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Akeboun first joined EMC in October in 2022, joining the town of Chaeronea one of the first settlements in the center of the Frontier.

Cascadia. While he was not the first resident of the town, his house was the first built and continues to be the oldest structure in Chaeronea

to date.

Political Career

Akeboun began his political career by opening up a Law Services agency, taking on his first case defending Cowilo, another citizen accused of hunting which was illegal at the time.

A month after this, as Chaeronea grew hunters became more and more of an issue for town residents and residents of other At Risk Towns, however every time someone wanted to defend themselves they were deterred due to the Anti-Hunting legislation. In an attempt to help his fellow residents, Akeboun began to speak up against the bill making himself a target to who he would later call The Establishment, the still active founders and other original Cascadians in high positions of power.

As fellow resident 3llies attempted at growing her horse breeding business, the establishment subsequently passed a law that deemed it illegal to breed horses within the country. This seemed to be a direct attack on a growing Chaeronea, and by extension Frontier economic growth for Akeboun voicing his distain with the current established government just a month prior.

It was at this time that the towns in the Frontier regions started to feel disenfranchised from the rest of Cascadia. Akeboun, seeing his fellow constituents started his Peoples Party of Cascadia, a political organization to be a voice of the frontier in greater Cascadian politics, and grew to rival the establishments unorganized group and a size-able base of yes men. It was around this time Akeboun announced his bid for the presidency, running against Milgorn123, a PPoC declared establishment pawn. The race was fought with debates and slander campaigns, both being used by Akeboun for the first time against his opponent. Then, the time came, the race between Akeboun and Milgorn came to a head when the polls dropped. It had been the closest and most active election in the nations history since the creation of the country. While Akeboun lost the election, he cemented his position in Cascadian politics for months to come with a voter base of his own, getting roughly 27% of Cascadian voters on his side.

While the presidency was put on hold, Akeboun shifted his attention to the House of Representatives along with his constituents 3llies and BearHugBuddha, both also residents of Chaeronea. There for the next few months he pushed for the creation of multiple laws and amendments. It was here where Akeboun began to make political allies and rivals, that would continue to shape the political landscape in Cascadia onwards.

Raid of Banff

The Raid of Banff was an organized military raid conducted by the Cascadian Government against the Rocky Mountain Federation. Akeboun was initially approached by BillowySplash and EdgyIsRandom, after they both expressed their disdain with the current landscape of Cascadian politics, to see if Jericho Ranch wanted to secede with them. After hearing their plans and agreeing to leave, Akeboun went to then president Milgorn and informed him immediately of their plans. An emergency cabinet session was called, and a plan was created for Akeboun to inside and steal from Banff.

On the night of the secession, Akeboun stayed up on the server waiting for the other members to leave. After hours of waiting for BillowySplash to log off, Akeboun left the game to go to bed, just to be informed 15 minutes later that BillowySplash had logged off. Quickly, Akeboun rejoined the server with his friends standing in Banff with invisibility, to pick up items and bring them back to Chaeronea. Over the course of 3 and a half hours, Akeboun had raided the city of all items deemed worth it (it wasn't very much, Banff heavily relied on their sister city Avola for their economic stability, and is probably the cause of their current lack of industry today).

After the raid, Akeboun kicked all the towns who had left with them from the Rocky Mountain Federation, and left the nation bringing his property Jericho Ranch back into Cascadia. Akeboun wouldn't be recognized for his acts for the following months until President Aghast gave him the first Cascadian Presidential Medal of Freedom for his acts of service for the country. Which now hangs proudly in his House on the Jericho Ranch, next to other RMF items such as sets from BillowySplash, 8set (EdgyIsRandom), Cowilo and Mudkip, along with signed books and other items.

Notably, over 40 stacks of quartz blocks were taken in the raid, and have been used in protected Statues dedicated to the citizens of Cascadia, where they still stand to this day.  

Jericho Ranch

Jericho Ranch is the name of the town bought by Akeboun. Initially called Fort Peck, Jericho Ranch was renamed by Akeboun where the old town was torn down, and a farmhouse and farm were built in its place. It is the oldest and largest continuous active farm in Cascadia, spanning over 126 chunks dedicated to cow and wool farming. The ranch soon became its own brand as its name became known in every household. The farm sold Jericho Steaks, Leather wool and regular steaks.

Jericho became a bastion for ruralization, and advocated for the prevention of urbanization in the frontier. Akeboun promoted the creation of four towns in the surrounding area, for the sole purpose of landscape protection to fight against growing urbanization. This topic also became a heated discussion and source of contention between the Frontiersmen and the Establishment.

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