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Biggus Dickus
Personal Information
Spawndate January 10, 2020
Place of spawn
Citizenship Republic of Cascadia
Gender Male
Pronouns he/him
Alias(es) xBest, ProbablyACat
Residence Las Cruces
Town Rank Mayor
Political party
Other affiliations AURORA:
New Mexico
Evergreen Republic, Cascadia (Nova)
Language(s) English
Discord ProbablyACat#7162 | probablyacat

xBest_Name_Everx, often referred to as xBest or by his discord username ProbablyACat (spawned January 10, 2020), is a statesman, politician, and jurist who has served in numerous governments largely within the Pacific Northwest on both Terra Aurora and Terra Nova. After joining Terra Nova on January 10th, 2020, he served as the 2nd President of the Evergreen Republic from 1 March to 1 May 2022, previously serving on the Supreme Court of the Evergreen Republic and as a high member in numerous state institutions of Nova's Cascadia prior to the formation of the Evergreen Republic, including serving several terms as President, Vice President, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Advisor, Senator, and Court Justice, as well as one term as Secretary of Recruitment. He also served on Nova as the 3rd Mayor of the village of Schaumberg, Cascadia, since June 2020. xBest was entrusted with ownership of the Nova's Cascadia's discord after the retirement of RangerMK02 (founder and first President of Nova's Cascadia) as the owner of the discord. On Terra Aurora, he had a minor role in drafting the constitution of Aurora's Cascadia. He served as Secretary of State of Cascadia from August 17 to October 17, 2022 and later served on the Supreme Court, and most recently has come back from a hiatus to be elected to the House of Representatives in the April 2023 election, and continues to hold this seat. Following the abdication of PrimeCyber as Empress of New Mexico, xBest became King of New Mexico, an office he would hold officially until the annexation of New Mexico by Cascadia in late 2022.

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