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Profile Information
Nation Cascadia
Town Olympia
Towny Rank Councilor
Occupation Current

Representative of the Southwest district at the Cascadian House of Representative

City Manager of Olympia

Journalist at The Olympian


Terra Aurora

Grand Councilor of New Mexico

New Mexican Minister of Internal Affairs

Terra Nova

Governor of Idaho

Editor at the Winchester Post

Advisor to the President of Cascadia

Political Party
Discord Arathorn#1523
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 13rd August 2019
Place of Spawn Russia
Physical Information
Gender Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History
Terra Nova

• Utah





 • Idaho

Terra Aurora

New Mexico

 • Yugoslavia


Arathorn52 is a Terra Nova and Terra Aurora player.

Terra Nova

Arathorn52 is born in Russia on the 13rd August 2019. He emmigrates to America and found the town of New-Oxford on the ruins of the old town of Flagstaff (Arizona) with the help of his friend Jimi_Jay. New-Oxford quickly joins the nation of Utah before moving in Deseret. After a border dispute with the nation of Washington, the town leaves Deseret and joins Jefferson. On the same time, Arathorn opens the Bank of New-Oxford and two new towns are created at the south of New-Oxford: Grand_Junction and Cedar_Valley. Arathorn remove a few of his claims at the ask of the mayor of Grand Junction but is still accused of claimblocking by the allies of Washington. The situation with Cedar_Valley is more complicated due to their alliegence to Washington but an agreement is find with the help of the mods.

A few months later, Grand_Junction and Cedar_Valley are both disbanded due to their inactivity. On July 2020, New-Oxford joins the nation of Arizona and Arathorn52 is appointed Chancellor. One month later, Arizona joins Cascadia as a province and Arathorn becomes Senator. In February 2021, he sells his town of New-Oxford to his former councilor ColosusFireDragn and is given the capital of the cascadian province of Idaho, Boise. He begins the construction of Idaho's state capitol the 28 march 2021.

Terra Aurora

On the invitation of his friend SayerQT, he joins the town of Olympia and the new Cascadia, part of the Empire of New Mexico, in July 2022. He serves as Minister of Internal Affairs in New Mexico's first cabinet and is elected at Cascadia's 1st House of Representatives in the Southwest Electoral District. He is also officially appointed City Manager for the town of Olympia.

Grand Councilor

In September 2022, in a context of rising tensions between Cascadia and the central government of New Mexico, he wins the election for Grand Councilor of New Mexico, the nation's second in command, on the promise of creating a popular assembly to counterbalance the executive and encourage citizen participation. Once in power, he starts the redaction of a new constitution restricting the powers of the monarch and establishing the popular assembly. The Constitution is approved by the government and Empress Pastamancer, however she blocks the creation of the assembly. New Mexico begins negotiations to purchase the nation of Yugoslavia, despite the opposition of Arathorn and a few government members, instead advocating to expand its sphere of influence in North America. Ironically, Arathorn ends up in charge of handling the transition of government.

In the end of September, Arathorn supports Cascadian Governor ViolentVampire and Cascadian Secretary of State xBest to reorganize New Mexico into a confederation giving Cascadia an almost complete autonomy. Pastamancer refuses and evicts Arathorn from his position, violating the new constitution and ultimately leading, on September 29th 2022, to the independence of Cascadia.

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