11th Legislature of Cascadia

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11th Legislature of Cascadia
Seal of the Cascadia Legislature.png
June 18, 2023 - July 16, 2023
Membership 15 representatives
1 non-voting delegate
President WrestlingWithGod
Vice President Paradox_1080
Speaker of the House Akeboun
Clerk of the House AghastBlock
Election June 18, 2023
Political Groups
15 Seat Cascadian House Seating Chart (1).png
House of Representatives
Political Groups
Nonpartisan (15)
Previous meeting 10th Legislature
Next meeting 12th Legislature
10th Cascadian Legislature House of Representatives member pin

The 11th Legislature of Cascadia is the current meeting of the the legislative branch of the Republic of Cascadia, composed of the Cascadia House of Representatives. It convened in Olympia, on June 18, 2023, on the first day of WrestlingWithGod's presidency. It is scheduled to end on July 16, 2023.

Electoral districts were recreated for this election by the Electoral Commission.

Major events

  • June 18, 2023: WrestlingWithGod is inaugurated as the 8th president of Cascadia.
    • 8:39 p.m. PST: The House of Representatives officially convened
  • June 19, 2023: 8:53 p.m. PST: The House reached a quorum of members and officially began legislative business.

Major legislation


Major resolutions



Constitutional amendments


  • Statutes at Large Volume 11 (coming soon)
  • Vote Participation Spreadsheet (coming soon)


[i] - Indicates an incumbent representative


  1. 3llies [i] - Chaeronea
  2. Akeboun [i] - Jericho Ranch
  3. BearhugBuddha [i] - Chaeronea


  1. cheeseballfluffy - Avola
  2. Ir0n__ [i] - Hazelton
  3. Ravioli983 - Corgos Pass
  4. Setrus - Port McNeill


  1. AghastBlock [i] - Phoenix
  2. Jo_Star [i] - Phoenix
  3. xBest_Name_Everx [i] - las cruces


  1. BlueBlock88 - Burns
  2. FieldsofBeet [i] - Bread INC 2
  3. FieldsofTrees - Kootenai Forest
  4. Milgorn123 [i] - Tri Cities
  5. Moxies_hoe - Oceanside

Non-voting members

  1. Oregon Territory at-large: Bon_Kranch [i] - Astoria

Officers and officials

House officers and officials

Legislative branch agency directors

Changes in membership


House committees

Visit main article: List of Cascadian House committees
Committee Chair Vice Chair Ranking Member
Agriculture and Forestry FieldsofTrees Akeboun cheeseballfluffy
Armed Services Jo_Star Setrus FieldsOfBeet
Budget and Finance Ir0n__ BearhugBuddha Bon_Kranch
Events, Recruitment, and Welfare Moxies_hoe xBest_Name_Everx 3llies
Foreign Relations Milgorn123 Akeboun, AghastBlock FieldsofTrees
Judiciary AghastBlock BearhugBuddha xBest_Name_Everx
Rules Akeboun AghastBlock BearhugBuddha
Transportation, Public Works, and Labor Setrus Milgorn123, Ir0n__ Moxies_hoe
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