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SayerQT (joined January 19, 2020) is a prominent EarthMC player, notable for founding the nation of Cascadia and being Mayor of Olympia on Terra Aurora and being heavily involved with its politics (having served as its first president and numerous other leadership roles since then); and was also notable for being involved in the creation and 2.5 year existence of the Salish Confederation and its later 2022 merger into the Evergreen Republic, on Terra Nova. They were Mayor of the town of Winthrop on Terra Nova for a majority of her play there; however for a period was mayor of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

For the purposes of this article, it will be divided into distinct sections, acting as if they are its own article. One section will detail SayerQT as a player on Terra Nova, and the other as them on Terra Aurora.

SayerQT on Terra Aurora

Personal Information
Spawndate 19 January 2020 (Nova)
1 May 2022 (Aurora)
Place of spawn
Citizenship Republic of Cascadia
Residence Olympia, Cascadia
Town Rank
Political party
Other affiliations
Language(s) English, ASL, Esperanto
Discord SayerQT#8768

SayerQT (spawned 1 May 2022) is a Cascadian politician, statesperson, jurist, lawyer, diplomat, and political theorist who served as the 1st President of Cascadia from August 17 to September 17, 2022, later serving as the Vice President of Cascadia under President ViolentVampire, two terms as Speaker of the House of Representatives, stints as Treasurer of Cascadia and as Secretary of State, and briefly filling the role of Public Advocate in mid-203 . Since June 18, 2023, they have served as a justice of the Supreme Court of Cascadia, and has served as its Chief Justice since August of that year. Prior to serving as President, they served as de facto leader of Cascadia prior to the enactment of the Provisional Constitution of Cascadia (which they authored). Seen by many as the founder of Cascadia, they are also the founder and mayor of the city of Olympia, the capital of Cascadia.


Political beliefs


Electoral history

Cascadia Presidential elections

August 2022 Cascadia presidential election
Candidate Running mate Votes %
SayerQT EstiQT 14 82.35
Toasterburnt CatPerson136 3 17.65
Total 17 100.00
September 2022 Cascadia presidential election
Candidate Running mate Votes %
ViolentVampire SayerQT 20 95.24
PavTheYT ViolentVampire 1 4.76
Total 21 100.00
October 2022 Cascadia presidential election
Candidate Running mate Votes %
ViolentVampire SayerQT 24 88.89
PesosInhaler Skybr328 3 11.11
Total 27 100.00

Cascadia legislative elections

September 2022 legislative election: South Metropolitan (4 seats)
Candidate R1 % R2% R3% R4% R5%
SayerQT 3 42.9 20.0 Elected
Arathorn52 (inc.) 1 14.3 21.9 20.0 Elected
xBest_Name_Everx (inc.) 1 14.3 14.3 14.3 28.6 20.0 Elected
Falcoeur 0 0.0 15.2 17.1 17.1 21.4 Elected
xX_cMac_Xx (inc.) 1 14.3 14.3 14.3 14.3 18.6 Lost
cheeseballfluffy (inc.) 1 14.3 14.3 14.3 X Lost
Total 7 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0 20% to win
October 2022 legislative election: South Metropolitan (4 seats)
Candidate R1 % R2% R3% R4%
Paradox_1080 3 27.3 20.0 Elected
SayerQT (inc.) 2 18.2 20.6 20.0 Elected
Arathorn52 (inc.) 2 18.2 20.6 20.0 Elected
Moxies_Hoe 1 9.1 9.1 12.4 21.5 Elected
DaPigThatBig 2 18.2 18.2 18.4 18.5 Lost
cowilo 1 9.1 9.1 9.2 X Lost
Supesu_ (inc.) 0 0.0 2.4 X Lost
Total 11 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0 20% to win

Cascadia supreme court retention elections

Cascadia public advocate elections

Speaker of the Cascadia House of Representatives elections

Meganational elections

SayerQT on Terra Nova

The Right Honorable
Personal Information
Spawndate 19 January 2020
Place of spawn
Citizenship Evergreen Republic
Residence Winthrop, British_Columbia
Town Rank Mayor
Political party
Other affiliations Salish Confederation
Language(s) English, ASL, Esperanto
Discord SayerQT#8768

SayerQT (spawned January 19, 2020) is a Salish-Evergrenite politician and statesperson who served as the 2nd President of the Evergreen Republic from 1 May to 1 July 2022, and 2nd Chancellor of the Evergreen Republic from 2 March to 1 May 2022. They previously were substantially active in the predecessor state of the Salish Confederation, which they led as Chancellor on three separate occasions, serving from 1 April - 30 May 2020, 1 July - 1 September 2021, and 1 January - 31 January 2022; as 3rd, 16th, and 21st Chancellors respectively; and also briefly served for a time as Prime Minister of the Canadian Empire before their deposition by a Quebecois military junta. They were a founding member of the Salish Confederation during the Salish Revolution, in which Salish split off from the Republic of Cascadia over the perceived corruption of the cascadian government. Associated with reform, democracy, and labor movements, they served briefly as Premier of Nova Scotia in Late 2020. They are the Mayor of the town they founded, Winthrop, located in the Canton of British Columbia.

Pre-civilization experiences

SayerQT spawned in the Ural Mountains on 2 March 2019 in Russia and planned on making the trek to the Bering Strait to settle in their home state of Washington in North America. Unbeknownst to them, at the time it was not possible to loop around the International Date Line and found themselves stuck in Eastern Siberia. At this point they realized from messages in global chat that it was possible to teleport by joining a town. As such, they joined the town of Vancouver. Following a period of inactivity for 3 months, they came back and found themselves purged from Vancouver, and ended up joined London. They went permanently inactive in November of that year.


On January 19 2020 SayerQT joined EarthMC again. This time, they were recruited into the cascadian capital Astoria by Estonian_Mapping (now Esti). They also joined the Cascadian Discord sometime after and began raising funds to establishment a settlement known as Port Townsend. However, due to an error in the towny plugin at the time, they were not able to form the town. SayerQT gave up on the idea of forming Port Townsend, so instead ventured into the Cascade Mountains and formed the town “Winthrop”, in a similar location to its real-life namesake. It was incorporated as a municipality of the Capitol Province of the Republic of Cascadia.

Feburary 2020

In Early February 2020, Vorobyevite, the then-Mayor of Wenatchee, contacted SayerQT relating to discontent with the Cascadian political system and status quo. SayerQT also shared the same views in favor of democratic reform, transparency, and pro-worker policies, and joined the Salish political movement, along with Seattle mayor JTPilfered and others. While the possibility of independence was floated, the original goal was to push as a united front for reform within the Cascadian system. However, the communications relating to independence were exposed by KingBerman of Cascadia and the Salish movement was denounced as traitors by the Government of Cascadia, then led by President Estonian_Mapping. While the government was quick to revoke the movement's participants of their citizenship, Vorobyevite (then a Senator for the Capitol Province) went onto the Senate Floor in Astoria and announced the Salish Declaration of Independence, declaring the formation of the Salish Confederation. The town of Winthrop pledged allegiance to the Salish rebellion and was incorporated as a municipality within the Salish canton of the confederation. They were not initially involved directly in the politics and the formation of the Constitution, however would later become one of its most ardent defenders.

March 2020

Following JTPilfered's victory and election as Chancellor in the March election, the first democratic elections in the Salish Federation under the Revolutionary Constitution, SayerQT was made Minister of Transportation and Roadways. They oversaw construction on the Unified Salish Iceway System, which would later evolve into the greater Salish Federal Transport Network. This period would become a peak month of the Pacific Spring, and SayerQT began to play a larger role in the Salish parliamentary system, and became a leading face of not just the Transportation Ministry but the Federal Government as a whole. See more info

First Chancellery

While he received a term extension of one month by Parliament, JTPilfered resigned as the fledgling federation's Chancellor and took his town of Seattle to join Jefferson, citing inactivity and near state failure in the Salish system. In a deliberative session of Parliament, SayerQT was unanimously elected by voice vote as the 3rd Chancellor of the Salish Confederation. SayerQT and their government faced with an inactive nation, with the nation with a disastrous population of a mere 12 residents. However, their term as Chancellor saw the nation rebound and quickly expand, in spite of their war with Washington and the ongoing Salish Revolution. By the end of April, their first month in office, the population had reached 60 and by May it achieved realm status. SayerQT had their term in office extended by parliament into May.

Summer 2020

SayerQT was Lead Senator under Chancellor xGoat_ and Minister of Financial Affairs under JesTer_BBX. Under SayerQT's leadership as Mayor, Winthrop reached a population of 15 residents in June, and Winthrop reached 100 plots in late July. SayerQT participated in the Constitutional Reform effort led by Fortis_Ipsum during this time as well.

Premier of Nova Scotia

On September 31, 2020, SayerQT purchased the nation of Nova Scotia as well as its capital of Halifax from the player Tafffy for 1.5KG. Nova Scotia was admitted as a province of the Salish Confederation soon afterwards. They served as the Premier of Nova Scotia from September 31, 2020 until the dissolution of the nation in September 2021, however for most of the final part of their tenure was out of the nation and residing in British Columbia.

Winter 2020

During the period that the Salish Confederation was apart of the Canadian Republic, SayerQT was chosen by the Salish Parliament to be an MP in the House of Commons. In this capacity, they were appointed to serve as Infrastructure Minister of the Canadian Republic under the ministry of Prime Minister Sheev Palpatine, however ceased to be in office upon the dissolution of the Canadian Republic.

SayerQT was appointed to serve as Minister of Foreign Affairs during the Third JesTer_BBX Secretariat, and Minister of Recruitment in the First xK1 and Fourth JesTer Secretariats. After the Citizenship Controversy immediately following the January 2021 Federal Election, they went into a steady period of inactivity. They briefly left Nova Scotia to found the town of Yorkton in Alberta in April 2021 but the town was later disbanded and they returned to Winthrop where they stayed.

Later evidence strongly suggests that during this time period the Salish state apparatus under JesTer_BBX and later Fortis_Ipsum took extreme measures via organs such as the SIS and manipulating constitutional law and the judiciary in order to prevent SayerQT from exercising political power; as they were seen by many as the only genuine threat to the regime that has seemingly evolved under the political dynasty of JesTer. However, SayerQT used the law to their advantage and was finally permitted to contest the July 2021 federal election as the Leader of the Opposition.

SayerQT briefly served as the Prime Minister of the Canadian Empire during this period until the the Coup d'état of 27 July. Prior to this, they served as a Canadian Senator.

Second Chancellery

After a period of inactivity of not just themselves but the Salish Confederation as a whole, they stood as a candidate for Chancellor of the Salish Confederation in the July 2021 Federal Election. The won the election with the support of nearly two-thirds of the new parliament. Their chancellery oversaw the ascension of Acadia into the Confederation, souring of relations with Quebec, and an increased period of activity and legislation. This also saw the Seventh Revision of the Constitution, the current Constitution in effect, which overhauled the Constitutional Amending process and had significant government reforms. However, this period also saw the secession of Alberta from the confederation shortly after the ascension of Acadia. SayerQT briefly was forced to be a constitutional arbitrator during during the final hours of their chancellery in order to solve the September 2021 Salish Constitutional Crisis that came as a result of that election.

Autumn 2021

Since leaving office they have served as the Minister of Internal Affairs under the Froyourfilms-Paleles Chancellery and in the 2nd FroyourFilms Chancellery. They have helped with numerous projects in that period. They also wrote the Constitution of the Canton of British Columbia, and served as the 1st Premier.

Third Chancellery

SayerQT stood unopposed for the position of Chancellor in the January 2022 federal election. Their chancellery focused on expanding the critically weakened nation who had under 30 residents. The end of their was primarily focused on private talks with the Government of Cascadia about potentially reunifying after two years apart, as their goals had become ideologically similar in the post-revolutionary period, and the Cascadians were amenable to establishing a completely new state instead of Salish merging back into Cascadia.

The Evergreen Republic

After SayerQT's third chancellery, they reclaimed the post of Internal Affairs Minister, and oversaw talks with Cascadia about a merger. These talks eventually blossomed into a full on constitutional convention with delegates from the respective nation's governments. SayerQT became a leading force within the convention, and they ended up authoring an overwhelming majority of the Constitution of the Evergreen Republic, which is still in force to this day. After the Republic was established and both the Republic of Cascadia and the Salish Confederation dissolved, they served in the FroyourFilms Government under the Caribou Compromise where they served as an Advisor. After the election of xBest_Name_Everx as President of the Republic in the March election, SayerQT were nominated as his prime minister and formed a government with a supermajority support in the Assembly. Their government has focused on expansion and development of the new nation in a bipartisan fashion.

Evergreen Presidency and Aurora

On 1 May 2022, they defeated Minister for National Defense OriginalDogster in the May presidential election. Soon after however, the reset of EarthMC was announced, with the release of Terra Aurora. While SayerQT's focus was shifted to Aurora, they ended up being more inactive from EarthMC in general, and occasionally checking the Evergreen discord. After surviving a coup attempt as President by hostile foreign forces, they didn't stand for re-election, in what was now a dead nation on a dead server, and was succeeded as President by FenshBeetM. SayerQT later became substantially active in aurora a few months after the world's release, and Nova was shelved to the archives of history.


The Squamish-Border Line Scandal

In Mid-July, SayerQT as Finance Minister used salish national bank funds to fund the new town of Squamish in Southwest British Columbia for Salish Inside Cascadian Territory, forgetting previous border agreements. After a tense period of 1 day, the town was given to Cascadia and the Squpastul held a vote on impeaching SayerQT from their Position as Finance Minister. The vote failed to reach the 2/3 needed for impeachment, however still received a majority of votes.

The Citizenship Controversy

SayerQT stood as a candidate for Chancellor in the January 2021 election against member of Parliament and designated successor of the popular incumbent chancellor JesTer, KiwiFruht, and came just shy of defeating Kiwi, a stunning result for the newfound opposition faction to JesTer's government. They lost the election by closest margin in any Salish federal election before September 2021, receiving 46.2% of the Vote. After a constitutional crisis, SayerQT was charged with electoral fraud, without any evidence presented and based on no criminal statute. The Supreme Court of the Federation unilaterally ruled, without parliamentary consent (as necessary in the Constitution), to strip SayerQT's citizenship; a ruling later posthumously found unconstitutional by the Salish Supreme Federal Court of Grievances. Three days later, Parliament passed a resolution allowing SayerQT the right of return to the Salish Confederation on the condition they could not hold elected office for two months- however SayerQT refused to return until the resignation of KiwiFruht, who they saw as a puppet of the authoritarian JesTer regime. Twelve days after the initial election, KiwiFruht resigned as Chancellor, and SayerQT returned, albeit without substantial political rights. During the twelve day period, SayerQT was in political exile in the Cascadian Province of Wyoming.

The Coup d'état of 27 July

SayerQT briefly served as the elected Prime Minister of the Canadian Empire, consisting of Quebec, Illinois, and the Salish Confederation. On the night of 27 July 2022, she was overthrown from power by the Imperial Security Intelligence Service, led by Enanemes, who removed the membership of the Salish Confederation from the Canadian Empire. After this occurred, Kounter with the support of the Imperial Security Intelligence Service was chosen by the Junta as Prime Minister and Emperor, a Junta that existed until the formation of the 3rd Canadian Empire.

Electoral history

Salish Confederation (Federal elections)

Salish Federal Election - April 1, 2020

Candidate Votes %
SayerQT Acclaimed 100.00
Total N/A 100.00

Salish Federal Election - August 29-30, 2020

Candidate R1 Votes R1 % R2 Votes R2 %
JTPilfered 16 47.06 9 64.29
SayerQT 18 52.94 5 35.71
Total 34 100.00 14 100.00

Salish Federal Election - December 31, 2020

Candidate Votes %
KiwiFruht 21 53.85
SayerQT 18 46.15
Total 39 100.00

Salish Federal Election - June 28, 2021

Candidate Votes %
SayerQT 10 66.67
Isacle 2 13.33
TheTavyo1 2 13.33
Fortis_Ipsum 1 6.67
Total 15 100.00

Salish Federal Election - January 1, 2022

Candidate Votes %
SayerQT Acclaimed 100.00
Total N/A 100.00
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