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Personal Information
Spawndate July 25th 2022
Place of spawn
Citizenship Cascadian
Pronouns he/him
Alias(es) cheese, cheeseball
Residence Avola, Cascadia
Town Rank Mayor
Political party
Other affiliations
Language(s) English
Discord cheeseballfluffy

cheeseballfluffy (spawned July 25th, 2022) is a Cascadian politican, diplomat, and athlete serving as the Secretary of Defense, Mayor of Avola, Ambassador to Asia, and captain of the Cascadian national team and EMC Premier League club Arsenal FC.

Early Life (EarthMC Nova)

Walla Walla

Shortly after joining the EarthMC Nova in the summer of 2019, cheeseballfluffy set his sights on living in his native Washington State. The new player had spawned into the mountainous region of Tibet on arrival, and due to being unaware of the server's means of teleportation, crossed Asia on foot and the Pacific by boat. He later landed in the Puget Sound and was then recruited into Walla Walla, Washington (Nova) by its mayor, BonZZil. In a event that saw the accidental manslaughter of Mayor BonZZil's villagers kept adjacent to cheeseballfluffy's house, cheeseballfluffy was subsequently chased out of town and as a refugee was taken in by UnbatedAura in the Cascadian province of Deseret. His time in Deseret as asylum seeker was brief, albeit intentionally.


Dissatisfied by the limited selection of Cascadian towns within Washington, cheeseballfluffy and bw3434 co-founded the city of Seattle in the fall of 2019. The pair had been watching a predecessor city known as Snohomish for months that upon its ruin, the two initially constructed a truncated prototype of the world famous Space Needle. However, this town itself would fall into ruin by December as cheeseballfluffy made increasingly infrequent visits to the server while bw3434 eventually retired. It would be several years until cheeseballfluffy would reclaim Seattle.

On December 27, 2019, a player named JTPilfered created a new town of the same name in the same location as cheeseballfluffy and bw3434's Seattle. JTPIlfered began full construction of the Space Needle and developed the town from its fragmentary period into a bustling hub of over 100 people that to date on EarthMC Nova, remains the largest town by area in the Pacific Northwest. JTPilfered also developed the Kitsap District into a new residential area as well as having a large shopping center at the National Spawn in the Tacoma Dome. He along with SayerQT, and xGoat_ together worked on a project in the Tacoma Dome of a giant 1:4 scale map of the entire Pacific Northwest region. This was finished on May 1st, 2020, and became the second biggest in-game map in all of EarthMC.

2020 saw a return to the server once again for cheeseballfluffy. Astonished at the rapid expansion and growth initiated by Mayor JTPilfered, cheeseballfluffy in his stint as Seattle citizen was often seen as second-in-command to JTPilfered until 2022, and enjoyed this spell. Over time, he became a recognized figure in the politics of the Salish Confederation and successive Evergreen Republic as he was a regular member of each government's Parliament.

The mayor grew tired after a lengthy tenure, and by 2022 began a streak of inactivity. JTPilfered was permanently deleted from EMC after being offline for 42 days on April 10th. Seattle resident MyHomeAddress took control of the town, however was not in contact with the Federal or provincial government, and on May 4, 2022, MyHomeAddress resigned as Mayor after much public pressure. The same day, cheeseballfluffy was inaugurated as Mayor of Seattle.

2022-present: (EarthMC Aurora)


Seeing as he had a virtually invisible footprint to the newest iteration of EarthMC Aurora, cheeseballfluffy opted to originally abstain from Aurora in favor of his duties as Nova Seattle mayor for the summer of 2022. Renovation of Nova Seattle's city hall in addition to crumbling infrastructure was particularly time-consuming. Whatever time cheeseballfluffy did spend on Aurora as a citizen of the newly formed nation of Cascadia was as a homeless squatter in the nation's capital of Olympia. On August 23rd, Vancouver (Aurora) was offered to cheeseballfluffy by SayerQT by virtue of the previous mayor leaving EarthMC, but he declined. Sayer then offered the town of White Rock—it had gone through a change in that the departure of former mayor wdym___ caused Cascadia to pursue ownership. Caretaker Mayor jtwokay was sent by Cascadian officials to purely retain the town for the nation, and as such, no changes were made in between tenures of wdym___ and cheeseballfluffy, who accepted.

The City of Avola was officially founded on September 16th, 2022 under the original name of White Rock by cheeseballfluffy. Seeing as its geographic position didn't correlate with the old name, the town name was changed to reflect this. cheeseballfluffy primarily spends time on EarthMC Aurora, as his responsibilities on the most recent server has surpassed his previous role in Seattle (Nova); though he occasionally stops by his old home. As of January 2024, cheeseballfluffy has served over ten terms in the House.

Growing national affairs

On March 5th, 2023, Avola's neighboring sister city Banff seceded from the nation. In response, Cascadia declared Banff mayor EdgyIsRandom among others to be enemies of the state. On March 14th, Cascadian President Milgorn funded Avola mayor cheeseballfluffy with 832 gold to help bolster the town in an act of defensive claiming. Soon after an active demilitarized zone was established between the two towns, peace talks concluded on March 16th with the Treaty of Banff being signed by Cascadian and Rocky Mountain officials. This recognized the Rocky Mountain Federation as a sovereign nation, albeit under the direct colonial rule of Portugal, while additionally setting a border between Banff and Avola.

Tensions would not cease, however, between the two towns. The Goat Zoo was massacred by a likely Rocky Mountains insurgent, and cheeseballfluffy constructed a border wall around Avola's territory. When Cascadia announced that the nation was purchasing and annexing the Rocky Mountains, notably the capital Banff, interim mayor and then trusted Cascadian politican RealLIMPOPO stole the 4.5k gold that Cascadian crowdfunders had donated. He used the funds to take control and revitalize the Rocky Mountains as its new defacto leader, renaming it in the process to the Rocky Mountain Brotherhood (RMB). While cheeseballfluffy was personally reimbursed for the 107 gold he had donated, many Cascadians were not who had themselves helped reached the financial threshold.

On June 1st, cheeseballfluffy was appointed to the position of Ambassador to the Diplomatic Province of Asia Major by Cascadian Secretary of State Milgorn123, and later captain of the Cascadian national team for the 2023 EarthMC World Cup Victoria, where the team in its inaugural tournament was eliminated in the group stage. Upon concluding their World Cup campaign, cheeseballfluffy and two other members of the Cascadian team were approached by EMC Premier League club Blackburn Rovers, who subsequently signed the trio on a free transfer. However, on July 20th, cheeseballfluffy was sold to Arsenal FC along with five other players for a combined fee of 25 gold. On July 22nd, he was named Arsenal captain.

On July 1st, Oceanside Mayor Moxies_hoe intentionally deleted their town, leading to a scramble for control between the Rocky Mountain Federation and Cascadia. cheeseballfluffy was on site representing Cascadia as he managed to recover lost artifacts and valuables for the nation from within the bowels of the city. Cascadia managed to reclaim much of the area, and in part due to the Rocky Mountains' area ruled as claimblocking by server authorities, Cascadia won out and integrated the remaining land under its own jurisdiction.

Presidential bid, term as Vice President

On August 15th, cheeseballfluffy announced his bid for President of Cascadia, focusing his campaign on national unity in the wake of recent crises, as well as economic recovery. He finished in 5th out of eight total candidates in the race, while incumbent candidate DaCorgoKing won reeelection. Later that month, an opening in President DaCorgoKing's cabinet emerged, which led to cheeseballfluffy's inauguration as Vice President of Cascadia on August 25th.

Fall of Banff (Fish)

On September 24th, the recently renamed town of Fish fell into ruin, formerly known as Banff, formally marking the end of the seven-month conflict. Rumors had previously spread that Rocky Mountain figures were considering relocating to Africa—this was revealed shortly after, and RealLIMPOPO added that the main motive for this sudden change was the roughly 6,000 gold he received for unclaiming the entirety of Banff. Along with several Cascadian officials, cheeseballfluffy was heavily involved in the looting of hundreds of equipment, food, supplies, and artifacts from the city.

A militia of Rocky Mountains soldiers led by RealLIMPOPO descended upon the city at roughly the same time the Cascadians on scene had convened to destroy a rocket ship in the town square. Upon first spotting cheeseballfluffy on the outskirts, this gang chased him into the town as the craft detonated. A subsequent free-for-fall erupted in the town, with cheeseballfluffy and the Cascadians primarily focused on collecting as much as possible for Cascadia. In all, the live player count in Banff was estimated to have been greater than 10 with thousands of gold's worth recovered from the site. The next day, Cascadia declared victory in the war.

Ascension to cabinet role, Secretary of Defense

Due to players xHydre and Akeboun becoming increasingly inactive in their cabinet roles, President Setrus appointed cheeseballfluffy first as a replacement advisor, then as the Secretary of Defense. Secretary cheeseballfluffy in his first week of assuming the role presented legislation to the House to revitalize the Cascadian National Guard, of which he would be partially overseeing.

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