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Personal Information
Spawndate May 20th 2023
Place of spawn
Citizenship Flag of Cascadia.png Cascadia
Pronouns He/Him
Alias(es) Wheat
Residence Vancouver, Cascadia
Town Rank Mayor
Political party
Other affiliations
Language(s) English
Discord FieldsofWheat#4101

FieldsofWheat (spawned May 20th, 2023) was the former Mayor of Vancouver, Cascadia.


Short time on the Server (May 20th, 2023 - June 19th, 2023)

FieldsofWheat would return to their ancestral farmland in what is now known as Vancouver on May 20th, 2023. On the same day of their arrival in Vancouver, they would be made Mayor by default. Wheat quickly worked to return Vancouver to its roots as a farm by demolishing all of the buildings and roads and replacing them with wheat fields, a pumpkin patch, and a forest. Shortly after joining Wheat would become an organizer for the Cascadian Farmers Union. His work with the CFU would lead to him getting elected to the 10th Legislature of Cascadia on a platform of farmers' rights. On his first day in office, he proposed over half a dozen pieces of pro-farm legislation. Nearly all of the bills were voted down by the House. Seeing Cascadia's anti-farm attitudes he and the Cascadian Farmers Union would secede from Cascadian creating their own nation, the Cascadian Farmers Republic. The Farmers Republic would eventually reunify with Cascadia after multiple of their grievances were addressed in the Treaty of Vancouver. Fjord Tower

After the reunification, Wheat would serve out the remainder of his term in the house and then retire from EarthMC forever.

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