Pyramid Lake

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Pyramid Lake
Flag of Pyramid Lake
North Gate of Pyramid Lake
Town Information
Full Name
Nation Aurora:Jefferson
Economic System Capitalism
Official Language English
Official Religion All
Government Information
Mayor KangChub
Political System Chiefdom
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Before Pyramid Lake/History

At the start of Pyramid Lake's History its first leader JAGL05 was a new player to Earth MC. With his partner Kangchub they started a town called Needles that was a colony of the Oregon Empire. As the colony started gaining more money the two leaders went down south to claim a lake they named Pyramid Lake and started building infrastructure there. When the Oregon Empire got integrated into Aurora:Cascadia the colony had been released and its economy collapsed and then province had collapsed. After 8 Months the two leaders got on again to find there town ravaged by raiders and in March of 2023 they founded Pyramid Lake.

This flag was used for the Province of Needles

Modern History

After the former leaders came back to rebuild the town. The goal of the town Pyramid Lake now is to annex all of Pyramid Lake, as of March 24th 2023 the lake is only half way claimed. Resources are not limited though, with diamond deposits all over the region with one miner digging up 30 diamonds on the first day of mining in Pyramid Lake.

The borders of Pyramid Lake as of Jan , 22 2024


The geography of Pyramid Lake is dry and arid more far out from the lake. Near the lake though the land is fertile and farmable but that is only right next to the lake. Farther west you can see that there are more trees and lakes in the west coast and Cascadia regions. These trees are very plentiful but hard to reach because of the rocky land near them. Underground in Pyramid Lake is filled with diamond deposits and coal deposits.

Natural Resources

The Natural resources in the region are plentiful, like underground where there is coal , Iron, gold and other minerals that are common in these types of regions. The most money that the territory gets off of the resources is glass. Resources that the region lacks though is wheat and farmable land. Territory like Pyramid Lake's would import goods like vegetables ands seeds.

Flag of The Oregon Empire
Flag of Cascadia

Nation History

Over the years Pyramid Lake has been through many nations seen through the Needle days and the modern day. Pyramid's more recent Nation is Cascadia and has been apart of cascadia since December 29th. Former Nations that Pyramid Lake has been apart of include Oregon Empire, Jefferson and Cascadia. Though we have not been apart of many nations, Pyramid Lake has participated deeply into the politics of each an every nation.

Flag of The State Of Jefferson