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Pee Pee Island, often abriveated as PP Island or PPI, is a town on the southeast region of Newfoundland. It was founded by Dabs_All_OvarYT on April 7th, 2019. Pee Pee Island is the birthplace of Pissism and the oldest town on the nation of Avalon.Template:Town Infobox Renewed


The beggining (March 10th, 2019 - June 11th, 2019)

Before foundation (March 10th, 2019 - April 7th)

On March 10th, 2019, Dabs_All_OvarYT joined EarthMC for the first time. He discovered the server through the original trailer and, since Pee Pee Island was on its peak, he decided to do that town.<ref>The article is reffering to the Pee Pee Island meme and its cultural peak.

Pee Pee Island's relevance through time.png

</ref> Dabs ran into a problem, as griefers from Bactria stopped occasionaly to steal gold from him. After all of that, he was able to establish the town on April 7th.

Establishment of Pee Pee Island, Toycat's video and Avalon (April 7th - May 1st)

After the founding of the town, Dabs invited many of his friends, like MagmaWarrior and WeebyDeeby. Pee Pee Island joined New Scotland, now known as Nova Scotia. Two days after joining Nova Scotia, on April 19th, the town at the north of Pee Pee Island fell, allowing them to expand northwards.

ibxtoycat showcases the Pee Pee on his first video on EarthMC.

The very same day the town north of Pee Pee Island fell, rumor started to spread that the popular YouTuber ibxtoycat joined EarthMC and planned to record a video. The rumors turned out to be true and, on the video toycat uploaded on the server, he toured Pee Pee Island and there was a glimpse to the town's Discord server. Even though the consequences will not appear until May 1st, the consequences would be big.

One day after Toycat logged in, KittyCompulsion joined the town, being a very contributive member and he even crafted the Pee Pee Island monument, the Pee Pee. Four days later, Riley_McDonut, also known as I am E, spawned in. Riley created the town of Dildo which, for the moment, would be a rival to Pee Pee Island

ibxtoycat's video is uploaded (May 1st - May 16th)

On May 1st, Toycat uploaded his video on EarthMC, one of the most landmark moments on EMC history and kickstarting the Flooding Era. On that very same video, he quickly showcases Pee Pee Island in a very primitive state, without many buildings. One of the few structures on the town had the link to Pee Pee Island's Discord server. The first person to join the server thanks to Toycat was Yasu#1498, and would be the first of around 20 people joining and the general chat was completely flooded by "Toyfags". Among those Toyfags came MattyG2012, one of the most influential members of Pee Pee Island and Avalon. He also brought his brother, Tobocoolman2000, on May 29th. Together they would build many structures on the town and the nation. On May 13th, Dabs announced that the entirety of Pee Pee Island was claimed, and that expansion into the mainland would begin.

The Treaty of Avalon (May 16th - June 11th)

The original Treaty of Avalon between Dabs_All_OvarYT and Riley_McDonut.

On May 16th, Dabs announced the Treaty of Avalon. The Treaty splitted the Avalon peninsula so that the borders of each town would be set appropiately. On May 20th, Dabs passed the pure pp law, which prohibits the alteration of the island without his permission. On May 25th, Matty would finish his first tower named Pee Pee Tower and would stand at 40 blocks tall.

MattyG2012's Pee Pee Tower.

On June 2nd, Dabs implemented a tax that automatically kicked out everyone who didn't have enough gold to pay. This included KittyCompulsion, MagmaWarrior, MattyG2012 and Tobocoolman2000. Matty and Tobo rejoined, but Kitty and Magma didn't join again. On June 10th, Matty finished Tobo Tower, named after his brother, and standed "at an unplanned 69 blocks tall".

The begginings of Avalon (June 11th, 2019 - August 18th)

Aceshooter puts Nova Scotia on auction (June 11th, 2019 - June 20th)

On June 11th, 2019, Aceshooter11 put his nation, Nova Scotia, on auction and would be scammed. Out of fear, many towns on Nova Scotia left. Sensing a power vacuum, Québec funded the creation of Newfoundland and is established on June 11th, with it's capital on Harbour. Many of the towns that left Nova Scotia joined Newfoundland.

Riley_McDonut, after failed attempts to move Newfoundland's capital to Dildo, uses all the gold he has to make a nation. As the new nation didn't have a name, he negotiated with the leader of Newfoundland to change its name to Labrador. And so, what today is known as Avalon was, originally, Newfoundland. The nation was finally founded on June 13th and Pee Pee Island joined in. Everything looked good until, one day later, the unknown leader asked for the name of Newfoundland. MattyG2012 suggested th ename of Avalon and so, on June 20th, the nation was forever known as Avalon.

Towers, oh so many towers (June 2019 - August 17th)

Matty finished his third tower with help of his brother, the CQ Center, standing at 73 blocks tall. As the hype from Toycat's video began to dry up, people started joining PP Island less and more infrequently. This, combined with not much plots for sale in Avalon, started a two month player drought. Lots of building plans were being made at once and it became hard to build more that one plan at once, and infrastructure dramatically slowed down. A couple of the plans were The Avalon Spade, The Bank of Avalon SuperCenter, The Niger Tower, Avazon HQ, land clearing and maparts.

The Pee Pee Tower with its yellow beacon.

On August 16th, the first beacon in Pee Pee Island was installed in the Pee Pee Tower. It was tainted with yellow glass to make it resemble pee.

The creation of Pissism (August 18th)

Around this time, citizens of Avalon started to realize there might be a higher being watching over them and protecting them. Events like Bactria's retreat from griefing Avalon and the creation of Dildo's Dildo and The Pee Pee seemed to much of a coincidence, with these ideas eventually forming Pissism.

The first mention of Pissism was by Riley_McDonut on Pee Pee Island's Discord Server, and it can be said that he coined the term. The idea of Pissism was completely formed with a vital event: Pissism's wiki page. On August 18th, Dabs_All_OvarYT created Pissism's wiki page. It stated the basis of Pissism, like the encounters of Dabs and Riley with The Ball God.


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