The Sex Army

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The Sexual Sons of the First Army, more commonly known as The Sex Army; is a religious group in EarthMC comprised of Pissist Extremists, who will fight if prompted to keep their religion the top dog in the server. While not universally liked by Pissists due to their aggressive demeanor, they are often a valuable resource and stockpile during crusades, as they are called on from time-to-time to intervene in important crusades. Template:Religious Group TemplateThe Inuvik Crusades and The Pissist Restoration of France are only some of the crusades they have engaged in. The Sex Army is comprised of many skilled PvPers whom use their skills against those who do not pray to The Ball God.



On February 22nd, 2020, EarthMC updated to 1.15.2. The most prominent feature of the update was the addition of bees. It didn´t take long for the religion of Beeism to be founded. The religion started to spread really quickly, and the leadership of Pissism got scared. On response, megablocklyng, the Poop at the time, created The Sexual Sons of the First army, or The Sex Army.


  • Despite including the word "sex", in their name, this is merely a shortened form of the word "sexual" and does not at all give validity to the claim by a vocal minority of sex conspiracists that Sex is real