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Jefferson is a nation in West America on EarthMC Terra Aurora. It was founded on January 22nd, 2023, originally named San Joaquin after the San Joaquin Valley of California where Fresno, the nation's largest city, is geographically located. Prior to the creation of the nation, its most populated city Fresno was a town in the nation of California, which has since merged with Jefferson along with the former nation South California. Jefferson has 35 towns and is one of the largest nations in North America.

Flag of Jefferson
Coat of Arms
Jefferson Coat of Arms
Sequoia Claims Map
National Information
Full Name Free State of Jefferson
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population 133
Chunks 3,721
Capital City
Largest City Los Angeles
Oldest City Los Angeles
Discord Jefferson Discord
Government Information
Political System Representative Republic
Economic System Varies by town
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information


Jefferson is divided into 4 Oblasts. These oblasts hold no power in the central government (rather, individual towns do) and instead exist primarily to organize the nation.


(12 towns)

- The vast majority of Jefferson's population lives in one of the 13 towns located in the Sierran Oblast, the largest and most populated region of the Central California Metroplex which spans from San Francisco to Los Angeles. By far the most populated city in the region is Fresno, and the largest by area is Santa Barbara. These two towns are the twin cities of the metropolitan area. As the name suggests, this metropolis is located in Central California which is where Jefferson began as a nation, back when it was called San Joaquin. Aside from the two major twin cities, the Sierran Oblast has 10 other towns. The largest is Azure Bay, Jefferson's flagship beach town and a popular vacation spot for many Sierrans. Aside from Azure Bay, the towns of Visalia, Clovis, and Madera are the next most interconnected towns in the region and are more reminiscent of neighborhoods than separate towns. Bradley, San Jose, Lindesberg, and Stockton are more suburban than urban, and Yosemite and Mammoth are more exurban as they are the only towns in the Oblast to not border one of the two twin cities.


(7 towns)

- The Modoc Oblast is the oblast with the most towns, consisting of 14. Its interior towns include the ranch-styled town of Lassen, the agricultural town of Stevens Pointe further south, the European-themed town of Redwood City to the east, the historic town of Auburn to the south, the eclectic town of Meadow Valley south of it, the valley towns of Eureka and Santa rosa, and the oasis military town of Pyramid Lake further east. On its coast are the towns of Pacifica dominated by cabins and lodges, the denser and more Victorian Lost Coast directly south of it, the lake town of Bear Valley to the east, the Icelandic-inspired town of Hólmavík to the south, the industrial Hill Valley in between it and the Mediterranean-styled Passage Bay even further south. All towns are centered in Northeast California and Northwest Nevada, with geography varying from forests and snow-capped mountain towns like Lassen, to arid oasis towns like Pyramid Lake. The Modoc towns all mostly share a common theme of ruggedness and ruralness, and a shared location of being in California's Far North.


(4 towns)

- The Upland Oblast consists of the 6 towns in Jefferson furthest from its coast, and all but one are the northernmost in the nation. Modoc includes the towns of Catalina, Umatilla, Mazama, Fort Elko, and Northeast Gyre. These towns are all far away from the closest other Jefferson towns and are resultingly more isolated yet still have very close ties to the nation. Each town is located in a different real-life state/province, Catalina is in Washington, Elko is in Nevada, Hakai Lodge and Mazama are in British Columbia, Umatilla is in Oregon, and Northeast Gyre is in the Pacific.


(3 towns)

- The Bear Oblast consists of 5 towns: the oldest and largest town by area in Jefferson Los Angeles, the beach town of San Diego, the fortress city of Khergit Khanate, and the Baja port town of Rosarito. These 4 towns all have warm and sunny climates free from rain, they have savannah and/or sandy landscapes, and they all are located in the far south of the nation.


The 35 towns of Jefferson are listed as the following in order of creation date:

Los Angeles

Founded: May 1, 2022

- Los Angeles is not only the oldest town in Jefferson, it is also the largest by total area. It has the most diverse geography in the nation, ranging from islands off its shore, coastal plains and beaches, savannah mountains, spruce forests, interior deserts, and even some land in the San Joaquin Valley. Most of the oldest homes in Jefferson can be found in the southern coastal area of Los Angeles, which has remained mostly untouched for over a year, making it one of the most historic parts of not just Jefferson but also EMC. Los Angeles used to be the capital of the nation of California, which no longer exists today as it was merged with Jefferson but was the first nation to ever be created in the Western Hemisphere on the server.

San Jose

Founded: May 14, 2022

- San Jose is located on the south-central coast of Jefferson, covered in lush savannahs and lined by warm sandy beaches on its coast. The town is connected by a network of wide roads designed to look similar to real-life roads complete with crosswalks and sidewalks. One of the most popular routes on the continent, Highway 99, starts north in Cascadia and ends in San Jose. The town is one of the best preserved in Jefferson, remaining mostly untouched for over a year.


Founded: May 16, 2022

- Fresno is one of the largest cities in Jefferson, and the nation's official capital located in the center of the CenCal Metroplex. The city is divided into many neighborhoods and districts, each with vastly different architectural styles ranging from abandoned and overgrown Victorian neighborhoods in the west to the bustling skyscraper capital district in the east. Fresno is home to countless shops including the Jefferson General Store and Color World. Fresno is where the first skyscraper in all of the Western Hemisphere of EMC was built, and it is the current town spawn for the city. Fresno is the most populated town in Jefferson and keeps growing.

San Diego

Founded: May 16, 2022

- San Diego is a town located on the southern coast of California. It is the only town in Jefferson to border a Mexican town, and one of only three in the nation to border a Cascadian town. San Diego is made up mostly of warm sandy beaches and is unique among beach towns because it has remained un-urbanized for all its history, with its only building being a multi-purpose skyscraper located further inland.

The Sierras

Founded: June 5, 2022

- The Sierras is the most mountainous town in Jefferson, with stoney hills in the north, alpine forests in the south, and savannah steppes to the west. Though it appears empty on the surface with only a few cabins dotting the intense landscape, The Sierras has a vast network of underground bunkers, making it one of the safest places in Jefferson to hide in case of an emergency. There's a lake on the southern edge of The Sierras, one of the few in the California area. The town is only a chunk away from Area 51, making it the geographically closest town in Jefferson to the Euphorian Empire.

Khergit Khanate

Founded: August 12, 2022

- Khergit Khanate is the easternmost town in Jefferson, bordering two foreign capitals, Las Vegas and Night City. Khergit is a fortress city, with tall walls shielding it from the outside world.


Founded: October 9, 2022

- Pacifica is a picturesque seaside town located in the Southern half of the Oregon Coast down to the Northern tip of California. The town is full of many cozy and humble oceanic cabins that give visitors a more relaxed atmosphere when compared to other more urbanized coastal cities. Pacifica is one of the largest towns in Jefferson by area and it has claimed 2 fallen towns, with one being a massive castle spanning dozens of chunks in size. Rather than develop historic coastal areas, in recent years the city has built up its once-empty northeastern territory.


Founded: November 27, 2022

- Catalina is a small town situated on the rugged and dry landscape of the central Washington State area, the only Jefferson town to be located there. It has tall glass walls to shield it from outsiders. Inside the town are many mission-era inspired buildings from rea-life California. Above the town are two warplanes that add to the town's fort theme. Catalina is geographically isolated from other Jefferson towns, being surrounded by Cascadian towns past wilderness. The town has had several different names throughout its history, such as New Spain, Dallas, Corpus Christi, and Fredricksburg.

Lost Coast

Founded: January 3, 2023

- Lost Coast is located near the northwest corner of California enclosed by groves of preserved trees on three sides and an open ocean to its west. Prior to the founding of Lost Coast, a town called Eureka existed in its area, with all of the town's 2 buildings still standing today, and being well preserved. Lost Coast is divided into 4 main districts: Cape, Happy Valley, Humboldt Hills, and Arcata. Lost Coast uniquely integrates half-roofs and lanterns with many of its buildings, specifically those in its Cape district. Lavender fields, farmland, and vast seaside hills make up most of Happy Hills. Humboldt Hills is Lost Coast's most historic neighborhood, with it having one of the two Eureka-era buildings in the town, all of the first 6 buildings built after Lost Coast was created, and being the first area to get claimed. Arcata is centered around Arcata Square and is full of many shops and services, including the Lost Public Library with many poems and stories, Humboldt Records which is one of the server's very few record stores, the Jefferson Head Club which sells dozens of collectible player heads, and OoOoLaLa's bakery which holds the regional resource center upstairs. Lost Coast has switched between 6 different nations throughout its history (Cascadia, Rocky Mountains, Norcallia, California, Pacific Ocean, Jefferson), more than any other town on EMC. During Lost Coast's most active period in its history, the hashtag "#LiveLaughLoveLostCoast" or "#LLLLC" for short, was popularized by residents as a slogan used to promote tourism to the city.


Founded: February 28, 2023

- Bradley is a modern city located in the savannahs of Central California. Bradley is the first Jefferson town to have been created during the nation's early San Joaquin era. It is a southeastern suburb of Fresno and is one of only 2 cities in the CenCal Metroplex to not border any wilderness, with it bordering Jefferson towns on all sides. The city is home to one of the only villager trading halls in Jefferson, as well as the nation's largest PVP arena which attracts dozens of tourists and PVPers.


Founded: March 2, 2023

- Visalia is an eastern suburb of Fresno that spans land in both the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the San Joaquin Valley. Visalia stands out from almost any other town on the server because it is made almost entirely from deepslate-based blocks. This gives the town a very dark and gothic look, which has earned it the nickname of being the "Gothic Village." Visalia is a primarily residential town with many homes overlooking the city's central park. Much of Visalia's homes are situated in the mountains and have architecture inspired by castles. Visalia is home to the largest mall in Jefferson, located just south of the nation's spawn.

Passage Bay

Founded: March 19, 2023

- Passage Bay is located in real-life wine country California. Consisting of a primarily Savanah landscape, the town enjoys warm and pleasant weather, free from any rain other towns get in the server. Passage Bay is built mostly of brick and sandstone, which gives it a distinctly Mediterranean look and feel.

Pyramid Lake

Founded: March 22, 2023

- Pyramid Lake is a village that surrounds Nevada's largest lake, which the town is named after. Being a small and cozy oasis in a very large desert, Pyramid Lake has many local businesses such as the Pyramid Credit Union, Pyramid Organics, the Lakeside Inn, and PL Mining Co. The town was once an outpost of the Oregon Empire, one of only two Jefferson towns to have been a part of it. Nowadays, Pyramid Lake has changed from being an outpost town to being a military town, home to high-ranking members of the military and its very own PVP arena.


Founded: April 4, 2023

- Mazama is one of Jefferson's most unique towns. It is the only town in the nation located in mainland Canada, specifically in the interior of the real-life British Columbia province. Mazama is also unique in that it is the Jefferson town closest to a foreign capital, not only does it border the end dimension-inspired capital of Omineca, but it is also just a couple plots away from the capital of Rocky Mountains, and is the 2nd closest town in Jefferson to the capital of Cascadia. Along with having a unique geography, Mazama also has a unique architecture. The city's street layout is made up of a very organized grid, and its buildings share very similar colors of grey and black.

Tulare Republic

Founded: April 17, 2023

- Tulare Republic is one of the largest towns in Jefferson by area and covers two main districts. The coastal district, known as Santa Barbara (named after the town's second rename), has long and wide sandy beaches, large seaside homes, and even 2 islands off it's coast. The interior district, known as Palm Valley (named after the name Tulare started when it was founded) is a major economic center of not just Tulare but also the Central California Metroplex as a whole. In Palm Valley, there can be found one of the largest malls in Jefferson located below one of the tallest towers in the nation, the World Trade Center of California. Tulare used to be an independent nation before merging with Jefferson, known as South California. With few exceptions throughout its history, the nation was a city-state centered around Tulare. The flag of the former nation of South California has now just become the flag of the city of Tulare.


Founded: April 17, 2023

- Clovis is a town located between Fresno and Visalia. It is one of only 2 towns in the CenCal Metroplex to not border any wilderness, with it instead being surrounded by Fresno on three sides and Visalia to the east. Clovis was the third town to be formed under the San Joaquin era of Jefferson. Clovis is home to one of the last cow farms in the ever-urbanizing Metroplex.


Founded: April 18, 2023

- Madera is a small suburb north of Fresno. The western part of town is in the San Joaquin Valley, the central part is in the savannah steppe lands, and the eastern part is directly on the Sierra Nevada mountains. It's surrounded by forests and grasslands, with vines lining many of its buildings. It also has one of Jefferson's prettiest government buildings, the Madera City Hall. Madera is unique among Jefferson towns due to the fact that it is the only one to have remained completely unchanged since the early San Joaquin era of Jefferson.

Azure Bay

Founded: May 1, 2023

- Azure Bay is Jefferson's primary and most popular beach-centric town. Located directly west of Fresno, Azure Bay surrounds a cove known in real life as Monterey Bay. the city attracts many tourists from the region looking for a fun day at the beach, especially on rainy days which, unlike most other towns, the city doesn't deal with due to its warm savannah climate. Azure Bay is home to the largest hotel in Fresno, which compliments the nearby beach nicely and offers visitors a nice view of it as well. Azure Bay has historically been the center of wealth in the CenCal Metroplex, even surpassing the capital in that regard. When it was founded, the town was known as Santa Maria before it changed its name to Azure Bay months later, inspired by the name of a town in a Pokémon game.


Founded: May 12, 2023

- Located off the coast of an isolated British Columbia island, Hakai Lodge is the most remote town in Jefferson. Disconnected from the rest of North America, Hakai offers a scenic getaway for dedicated travelers willing to take the long journey by boat to the town. It is divided into two main areas, one on the island and another on the ocean. The island part is dominated by residential cabins and lighthouses that fit the dense forests nearby. The ocean part is more commercial, home to Jefferson's 7-11 and Blockbuster shops, as well as a hotel for the aforementioned dedicated travelers. Several canals go through the ocean part of town, which itself is primarily built on floating logs, resembling Venice more than a remote Canadian island. There used to be a town called Hooded near Hakai Lodge but it has since fallen and been annexed into Hakai, with a small replica of Hooded's lighthouse being added to the north side of Hakai. Hakai Lodge later renamed themselves in October 2023 to Rose-Harbor.

Umatilla County

Founded: May 25, 2023

- Umatilla County is a beautiful and historic Jefferson town. Surrounded by dense green forests on three sides and an arid high desert to the south, Umatilla is located in the heart of Eastern Oregon. The town is very historic and was at one point one of the region's most populated and economic centers. After falling into ruin, the city was gravely demolished. In recent months, however, restoration efforts have restored to city to its former shape, and it is virtually free of all grief. Umatilla County's architecture is uniquely industrial, incorporating bricks and deepslate in most of its buildings and giving it a very rugged yet cozy look.

Northeast Gyre

Founded: April 24, 2023

- Northeast Gyre is one of the few underwater cities on the server. Being the most remote town in Jefferson, Northeast Gyre is very hard to get to and there isn't an entrance to it by boat, so travelers must either spawn there or be trusted in the town to get it. Northeast Gyre is the capital of Jefferson state-owned nation of Pacific Ocean, which at its greatest extent included Lost Coast and the now-deleted town of Fish Island. Northeast Gyre has a large glass dome underwater visible from the map. Underground is where all the residential and commercial plots are, and it's where Jefferson's primary potion station is located.

Monterey Bay

Founded: June 14, 2023

- Monterey Bay is located entirely on the Pacific Ocean and is completely surrounded by glass.


Founded: June 20, 2023

- Founded off the ruble of the fallen Carson_City, Mammoth is a town on the edge of the towering Sierra Nevada mountains. The town stretches from deep in the mountains to out in the high desert where one of California's few lakes on EMC can be found, known as Mono. Mammoth protects a large swath of Sierra Nevada forests and mountains for visitors to enjoy hiking.

Hill Valley

Founded: June 5, 2023

- Hill Valley is a city located in the forests of coastal Northern California. It is a city built from ruins, as before the present-day Hill Valley there existed a town there by the same name and the same mayor that fell due to inactivity. The city is home to a bustling ring road with several cars in it. By far the most prominent building in town would be the Hill Valley City Hall.

Fort Elko

Founded: June 15, 2023

- Fort Elko is a town in the middle of the Northern Nevada desert. It was originally founded as an outpost for Lost Coast but has since become an outpost for the nation as a whole. Fort Elko, along with its neighbor town Pyramid Lake, is very military-centered. The layout of the city places the tall outpost tower in the center, with many military/government buildings surrounding it and more residential buildings in the outskirts.

Meadow Valley

Founded: June 24, 2023

- Meadow Valley is located directly west of Lake Tahoe in the lush Sierra Nevadas. This town has been demolished and rebuilt 2 times, with its current appearance hosting Jefferson's first Subway restaurant and plenty of open green spaces with random machinery and altars scattered throughout.

Redwood City

Founded: July 1, 2023

- Redwood City is a city located in the region of northeast California. It is one of the only towns in the Western Hemisphere to have a very prominent European style of architecture, in Redwood City's case that style is Dutch with a hint of Polish. Starting off as a primarily agricultural town but developing rapidly after it joined Jefferson, Redwood City in recent months has become a hotspot for Redstone technology in the nation, with the town having more Redstone implemented into its buildings than any other town in the nation. Redwood City is home to the largest town flag museum in Jefferson, some of the few Redwood trees on the server which is where the town gets its name from, and Jefferson's beautiful premier cathedral, which is unique because of its vertical style and red colors. Redwood City has undergone two name changes, first being called San Fernando, then Dummeldorp, and now Redwood City. After state intervention in the city put an end to separatist movements resulting in the exile of the 3rd mayor of the town, the city became the new capital of the nation and has held the title ever since.


Founded: July 6, 2023

- Lassen is a small village located on the foothills of the snowy Mt Shasta, the most prominent mountain peak in California. Covered in dense green forests, Lassen is a small town not home to many buildings but the ones it has are some of the prettiest in the nation. Following a primarily cabin style of architecture, Lassen is the coziest town in Jefferson and offers lots to do in its borders. For hikers, there is of course the towering Mt. Shasta right next to the town's spawn. For more casual nature enjoyers, there's Sequoia Creek with many picturesque pedestrian bridges, and Sequoia Falls to the west where the creek starts. For lovers, there's Lover's Pond with a nice collection of sealife to see. If you're not interested in exploring the outdoors, Lassen also offers much to see inside its 7 buildings. There's a tavern in the town square and a bakery not too far north from it. There's also a hobbit-hole-inspired home in the northwest side of town that is fairly tucked away from sight. All buildings in Lassen are open to the public so that everyone can see their beauty in full display.


Founded: July 18, 2023

- Stockton is a suburb of Fresno located at the very north end of the city. Stockton was formed near the ruins of the old town of Yosemite, and many of its buildings have architecture similar to the buildings that were in Yosemite. Stockton is home to Jefferson's only globe statue and a sports field, specifically for soccer.


Founded: July 20, 2023

- Yosemite is located in the center of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It's an entirely underground town, with Its aboveground covered in dense forests.


Founded: July 21, 2023

- In the forests of Northern California is the small city of Auburn. Surrounded by lush greenery and on top of some very high mountains, Auburn was created almost immediately after the old town Snevinian town collapsed. Despite seeming barren on the surface, Auburn has a lot of history as it was once the largest town in its area during the revival age of California.


Founded: August 3, 2023

- Rosarito is the only Jefferson town to be located in the Mexico area and is also the southernmost town in the nation. Before the founding of Rosarito, the area was an abandoned town that somehow remained decently preserved in the months it was wilderness. Rosarito is an outpost town of Jefferson with it being less residential and more fortified than other towns in the nation. It is also one of the most important towns in the Jefferson National Guard's Navy, with it housing 3 ships docked right on its coast.

Stevens Pointe

Founded: September 18, 2023

- Stevens Pointe is a small town located at the northernmost point of the Sacramento Valley. Savannahs surround the town to the north and east, whereas flat green plains surround it to the south and west. Stevens Pointe is a primarily agricultural town, with farms surrounding many of the town's homes, although there is a multi-purpose highrise located in the town spawn. Stevens Pointe is on the site of two fallen towns, Redding and Shasta, with many ruins and remnants of those towns still being found in and around Stevens Pointe.


Founded: October 1, 2023

- Sierra is a small and cozy cottage town nestled in some forests in the Northern California area. The town's theme is mostly derived from the 1840's Gold Rush area of real-life California. The town has one of Jefferson's town flag museums, one of the largest open shops in the region, and a beautiful cabin-style town hall.

Bear Valley

Founded: October 4, 2023

- Bear Valley is a lake town located in the mountains of Northwestern California. The town is centered around a bear-shaped lake aptly named Bear Lake, based on the Grizzly Bear found in the official flag of real-life California. Bear Valley has many cabins and cottages surrounding the lake. The town is a popular destination for fishers in the region. Everything in Bear Valley pre-dates the town's creation, as it all used to just be a neighborhood of Lost Coast before it became its own town.


Founded: October 5, 2023

- Hólmavík is a small town located on the foggy and forested coast of Northern California. The town's architecture is themed around medieval Europe, unique amongst towns not only in Jefferson but the Western Hemisphere as a whole. The name Hólmavík is taken from the real-life village of the same name located in Western Iceland. As of recent, the town annexed Jefferson's premier warship located just off its coast.


Founded: October 20, 2023

- Eureka is located just east of Passage Bay and north of San Francisco, holding land in both the Sacramento and Napa Valleys.

Santa Rosa

Founded: October 20, 2023

- Santa Rosa is located just east of Eureka and north of San Francisco, located almost entirely in the southern Sacramento Valley.


Founded: October 21, 2023

- Lindesberg is a mountainous town on the central coast. Its architecture and name take inspiration from real-life Sweden.

Grey's Harbor

Founded: October 27, 2023

Grey's Harbor is a beautiful town situated on Graham Island on Rose-Harbors Northern Border. The town is largely a sea town with Grey's Harbor having one of the biggest harbors in Jefferson just on its east coast. Grey's Harbor is a great place for fishing and is where the former leader of Jefferson The_Forest Resides in his retirement.


Jefferson is a Representative Republic led by leader The_Forest. The appointed Cabinet and un-elected Senate make up the Central Government of Jefferson in Fresno. The leader of Jefferson serves for life unless they resign or appoint someone else. Confidence in the Jefferson Central Government is high among residents of the nation.

Economic System

Jefferson's economic system is unofficial as it varies by town, with some having free-market capitalist systems and others having centrally-planned communist systems.


- The day after being formed as a nation, on January 22, 2023, Jefferson joined the California Empire. - Due to inactivity in California, Jefferson left the California Empire and joined the Mexican Empire on April 8, 2023 - During California's revival, Jefferson decided to leave the Mexican Empire and rejoin the California Empire on May 13, 2023 - After the founder of Jefferson resigned and left the nation to his co-founder, Jefferson left the Mexican Empire for the Venezuelan Union on June 14, 2023 - After the at-the-time leader of Jefferson sold the nation to a Bavarian Colonist, the nation left the Venezuelan Union and briefly joined the Bavarian Empire on June 19th, 2023 - After being purchased back, Jefferson left the Bavarian Empire and instead re-joined the Mexican Empire on June 30, 2023 - On July 4th, Jefferson signed 2 separate alliances with Nevada and Norcallia - Jefferson and Basin formed the Sequoia Federation on July 28, 2023 - California, Norcallia, and South California joined Sequoia on August 10, uniting all the California nations under one imagination.


Jefferson is part of the larger Sequoia Federation which has signed friendship treaties, officially known as Pacts of Non-Aggression, with the nations:

- United States - Cascadia - Rocky Mountains - Laurentia - The USA Meganation: USA/Wyoming/Dakota


On June 25th, 2023 the leaders of the Rocky Mountain Federation declared war on Jefferson after it was bought back due to personal drama it had with the new leader. The leader of UMC declared war the same day to show support for RMF. On July 5, 2023, both RMF and UMC revoked their declarations after Jefferson and RMF made peace. There were 0 deaths or casualties due to this 10-day war, which was Jefferson's only war.


Jefferson was created on 22 January 2023 founded by x________ and co-founded by Bestfriends0174. Originally called San_Joaquin (taken from the name of the California valley Fresno is in), the nation immediately joined the California meganation as a province upon creation. On 8th April 2023, San_Joaquin decided to leave California and join the Mexican empire because of inactivity throughout California, but on 14 May 2023 as LA started to recruit and California became active again so San_Joaquin left Mexico and rejoined California. On 12 June 2023, x________ resigned from his position as leader due to controversies. SSLChampion became the leader and on that same day, San_Joaquin left California and joined Venezuela. On June 20, 2023, SSLChampion sold the nation for 5,000 gold to HDKONUK against the wishes of many in the nation. LimixLimix held San_Joaquin for HDKONUK. All residents with trust and ranks were kicked out of Fresno and had all their things stolen. On June 26, 2023, 42Forest who is a former resident of Fresno before San_Joaquin was created, rebought the nation from HDKONUK/LimixLimix, adding the kicked-out residents back into Fresno and giving them back their plots. 42Forest is also a former Cascadian mayor and RMF (Rocky Mountain Federation) and its allies (UMC, Nights Templar, Arctic) declared war on San_Joaquin because of 42Forest becoming leader. No one died in the war, only a failed attack at Lost_Coast where no one died, only RMF hunters came and tried to lure residents out into the wilderness. On the 1st of July 2023, San_Joaquin rejoined Mexico and after that on July 4 2023 42Forest renamed the nation from San_Joaquin to Jefferson. On July 6 2023 the war with RMF ended thanks to the help of California. Jefferson left the Mexican Empire on July 23 2023 and remained independent for 5 days until it formed the Western Democratic Union with Basin on July 28, 2023. On August 10, the meganation was renamed to the Sequoia Federation and added the nations Norcallia and California, and South_California (South_California joined a day later). On October 1st, 2023, the nation of South California was sold to a colonist from Patagonia and had its capital moved, while the city of Santa Barbara joined Jefferson. Later that day, the nation of California was disbanded and its towns Los Angeles, The Sierras, and Catalina joined Jefferson.

Major Contributors to Jefferson

- CoderHarris - _dogster - SaphieyahRose - Scotttishrum - The_Forest - x________


Writers: The_Forest, x________, CoderHarris,JAGL05

Last updated: October, 28th 2023