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Flag of Olympia
Town Information
Full Name National Capital City of Olympia
Nation Cascadia
Population 20
Area 360 chunks
Coordinates -23034, -8784
Continent North America
Region Western Washington
Economic System
Official Language English,
Coast Salish (ceremonial)
Official Religion None
Government Information
City Executive Blu_Zebra
Councillors Legislative Assembly of Olympia
Political System Devolved consolidated metropolitan authority
Assembly Chair SayerQT
House of Reps. representation Metropolitan
Historical Information
Established May 21, 2022 (City founded),
January 21, 2024 (NCCO created)
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Olympia, officially the National Capital City of Olympia (NCCO), is a special municipality of the Republic of Cascadia located in Western Washington on the Pacific Ocean, and serves as the capital city of Cascadia. It is located at the southern tip of the Puget Sound and covers most of the southern region of the Olympic Peninsula. Olympia shares a municipal land border with Seattle and Salem, and a maritime border with the cities of Victoria and Copper. As the seat of the Cascadian national government, the city is an important regional hub, and is the home to the Cascadian National Spawn, an international center of commerce and trade.

The three branches of the Cascadian national government are located within the city. The House of Representatives is seated in the Cascadia Capitol Building, the Executive Branch works out of the Presidential Palace, which also serves as a presidential residence, and the Judicial branch works out of the Hall of Justice. It has a population of 20, making it one of the most populated cities in Cascadia, as an important commercial, political, and cultural center.


The city consists of six parishes, which in-game are seperate towns, but are all governed by the National Capital City of Olympia (NCCO). The City's executive powers are carried out by the City Executive, elected once a month by the city's residents. The current city executive is Blu_Zebra, who was re-elected to a second term in the February 2024 city election. City ordinances are made by the Legislative Assembly, consisting of several members elected by proportional representation by the city's electorate.

Prior to the creation of the National Capital City by an act of the Legislature in January 2024, what is now the single city was two cities, the City of Olympia and the City of Neah Bay. The City of Olympia was founded in May of 2022, and used a city-manager government, with SayerQT serving as mayor for the entirety of its existence. The City of Neah Bay has a long and seperate history from the City of Olympia, however due to its decline was amalgamated into Olympia by the Legislature in January 2024 with the establishment of the National Capital City


The city of Olympia was founded by former Seattle Mayor SayerQT on May 21, 2022, due to Seattle becoming both a mess, and inactive. SayerQT founded the nation of Cascadia with the capital in Olympia in July 2022, and entered a rapid period of expansion, growth that continued for some time.

Late 2022

Soon after the rapid expansion, the town lacked active builders leading to little progress until the player Moxies_hoe joined the town and was appointed City Manager. The town started construction of the downtown, and by October 17, 2022 the town had built a downtown and the Presidential Palace. The town continued expansion, but at a slowed rate. By November, the town had built National Tower and Union Station. On November 9, 2022, the City of Port Orchard was founded on the Kitsap Peninsula to the north of Olympia by Moxies_hoe. While the town expanded and developed quickly, it quickly ran out of space and the mayor and city council voted to merge with Olympia on November 19th.

Mountainous expansion

Throughout early-to-mid 2023, the City of Olympia expanded itself into the Cascade Mountains, claiming Mt. St. Helens, and reaching all the way south to the Columbia River. Despite this, development stalled, and Moxies_hoe was replaced as City Manager by Milgorn123. During this time, the Cascadian Capitol was constructed, and remains one of the defining architectural objects of the City today. The national shop was also moved to being under the Cascadian Capitol, rather than underneath Marathon Park and Union Station.

Late 2023 to Modern day

In late 2023, former Nunaville Mayor Blu_Zebra was appointed City Manager of Olympia. He quickly began work by revitalizing many portions of the city, such as Marathon Park, and constructing the Hall of Justice. With the implementation of Overclaim across the server, Olympia divided itself into several in-game towns, such as Skamania to the east and Olympia Coast to the West. This, together with a declining Neah Bay, led the Legislature to consolidate the six towns into a single municipal government, known as the National Capital City of Olympia, led by an elected Executive. Blu_Zebra was elected as the first City Executive in January 2024. Olympia continues development to this day.

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