop Dealers of Chicago had finished his daily shift when he decided to take a walk downtown. He found a Penis Inspector shop and mistook it as a porn shop. He decided to enter it, After looking at the options, he decided to take the ball-busting option, thinking it would be a weird sex tape. After paying the gold, the ball-busting was succesfully performed and the Poop Dealer employee was traumatized.

Several more of these events would take place, and tensions rose between the Poop Dealers and the Penis Inspectors. To stop a deadly conflict from happening, the Penis Inspectors arranged a meeting with the Poop Dealers: the Geneva Convention 2: Electric Boogaloo, hosted in Geneva, Illinois. Dabs_All_OvarYT met with the regional manager of the Poop Dealers of Chicago, Huey_Freeman01. Dabs wished to kick out the Poop Dealers out of Chicago, as they had put in more effort than the Poop Dealers to arrive to Chicago. This wouldn't happen, and the Penis Inspectors were angered. Instead, Pierronus21 divided Chicago equally between

Beggining of the conflict

The future for the gang