Spokane (Aurora)

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Spokane flag.png
Spokane dynamap 9.6.PNG
Town Information
Full Name City of Spokane
Established 24 Jul 2022
Nation Cascadia
Population 7
Chunks 57
Coordinates [-21857,-9015 ]
Continent North America
Government Information
Mayor Vorobyevite
Political System
Economic System
Official Language English,
Coast Salish (ceremonial)
Official Religion None
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Spokane is located in the eastern region of Cascadia among other seemingly isolated towns of Kelowna, Ruby Ridge, and Helena. Town members have collectively agreed upon focusing on highlighting the magnificent landscape of the Spokane River and accompanying Riverfront Park as the main geographical reference.


The city was founded by Mayor Vorobyerite on Jul 24, 2022 to further Cascadia's eastern expansion. On 9/1/2022, the east and west of Cascadia were connected via ice rail led by town member jtwokay. The town has recently faced a brief period of inactivity, however, is planned to rapidly expand in the near future.