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Town Information
Full Name City of Seattle
Motto The City of Goodwill
Nation Cascadia
Population 15
Area 249 chunks
Coordinates Wiki-wordmark.png -22736, -8968
Continent North America
Region Pacific Northwest
Economic System Mixed
Official Language English
Official Religion None (official),
Christianity, Islam (common, unofficial)
Government Information
Mayor Milgorn123
Councillors Seattle Metropolitan Council
Political System Mayor-Council
House of Reps. representation Western
Historical Information
Established May 1, 2022
Past Nations
Past Mayors List of Mayors
Past Councillors

Seattle (/siˈætəl/ see-AT-əl) is a major seaport city located on the Puget Sound in the Republic Cascadia. With a 2024 population of 15, it is the third most populous city the Republic of Cascadia and fourth most populous city west of the Mississippi River. Seattle was founded originally on an isthmus between Puget Sound (an inlet of the Pacific Ocean) and Lake Washington, the latter of which has been paved over and filled in.

Today, Seattle is characterized for its dense urban downtown as well as its natural beauty, with Island County National Park within its borders and pristine views of Mt. Rainier. Seattle is one of the oldest cities in not just North America but the entire server. The current mayor is Milgorn123, and is characterized by being a center for domestic trade, international commerce, and culture.



(See: Nova Seattle) On EarthMC Terra Nova, Seattle was a major city in the Pacific Northwest part of the Salish Federation. It is owned by cheeseballfluffy, though much of it was built under JTPilfered. The city included post-modern architecture, large ice rails, roadways, and similar buildings to Terra Aurora Seattle. The city can still be visited on Nova, being the capital of Nova British Columbia.

Early Settlement

Seattle is one of the oldest city in North America on Terra Aurora, founded shortly after the server was opened by a group of settlers from Nova's Evergreen Republic. The first mayor was Chrysoprasus, with several other settlers being Vorobyevite, Esti, and SayerQT. The settlement began accruing gold in order to fund the creation of a nation; however with the creation of large imperialist giants in the area such as Californian Oregon led by OriginalDogster, the project quickly lost morale. Just two weeks after the foundation of Seattle, Chrysoprasus, Vorobyevite, and Esti left the town, along with all the gold in the town bank, to found towns in Siberia. SayerQT would become the 2nd Mayor of Seattle, before establishing the town of Olympia just south and leaving the inactive Seattle to xX_cMac_Xx.

The Mayoralty of eKatxe

Seattle would remain largely undeveloped and concentrated around the isthmus of Seattle itself and the areas surrounding the real-life city. It would remain at around 30 chunks. In July 2023, just a few days after the creation of the nation of Cascadia, eKatxe would found the city of Renton, just two chunks away from Seattle, as apart of Oregon. Not having known the geopolitical situation initially, eKatxe would eventually join Cascadia and was made Mayor of Seattle, with his friend SansRune taking over in Renton. eKatxe would make some developments in Seattle, but would generally continue the trend of inactivity.

Equestrian Period

Falcoeur, a new player to EarthMC, ventured into EMC and founded the city of Bellingham on August 25, 2022. The town was essentially an unintentional claimblock of Vancouver and Seattle, and with Falcoeur showing significant interest in the server and building, they were invited to become a city councillor in Seattle, and in October became Mayor. Falcoeur's tenure as Mayor was marked by significant growth of the town in terms of area, hitting 100 chunks. Seattle did not become a metropolitan hub unlike its neighbor of Olympia, and instead become the center of the Cascadian Equestrian Industry, which boomed in late 2022. In December 2022, the City of Seattle was producing upwards of 90% of all commercial horses in Cascadia. When Falcoeur left Seattle to become Mayor of Yellowknife, ashemath became Mayor in their stead. Seattle fell from 42 days of inactivity in March of 2022, and was re-claimed by Milgorn123. The town was again held by ashemath in the stead of Milgorn until Milgorn123 took over as mayor in June of 2023.

Project Seattle

Shortly after Milgorn123 took control of the city of Seattle, he began Project Seattle, which intended to construct the downtown portions of Seattle by building multiple large skyscrapers that would replicate IRL buildings, such as Space Needle, Columbia Center, Met Tower, and more. The project included over 30 players, including designers and builders in-game, along with laborers. Project Seattle began with construction in a creative world, which replicated Seattle in game using a litematica file. After the construction of a variety of buildings in Creative, with over twelve designers contributing, work began in game with 60 chunks of the Cascade Mountain Range being mined out in order to make space for development. Over the course of the next month and a half, various buildings would be constructed, primarily by the players Milgorn123, DaCorgoKing, moggs, and others. The city was unveiled on the 1st Cascadian National Day, with a firework show being held near Space Needle to celebrate the occasion. Work still continued on four more buildings, which marked the completion of downtown Seattle.

After the development of downtown, Knowlton was hired to terraform much of eastern Seattle,

Modern day: Late 2023

Geography & Infrastructure

Seattle Skyline (Day).png Seattle Skyline (Night).png


Politics and Government

Seattle is a regular Cascadian municipality with a mayor–council form of government. All city offices are nonpartisan. The The Seattle Metropolitan Council consists half of members appointed by the Mayor and half directly elected individually by citizens via proportional representation by means of the single transferable vote. The politics of Seattle are significantly influenced by infrastructure and building contractors via Project Seattle.

Nationally, Seattle is located within the Western electoral division, which is currently represented by Milgorn123, Yellowcar1954, and BlueBlock88 in the Cascadia House of Representatives.

Cascadia presidential election results in Seattle's electoral division (Final preference)
Election No. % No. %
Dec 2023 Setrus Moxie
5 83.33% 1 16.67%
Nov 2023 Akeboun Hersheylr
4 66.67% 2 33.33%
Oct 2023 Corgo Flatvent
8 34.78% 15 65.22%
Sep 2023 Corgo Flatvent
6 42.86% 8 57.14%
Aug 2023 Corgo Phantom
9 40.91% 13 59.09%
July 2023 Bachinuni Wrestling
16 66.67% 8 33.33%
June 2023 DaPigThatBig Wrestling
6 42.86% 8 57.14%
May 2023 Setrus Akeboun
9 81.82% 2 18.18%
April 2023 AghastBlock Akeboun
4 40.00% 6 60.00%
Mar 2023 Milgorn Akeboun
8 66.67% 4 33.33%
Feb 2023 Milgorn Akeboun
8 80.00% 2 20.00%
Jan 2023 Esti Fr0z3n
11 73.33% 4 26.67%
Dec 2022 Esti Tylenol
15 68.18% 7 31.82%

Since July 29, 2023, Milgorn123 has served as Mayor of Seattle, suceeding ashemath in that post. During his mayoralty, Project Seattle essentially renovated the entire city, and expanded the city to all-time heights. The Mayor serves as the chief executive officer and head of the city government and executes city ordinances in accordance with Cascadian law.

List of Mayors of Seattle

No. Portrait Name Term
1 Chrysoprasus May 1, 2022

May 16, 2022
2 SayerQT-Forward.png SayerQT May 16, 2022

May 18, 2022
3 Xbest.png xBest_Name_Everx May 18, 2022

May 19, 2022
4 SayerQT-Forward.png SayerQT May 19, 2022

May 21, 2022
5 XX cMac Xx.png xX_cMac_Xx May 21, 2022

July 15, 2022
6 eKatxe July 15, 2022

October 26, 2022
7 Falcoeur.png Falcoeur October 26, 2022

December 30, 2022
8 ashemath December 30, 2022

May 9, 2023
9 Milgorn123.png Milgorn123 May 9, 2023

May 16, 2023
10 ashemath May 16, 2023

June 29, 2023
11 Milgorn123.png Milgorn123 June 29, 2023