Neah bay

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Neah Bay
Town Information
Full Name
Established July 13th, 2022.
Nation Cascadia
Population 23 as of as of 11/19/2022
Chunks 237 as of 11/19/2022
Coordinates Coordinates -23239, -9062
Continent North America
Discord Link
Government Information
Mayor ViolentVampire
Councillors Supesu_, Dapigthatbig, Mole_, xKoniac, and Fr0z3nW1nt3r
Political System Monarchy
Economic System
Official Language French.png French
Official Religion
Historical Information
Past Nations Washington (Aurora)
Past Mayors
Past Councillors


Neah Bay was founded on 7/13/2022 by Violentvampire after receiving of a grant of 64 gold from Bon_Kranch.

On 8/13/2022 Neah Bay joined Cascadia.

Buildings and Structures

Construction on the town hall building finished construction on 7/19/2022

Neah Bay Town hall 7-19-17.jpg