Olympia (Cascadian House constituency)

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Obsolete constituency
Olympia constituency Aug2022.png
The constituency's boundaries for the August 2022 election.
Created August 2022
Eliminated September 2022
Seats 3
Representatives (August 2022) Arathorn52
Body Legislature of Cascadia
Population (8/24/23) 16
Major settlements Olympia
Gifford Pinchot
Created from
Period active Aug-Sep 2022

Olympia, alternatively sometimes referred to as Southwest, was an electoral division in Cascadia containing of the city borders of the City of Olympia, the national capital, and the surrounding Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Created during the inaugural election of the House of Representatives in the August 2022 Electoral Law Decree, it returned three representatives to the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cascadia on the system of Score Voting. It was only contested once, before its abolition the following election. It was replaced mostly by the constituency of Rainier (later known as South Metropolitan) in the following election.


As constituencies in Cascadia are based only on their contained towns, rather than defined geographic boundaries, there were no defined borders. However, it was generally defined as the insular urban area of the City of Olympia, while also including the mountain settlement of Gifford Pinchot, located on Mt. Adams, to the east of the City of Olympia's limits.

List of towns

  • Olympia
  • Gifford Pinchot


Election results from presidential races
Election 1st candidate 2nd candidate National difference National winner
August 2022 SayerQT - 100% Toasterburnt - 0% SayerQT +18% SayerQT
Election results from Chief Judge races
Election 1st candidate 2nd candidate National difference National winner
August 2022 Bubba_Tea - 50% xBest_Name_Everx - 33% Bubba_Tea +15% Bubba_Tea


Representatives for Olympia (Aug-Sep 2022)
Leg. Election Rep.






1st Aug 2022 Arathorn52
2nd Sep 2022 Constituency abolished. See South Metropolitan.


General election August 2022: Olympia (3 seats)
Candidate Votes %
Arathorn52 23 65.7
xBest_Name_Everx 22 62.9
cheeseballfluffy 21 60.0
Bubba_Tea 20 57.1
TheTavyo1 19 54.3
Total 105 100.0
Turnout 7
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