Bubba Tea

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The Honorable
Personal Information
Spawndate 20 January 2022 (Nova)
Place of spawn
Citizenship Cascadia
Gender Female
Pronouns she/her
Town Rank
Political party
Other affiliations Nova:
Evergreen Republic
Salish Confederation
Language(s) English
Religion(s) Irreligious
Discord Whibedu#6485

Bubba_Tea, often referred to by her discord username Whibedu, was a jurist and politician who served as the 1st Chief Justice of Cascadia on Terra Aurora, and on Terra Nova served as Chief Justice of the Evergreen Republic from 27 March 2022 to the launch of Terra Aurora, previously having served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court from 15 February 2022. She was known for her judicial experience and fair rulings based on the rule of law in the Republic. Starting on Terra Nova, she was invited by SayerQT to the Town of Winthrop in the province of British Columbia in the Salish Confederation, where she quickly shot up the ranks, first in provincial politics, being elected to the British Columbia Legislative Assembly in the January provincial election; and quickly being promoted to the Province's Executive Council under Premier Vorobyevite as the Provincial Councillor for Governmental Business. She was appointed to the Federal Secretariat in the Salish Confederation by Chancellor FroyourFilms on 1 February 2022 to become Minister for Recruitment & Activity, a post she would hold until the dissolution of the Confederation 14 days later and the establishment of the Evergreen Republic, in which she was nominated by the new evergreen Chancellor FroyourFilms to the Supreme Court. On 26 March 2022 Chief Justice Bermana resigned and the SayerQT government nominated Bubba_Tea in his place. She additionally served as the 4th Mayor of Cranbrooke, BC, succeeding Chrysoprasus in the post on 9 March 2022.

Following the release of Terra Aurora, and the eventual founding of the Confederacy of Cascadia, Bubba_Tea joined the city of Olympia, soon being appointed to the Olympia Board of Aldermen. Bubba_Tea contributed towards the effort to expand the town via collection of gold. Following the ratification of the Provisional Constitution of Cascadia in August 2022, Bubba_Tea ran a successful campaign for Chief Judge of Cascadia, defeating three other candidates with a plurality of the vote, only receiving 35%. Later, because of this, Cascadia would implement a system of ranked choice voting that is used in all elections today. Following her two-month term as Chief Judge, she retired from politics and largely went inactive to this day.

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